Back in business thanks to a government bailout.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Gone Daddy Gone My Smokes Are Gone

Good Femmes song remade last year by Gnarls Barkley.

The Smithereens - Drown In My Own Tears

One of my fave rock bands ever. From Green Thoughts their best record.

Smoke Out

Today is my last day as a smoker. I have cracked open my last pack and tomorrow begins my smoke free journey. No patches, no gum, no mind altering chemicals....I'm quitting cold turkey. Mrs. Furniss is joining me in my quest to be smoke free. But we're not doing it for health reasons but for monetary ones. Smoking is chewing up way too much of our disposable income. We weren't smoking because it was cool but because we enjoyed it and we were doing our civic duty. Someone has to pay for roads, schools and social programs and we stepped up to do it. In all honesty, I don't much want to quit smoking and I'm likely doomed to fail at it. Besides, Dad always told me no one likes a quitter. Expect my posts to be extra crabby next week as I start to jones for a smoke.

Some Holiday weekend things I think:

I think neither I or my children will live long enough to have a flying car or a robot maid. I really expected the year 2007 to be more Jetsons like when I was 5.

I think if we don't start to pull out of Iraq this year a bipartisan effort to impeach George W. Bush should begin.

I think this is the worst crop of presidential candidates in the history of the United States.

I think I'd have more respect for disgraced Idaho senator Larry Craig if he just came out and said "I love men....I'm 100 percent gay and I love showtunes, cooking and the rainbow flag."

I think the Browns will win as many games in the regular season as they did in the preseason (3).

I think I'll probably meet a white kid some day named LeBron someday.

I think Rory may have ruined Springsteen's Radio Nowhere for me when he accurately pointed out it sounds like Tommy Tutones 867-5309 (Jenny).

I think I'll be smoking again by Tuesday evening.

I think Balls of Fury looks awful as does Rob Zombie's Halloween.

I think if I win the $330 million MegaMillions jackpot tonight you'll never hear from me again.

Some quick headlines:

Beware the all powerful baby formula industry!:

Bush offers something, but not enough to assist in the mortgage crisis:

Pro wrestlers on steroids?! Say it isn't so!:

The Telluride Film Festival announces its lineup:,0,88465.story?coll=env-home-headlines

PBS is offering up 2 versions of the new Ken Burns doc The War...bleeped and unbleeped:

Why isn't TMZ all over the Owen Wilson story?:

No one misses with Jimmy Page:

Drunken orgies at Ohio State? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!:

Check out the Vancouver Canucks new jersey:

You know you're on a winning streak when you get a walk off walk to win the game:

I'm off to smoke. I plan to update over the Labor Day holiday. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em kids.

More crap as it happens........

Being Married

Can't get enough of these Late Night More You Know PSA's


Yet another PSA


Love these Conan More You Know PSA's

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Olbermann- Larry Craig Reenactment

Keith Olbermann ran this reenactment of the Larry Craig bathroom incident last night and it cracked me up. Done in true Dragnet style. Funny Stuff.

The B-52's - Private Idaho

Had to find something for Larry Craig. I bet ya he loves him some B-52's.

Random Blasts of Crap

No big rants a blah mood for some reason. Think its either the white kid in the FUBU clothes I saw this morning or I'm just flat out tired. Looking forward to the coming three day weekend. Stayed up to watch Rescue Me last night. Keep thinking the season is gonna get better but with only two episodes left the crystal ball says it ain't bloody likely.

CBGB's died last year and now its founder has too:

Are you enjoying the Larry Craig scandal as much as I am?He has single handedly made Idaho the gayest state in the union:

Larry Craig would feel right at home in the New York subway system...pervs a plenty:

Posting this story about Leona Helmsley's will simply cuz of the headline that must be seen to be believed:

The Chicago Mob Trial, billed as the last of its kind, is wrapping up:,1,6086024.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

Speaking of trials, the LA Times has a great daily blog on the Phil Spector trial:

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Madonna? Could this woman be any more full of herself? Why am I even wasting space on this untalented has been? Maybe its because I wish to mock her as she adopts another Malawi orphan...why doesn't she adopt the whole flippin' country and get it over with:'Madonna%20about%20to%20adopt%20a%20second%20Malawi%20orphan'/

Why don't celebrities adopt domestic kids? I'm sure an African American kid could benefit from Madonna's money or Angelina Jolie's. Burt and Loni adopted a white baby. So did Sheryl Crow. Is it that America isn't producing attractive orphans? Or are imports more stylish?

Proof that hell is on Earth...Dancing with the Stars gets a spinoff:

After much begging and pleading over the years, David Letterman has agreed to sit on Oprah's couch:

The producers of Lost discuss the five new cast members and what they mean for the show:,,20053863,00.html

TFO's dad Keith Richards doesn't like it when reviewers think he sucks:

Dave Navarro is directing a porn movie...can't be as lousy of a career move as hosting Rockstar was:

This is a cool sure you check out their ranking of the worst lyrics:

Do you get the feeling the Red Sox are about to choke?:

Hail to the Tribe! In first place now by 4 1/2 games after sweeping the Twins:

Kissing Suzy Kolber mocks Peter King and I'm loving it:

Fantasy hockey tips from our friends at Melrose rocks...done as only they can :

Insight Cable has added the Big 10 Network in time for this weekends opening round of games. Doesn't look like Time Warner is gonna be able to work anything out tho:

If you can't get the Big 10 Network here's what you're (not) missing: Ohio State and Youngstown State, Northeastern at Northwestern, Florida International at Penn State and Appalachian State at Michigan State....Again I ask...who gives a rats ass about any of these games?

More crap as it happens....

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bo Diddley - Who Do You Love

Get well soon Bo!

Georgia Satellites - Battlelship Chains

A band loved by OMOM and Unky Rory both...the great Dan Baird and the Georgia Satellites.

O-H-I-O....Shut Up Already...Damn

Ohio State football season doesn't start until Saturday and I'm already sick of the media hype. Couple the season opener with the emergence of the Big 10 Network and you have a major outbreak of bullcrap. In case you didn't know the cable companies are fighting over rights fees with the Big 10 Network. If you don't have Directv, tickets to the game or wanna go to a bar, you won't see Ohio State open the season against Youngstown State. The Columbus media meanwhile makes this out to sound like you're gonna miss out on the Michigan game. Its Youngstown State for cryin' out loud. Who cares if you miss this game? It'll be over with before the "i" is dotted in Script Ohio. Me and the 4 readers of this blog could beat YSU.

While I'm griping about all things Ohio State Football....If I see anything else that says the Buckeyes aren't "rebuilding, they're reloading!" I'm gonna go postal. Hey pinheads at WCMH...they lost their Heisman trophy winning QB, starting tailback and both starting receivers...they are rebuilding! Deal with it. The last time they took the field they got destroyed by a superior Florida squad. Deal with the reality that despite a schedule that features YSU, Kent and Akron the Bucks will be lucky to go 8-3.

Ohio has more pressing issues than football and the Big 10 Network...say like being one of the poorest states in the country:

Further proof that under Dubya the rich are richer and the rest of us are screwed:

MSNBC has some good coverage of New Orleans 2 years after Katrina:

Leona Helmsley...mean in life, meaner in death:

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band officially announced their tour plans yesterday. The heart breakin', history makin', Viagra takin', air conditioner shakin' band hits Cleveland November 4th. Tickets go on sale September 15th. You can download the new Springsteen single Radio Nowhere for free for a limited time. Go to itunes or

Jamie Foxx is an a-hole. The Oscar winner is playing the race card in the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. Its not a black white thing you idiot. Its a decency thing. Jamie, just cuz you played Ray Charles doesn't mean you have to continue to be blind. Open your eyes you spoiled Hollywood prick:

Michael Vick says he's found God...but no one is buying it:

Get well soon Bo Diddley:

U2 is back in the studio:

Finally an athlete linked to steroids that still sucked after he took them. Meet Tim Couch, number one draft pick, bust and HGH user:;_ylt=Ajo4fRChEF9JBYaL03jBj685nYcB?slug=jo-couch082807&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Why won't Ed Belfour retire? He's older than Gordie Howe:

More crap as it happens......

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

When the saints go marching in

In honor of New Orleans

Eddie Cochran - Somethin' Else

How cool was Eddie Cochran? Answer...very.

Unleash the Hounds

Welcome to Tuesday. I don't know anyone who hasn't been outraged by the Michael Vick scandal. I'm not an animal rights activist by any means. I find dogfighting to be disgusting yet it probably wouldn't bother me if you could train cats or squirrels to fight (that was a joke cat lovers). What bothers me in this Vick hoopla is that the fall of a mediocre NFL quarterback received more in depth media coverage than the run up to the war in Iraq. What this country needs is an epidemic of outrage. We need to let the powers that be know we're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore. We're tired of insurance companies, the war, tax cuts for the rich, remakes of classic movies, fat free foods and American Idol. We are tired of being fed BS. Get angry, take a stand...revolution my friends is our salvation. Before we became a nation of consumers, we actually gave a crap about the now for your reading pleasure is the great student revolutionary manifesto of the 1960's The Port Huron Statement:

The war in Iraq continues to be a tragic comedy of errors. Now the Feds are pursuing a criminal investigation related to the war's weapons of death:

More proof that bin Laden was almost captured until Dubya, as usual, screwed it up:

I love this story...A GOP Senator makes like George Michael in a bathroom and now has to pay the price...PERVERT:

Back to Michael Vick...a fine editorial in the Chicago Tribune says this piece of crap doesn't deserve to ever play in the NFL again:,0,1301490.story

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Its two years since Katrina and all is not well:,0,7593300.story?coll=la-home-center

Jeff Fahey is joining the cast of Lost:,,20053479,00.html

Regis Philbin is the man who will not die:

Please explain why anyone would care if Scott Baio is single? Who is watching his stupid show on VH1? Whoever you are I hate you. Thanks to you we will now live in a world where Scott Baio is 46 and a single untalented ass clown:

If the children are the future we are all doomed....don't believe me? Just listen to what comes out of the mouth of Ms. Teen USA's contestant from South Carolina:

First it was the Police, then Genesis, then Crowded House then David Lee Roth and Van Halen...but it doesn't look like reunion fever has struck Morrissey:

Chris Robinson, the guy who was married to Kate Hudson and lived to tell about it, has partnered up with his brother Rich for a new live cd/dvd:

If you ever wondered how Queensryche would sound covering U2, Pink Floyd or the Police, wonder no more:

Barry Melrose Rocks previews your Columbus Blue Jackets:

When rookie hazing and Brady Quinn's hair meet....strange things happen:

Don't look now but the Cleveland Indians might be coming back to life:

More crap as it happens....

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Black Crowes Live on Letterman

Since I mention the Crowes in the main post, here are the kids from Georgia on Letterman doing Soul Singing back in 2001.

Lenny Kravitz - Always On The Run

I was never a huge fan of Lenny Kravitz but I heard this on the way in this morning and this is far and away his best tune.

Ain't Nothin' Good 'bout Monday

Welcome to another fun filled week. Hope you all survived the weekend. I can't stop listening to the new Springsteen single. From what I've gathered from the boards it will be available as a free download this week. Ticket sales for the upcoming tour may happen on September 8th. Speaking of ticket sales, limited funds kept me from buying Van Halen tix for the Cleveland stop. I may try and snag some later. Or if I win the 200 million plus MegaMillions tomorrow I may just hire the boys to play a private party.

A quick shout out over to the kids at Barry Melrose Rocks, the best damn hockey blog in the land. They threw a link up to my crap blog recently and I just wanna say thanks for showing me some love.

The tabloids must have thought today was Christmas...first you have the fiery car accident involving Hulk Hogan's son and then comes word that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself yesterday. Maybe he realized that You, Me and Dupree sucked but to kill yourself when you're rich and famous? Sorry, no sympathy from me. When Kate Hudson dumped Chris Robinson he didn't try to kill himself. He put the Black Crowes back together. Thats how ya deal with a problem.

Let's go to the headlines:

In a move that should have happened a long time ago, Alberto Gonzales has quit:

A nice windfall is in the cards for the creators of South Park:

Starbucks sucks when it comes to marketing movies:,0,1951192.story?coll=la-home-center

First it was Planet of the Apes, now Halloween...are you ready for a remake of the Day the Earth Stood Still? Why doesn't Hollywood remake crappy movies instead of classics?:

And now a few racist remarks with Andy Rooney:

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is coming to DVD October 23rd.

Check out the trailer to an upcoming Vince Vaughn flick:

Michael Vick...DMX....DMX...Michael Vick:

EW reviews Madden 08....which is the only place Michael Vick will see any action for awhile:,,20053295,00.html

Hey Ted Nugent...shut up and play your guitar!:

More proof that athletes are idiots:

More crap as it happens.....

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bruce Springsteen Radio Nowhere

Here's audio of the new Bruce single. I'm digging it.

Gin Blossoms Hey Jealousy (live)

I always loved the Gin Blossoms. Their first major label record was one of my fave records of the 90's. Sadly, after they booted Doug Hopkins they weren't the same. The songs just weren't as good. Hopkins brought a dark edge that they couldn't replace. Now next month they headline my humble crap town's Popcorn Festival. I'l be there to check them out.

Chesterfield Kings - 99th Floor

One of the greatest rock bands in the world.

Kaiser Chiefs - I Predict A Riot

I really dig these guys. Another band that I've been introduced to thanks to Little Steven and the Underground Garage.

Radio Nowhere Friday

The internets are a buzz with a leak of an mp3 of the new Bruce Springsteen single Radio Nowhere. I've yet to hear the tune but those who have say its very rockin' and showcases the E Street Band in all its glory. One other post I saw compared it to Warren Zevon. Judging by the lyrics it seems similar to Tom Petty's Last Dance with Mary Jane. Here's a nice preview from
I enjoyed Devils and Dust and the Seeger Sessions, but I'm anxious to hear the E Street Band for quite possibly the last time (if the rumors of this being the last tour are true).

We've had heat, we've had floods....start placing bets for the arrival of the locusts.

From biblical plagues to the crisis of faith of Mother Theresa...seems like the good saint had her moments of doubt...can't really blame her....signs of God's grace were few and far between in her area of the world:

ASPCA Man of the Year Michael Vick won't admit to killing dogs or gambling when he enters a plea.....the Feds oughta yank the deal off the table and let the arrogant punk rot in prison:

Pack up the kids and head out on a family vacation to the Big Mac Museum:

The man who shot George Wallace, who did more than anyone to show Republicans how to dominate the South, is getting out of the clink:,1,909982.story

Is it just me or do you have a hard time hearing Bob Saget do blue material? It might be funny but he's still responsible for inflicting America's Funniest Home Videos and Full House on us:

The state of New Mexico is investigating CBS's new Children of the Corn reality show:

Lost adds new cast members:,0,3750850.story?coll=zap-news-headlines

Jerry Lewis says Merv Griffin deserved to die:

EW again proves there is nothing they won't are the 50 greatest celebrity scandals:,,20053036,00.html

From Rolling Stone:Farewell, fake Sha Na Na: New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has signed the Truth in Music Law, adding New York to the list of States that prohibit bands from playing under the name of an established act if there are no members of the original group included.

Rob Zombie is a busy man...his remake of Halloween comes out next week and up next a tour with Ozzy:

How 'bout Big Brother last night? So long Jen...ya bitch:

Feed your fix for Star Trek fan films:

The Portland Beavers need a new nickname. Let's go Wet Sox!:

A few things I think:

I think this Halloween remake is gonna suck....big time.

I think 2 years after Katrina this country is still unprepared for a major disaster be it an act of God or terrorists.

I think Brady Quinn will be starting for the Browns earlier than the bye week. Charlie Frye is terrible and Derek Anderson will not survive to opening day.

I think its sad to see the Cincinnati Reds be so awful.

I think Ohio needs to legalize gambling. The state is broke, there is no industry and the economic future of the state looks horrible. Set up casinos in Cleveland, Columbus and the Queen City and have at it.

I think I wouldn't be surprised if Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears had an STD.

I think if I win the MegaMillions tonight (over 200 million bucks) I'm going streaking.

Have a great weekend....more crap as it happens....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steve Earle - Someday

One of the great songs of a great singer/songwriter.

Bruce Springsteen with The SSB - Rag Mama Rag

Video and sound are a little lacking but still a great performance of a great song.

Steamy Crappy Thursday

Jebus I'm sick of summer. When it isn't raining, its oven hot. I'm trying to motivate myself to mow the lawn tonight. A lawn that thanks to all the rain, now looks like the jungles of Southeast Asia. Speaking of Southeast Asia....let's talk about President Foot in Mouth.....

In case ya missed it yesterday, Dubya compared the war in Iraq to Vietnam. Now this comparision is nothing new, most rational people have been comparing it to Vietnam since day one. Historians say Bush, as usual, missed the mark:

Note to Shrub and Darth guys dodged Vietnam. You don't get to talk about it. Note to the VFW and other veterans groups.....quit acting like Bush and Cheney are heroes. Just because they are bent on using the military doesn't mean they are pro-military. These are men who as Cheney as said, had better things to do when their country needed them.

Old people need lovin' too...and they seem to be getting it:

Bidding starts today on Stephen Colbert's cast:;_ylt=AjQX.Gw3GiE2CsUNr7DFuv9xFb8C

Here's a shock. Gay men like High School Musical...gee lets see...its a musical...starring young men who look gay.....and its Disney....It's a slam dunk gay men are gonna love this thing! Its 110 percent gay!:

Here's the trailer to Marty's new doc on the Rolling Stones:

Ticketmaster and Live Nation are divorcing and you the consumer are gonna get

Watch the pilot of K-Ville online:

Let's hear it for the Baltimore ain't every day you lose 30-3:

Did Derek Jeter give Jessica Alba herpes?:

More crap as it happens....or if I feel like it.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bruno Goes To Alabama

I really need to get the whole run of Da Ali G show on DVD. This is one of my favorite bits as Bruno travels to that hot bed of American gay culture...Alabama.

Stupid Rain.

All the stupid rain made me think of this song. That Shirley Manson is an interesting chick.

What a Day

Tried to post earlier but Blogger was down and I lost everything. On the bright side, at least I'm not the OMOM today. My good pal is fighting off water like most folks in the Midwest right now. Our little area of Ohio got clobbered. OMOM says he can turn his property into a water park right now. Good luck to ya pal and save the Beer Cave at all costs.

Lets just hope OMOM doesn't find this in his back yard:

My pal Rory sends me a text message last night that says "F'n Tribe." Perfect way to describe those Cleveland Indians. Getting one hit by a rookie. No wonder my back is killing me today. Watching them boys try to bat is weighing me down. They are wasting fantastic pitching. Wish Mark Shapiro would have held off on Eric Wedge's contract extension with the way they've played in the 2nd half.

Further proof George W. Bush is the dumbest man in the world:

Your tax dollars at work...a new report indicates the CIA dropped the ball leading up to 9/ we hadn't figured that one out already. No word if we plan to investigate the Navy for getting caught with their pants down at Pearl Harbor:

Tickets for Van Halen's Cleveland stop go on sale Saturday morning. Unless I come into some quick cash I may be left on the sidelines. I should have been born into wealth. Would have made life so much easier.

Former Van Halen bassist Mike Anthony isn't mad that his old bandmates are going out on the road without him:

Steely McBeam is still the gayest mascot ever:

Michael Vick's boat can be yours:

Stephon Marbury doesn't see what the problem with Michael Vick is:

Is William Shatner crazy?:

3:10 to Yuma looks like a great movie. But is it Oscar worthy?: is becoming one of my fave websites. Here's their recap of last nights Big Bro Power of Veto episode:

Believe it or not, the NHL opens training camp in a few weeks. The Columbus Blue Jackets finally decide to open up their checkbooks and sign a name player. I haven't heard from TFO on this so I suspect he may have died when he heard the news:

Curb Your Enthusiasm returns September 9th.

Bill Murray even makes driving drunk funny:

If you missed the Daily Show in Iraq (and I did) check it out here:

More crap as it happens..........

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Hurricane Katrina: The Lower 9th Ward

Take a look at New Orleans or whats left of it 2 years after Katrina.

SNL vs Michael Vick

Don't have much use for SNL..have even less for Mike Vick...but this is funny.

Game Over Mr. Vick

Does the ending of this Michael Vick saga seem anti-climatic to you? It does me. I wanted to see this scumbag stand before a jury that had been subjected to all of his obscene acts. I wanted the jury to hear how this NFL quarterback killed dogs with his own hands. I wanted the full story to be told and for Vick to spend the next two decades in a federal prison. Alas, I'll have to accept the fact that most likely in under 2 years Vick will be out of prison. Sure his dignity is and career in the NFL are over but is that really enough? I wanted to see this punk lose his fortune as well as his freedom. Not only is dogfighting a vile act, running a dogfighting ring while signed to a $130 million contract is an obscene act of stupidity. Someone so stupid that he's willing to risk that kind of money and fame isn't fit to live among decent people. Congrats Michael Vick, you're actions make Barry Bonds look like Mother Theresa....only bigger and without the posse of lepers.

Hurricane Dean is bearing down on Mexico. Lets see how the Mexican version of FEMA (if there is such a creature) does. I'm currently reading Doug Brinkley's book on Katrina, The Great Deluge. Fantastic book covering the first week of the disaster. Remember as Krusty says, "Give a hoot! Read a book!"

Hurricane Katrina proved George Bush hates black people. Now a change in policy serves to prove he also hates children:

Maybe hating kids is "in" right now. CBS facing a backlash for a new kid based reality series:,1,7500143.story
I have no interest in this show. I saw Children of the Corn already.

A new book alleges that Katie Couric is a real bitch:

You'll have to scroll down after clicking on this link but it really appears there is no difference from the real Larry David and the Curb Your Enthusiasm version:

To whoever at FOX that decided Ryan Seacrest should host the Emmy awards...Thanks, now I know I'm not watching. Thanks for making my viewing decision easy.

First it was the adult film industry, now Paramount backs HD DVD or Blu Ray:

Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are going on tour together. That sounds like a fair enough pairing. is calling on ESPN to fire Emmitt Smith. I couldn't agree more. I tuned into the preseason game pregame show last night to hear the talking heads discuss Vick. Everytime Smith comes on the screen you wish the broadcast had subtitles. This man butchers the English language like he piled up rushing yards. He makes George W. Bush sound eloquent. Emmitt evens makes up new words like "trickilate" (I think he was looking for trickle instead). Its bad enough that we're subject to washed up jocks on sports broadcasts, but if we're gonna be stuck with them, they should at least be able to speak properly.

More crap as it happens.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Katrina....2 Years Later

This week marks 2 years since Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. With Hurricane Dean bearing down its a good time to remember how every level of government dropped the ball just when its citizens needed them the most. HBO is rerunning Spike Lee's fantastic doc When the Levees Broke this week. Check it out if you haven't already. Here's Bruce Springsteen at the 2006 New Orleans Jazz Festival doing How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live....

Flight Of The Conchords Picked Up for 2nd Season

I'm thrilled that HBO has picked up Flight of the Conchords for a 2nd season in 2008. If you haven't caught New Zealand's 4th best folk band, what are you waiting for? There is still time to tune into the remaining eps of this season. Here they are with Jenny.

Build an Arc Monday

A couple inches of rain in the forecast....what a great way to kick off a new week. At least I don't have to deal with Hurricane Dean (not that you'd know it by the looks of the rain coming our way). The only thing worse than this weather would be being subjected to High School Musical or its sequel High School Musical 2 Electric Boogaloo. The Disney marketing machine certainly has a hit on its hands. I don't understand the appeal but 17 million others are devoted to its unholy cause:

I want a job where I can get paid to play video games:

Karl Rove makes the Sunday news show rounds and says pretty much nothing. Thats a shock.:

ASPCA Man of the Year Michael Vick seems to want to take his chances with a jury. Just how dumb is this guy? Everyone else charged with him in this dogfighting operation has copped a plea and stands to testify against him. Now the dog whisperer and accused executioner stands to be indicted today of even more charges:

11 people in Germany are injured on the set of Suri's Dad's new movie. Maybe this is why the Germans wanted to ban Tom Cruise to begin with:

The two people who watched Veronica Mars are happy this morning as that show's star is joining Heroes:

Proof that the British are just as dumb as Americans....Producers of the British version of Big Brother are trying to recruit Paris Hilton to be a contestant. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll disappear over the English Channel:,,2003230001-2007380511,00.html

Cartoon Network isn't for tubby kids anymore:

Rolling Stone Magazine still seems to be Bruce friendly after all these years:Bruce Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau told Rolling Stone last week that the tour for Springsteen’s upcoming album Magic “hasn’t been fully decided,” but according to one haphazard Ticketmaster page that went up this weekend, it’s been decided that he’s playing the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota with the E Street Band on November 2nd. The page appeared this weekend and has been since taken down, but we’ve saved the details for posterity: The floor appears to be general admission, just like the Rising tour of 2002 and ‘03. Tickets go on sale next Saturday at 10:00 AM, so expect an announcement of the whole tour sometime next week. He’s keeping the prices relatively low, just $55 to $85. Word is the tour begins in early October, soon after Magic is released.

One Rocklahoma was too many. Now comes the official word that the weekend hair band festival will be back again next year.The artists and the fans came out and enjoyed the party in record numbers," said Dave Giencke, Director of Operations for Catch the Fever Music Festivals. "Over 1,000 fans have already renewed their V.I.P. seats for next year's Rocklahoma, which will continue to feature the major rock artists from the music of the eighties.Artists worldwide took note of the response of rock fans at Rocklahoma this year. Although the line-up for the Second Annual Rocklahoma in 2008 hasn't yet been finalized --- and the possibility is hard to imagine after the success of this year's event --- fans can expect an even bigger eighties line-up next summer and an even better show," Giencke said.Organizers say the phenomenal success of this year's Rocklahoma was noticed around the world, as fans from all 50 states and six continents were in attendance (and made fun of daily by a certain blogger in an undisclosed midwestern bunker).

Michael Vick isn't the first professional athlete turned criminal. He's just the latest in a long, infamous line. Here's a list of some of the greatest athlete criminals of all time:

No matter how bad publicity Michael Vick has brought to the NFL, the league will survive. So why is the NFL Network so thin skinned it has to hijack Wikipedia?:

More crap as it happens...............

Friday, August 17, 2007

Things I Think Friday

With apologies to Peter King who does this bit every Monday over on

I think after watching Viva Las Vegas last night on TCM I'm convinced the young Ann Margaret was the hottest woman who ever lived.

I don't think my day could have started any better than it did today....The Underground Garage played Elvis's Mystery Train and Springsteen's Night back to back. The rock gods, or at least Little Steven, were good to me.

I think Michael Vick, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are the poster children for the 37th term abortion.

I think Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is the greatest sports show ever.

I think fast food should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. I think obesity claims more lives than smoking and alcohol abuse. I think fast food commercials should be banned from tv or at least from all children's programming.

I think the Catholic church should replace their bland sacrament with Krispy Kreme donuts. If you're offering the body of Christ, shouldn't it be delicious?

I think Joe DiMaggio lied when he said Mr. Coffee was the best he'd ever tasted. He was married to Marilyn Monroe for cryin' out loud.

I think their should be a constitutional amendment prohibiting guitars being tuned down to drop D.

I think other than Pearl Jam every grunge band sucked.

I think no band ever missed a member more than REM misses Bill Berry.

I think George W. Bush has done more damage in the White House than all previous presidents combined.

I think the Olympics no longer matter for anything other than product placement.

I think I've said enough....let's go to the headlines:

With the passing of Max Roach, Kenny G is now the world's greatest living jazz musician:

Poor Rummy, first Dubya throws him under the bus and now he can't get anyone to pony up big bucks for his tell all book. Maybe if he told the story about how he killed Nicole Brown Simpson someone might show some interest:

Here's a shock...the 52nd remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers sucks:

Steven Seagal wants an apology from the FBI....but they won't give him one until he apologizes for that stupid pony tail!:,0,5557008.story?coll=la-home-center

Get a leg up on the fall movie season:,,20051361_20052260,00.html

Where are the stars of Fast Times 25 years later.....mmmmm..Phoebe Cates!:

I got hooked on BBC America's Life on Mars last year. Now comes word that an American version is coming starring Star Trek's Colm Meaney:

Is it deal or no deal for Michael Vick?:

Goodbye Dan Patrick....and no he isn't dead:

More crap as it happens...........

T Rex 20th Century Boy

I think this is one of the great rock guitar riffs of all time. The King of Glam, Marc Bolan and T Rex...them kids rocked.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bruce Springsteen Magic

No sooner did I finish my last post then I received an update from with official Springsteen album news. Here's exactly what I received from Backstreets:

"It's official. Springsteen's first album with the E Street Band since 2002's The Rising drops in less than seven weeks, and it's called Magic. In case that title makes you, like us, think of Doug Henning... click the Mark Seliger photo at right for a first peek at Bruce's 2007 look. No rainbows or unicorns to be found. (And that guitar... that's magic.)According to manager Jon Landau, quoted in today's press release from Shore Fire Media, this one's a rocker: "Magic is a high energy rock CD. It's light on its feet, incredibly well played by Bruce and the members of the E Street Band, and, as always, has plenty to say. It's also immensely entertaining. Magic is the third collaboration between Bruce and Brendan O'Brien and is a culmination of their very productive creative relationship."O'Brien produced and mixed the album at his home base in Atlanta, Southern Tracks Recording Studio.

Ready for 11 new Springsteen song titles?1. Radio Nowhere2. You'll Be Comin' Down3. Livin' in the Future4. Your Own Worst Enemy5. Gypsy Biker6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes7. I'll Work for Your Love8. Magic9. Last to Die10. Long Walk Home11. Devil's Arcade

Of these, only "Long Walk Home" has been heard before; Springsteen debuted the song with the Sessions Band and played it live exactly once, in London on November 11, 2006 (reportedly the day after he wrote it).Bet on "Radio Nowhere" as the first of these tracks we'll get to hear. When, exactly, remains to be seen -- stay tuned."

Here's a link to the photo sent out with the press release:

Much to my disappointment, no mention of a tour was released today. I was not expecting so many new songs. I expected to see some previously abandoned songs reworked but that isn't the case. Not crazy about the title of the record. Maybe it'll make sense after I hear the tunes but for right now I'm thinking of the Cars song Magic.

Rolling Stone has an interview with Jon Landau here:

Anyway, time for to start rollin' pennies and adding a paper route to save enough coin to see the Boss and Van Halen.


While Springsteen nation eagerly awaits the return of the Boss and E St. Band, here's a stroll down memory lane. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band from Late Night with Conan O'Brien doing Kitty's Back.

Why Elvis Had to Die

Look at the fat tub of goo in this video just 6 weeks before his death. What a freakin' mockery of all that made him great and a bloody waste of talent.

Th-Th-Th-Thursday and Elvis is Still Dead

It was 30 years ago today that the King of Rock n' Roll died on his throne. With each passing year Elvis comes to mean less to me. Sure I was only 7 when he died but I clearly remember my aunt, a huge Elvis fan, sobbing when the announcer cut into radio programming to bring the news. Boy did that ruin a family outing to the French Market! John Lennon felt Elvis died when he went in the Army and with the exception of what he did in 1968 that seems fair. Never again did Elvis have much of a cultural impact. Unless you think bad sideburns and jumpsuits are a good thing. Maybe it was Bono who summed up Elvis the best (or at least I think it was Bono who said it) when he said that Elvis represented everything that is good about America and everything that is bad.

One of my fave Elvis stories is when Bruce Springsteen and Little Steven (or as he was known then) Miami Steve were in a cab in Memphis around the time they were touring behind Born to Run. They tell the cab driver who they are (cabbie had no clue) and tell him to drive 'em by Graceland. The cab stops...Bruce and Steve climb out and decide to hop the gates of Graceland and run up the lawn to the door. Unfortunately, Elvis wasn't home (playing in Vegas they were told). I used to wonder what would have happened had Bruce and Steve been able to meet Elvis. Could they have saved them? Could they have taught him to rock again? Would Elvis had a hit with the Boss's song Fire? Would Elvis wound up in the Travelling Wilburys? We'll never know. Surely had the Boss been able to save the King, the story of Elvis would surely have ended someplace other than the bathroom floor.

Speaking of Springsteen rumors swirl that a press release to announce a new record and tour could happen as early as today:,1,3940628.story?ctrack=5&cset=true

Don't laugh when I say this...but Joe Namath has always been my favorite athlete. Joe represented toughness to me as a kid the way he played on those wrecked knees. Post retirement life hasn't been kind to Joe Willie. First came divorce, then he could no longer hide that he was a drunk after hitting on ESPN's Suzy Kolber during a live broadcast and now this...Joe Willie is a grandfather...thanks to his 16 year old daughter:

Great editorial in today's New York Times on how our government continues to bungle our foreign policy. President Lame Duck and crew continue to pound the war drums but is anyone scared?:

VH1, the network that runs the same shows over and over adds a John Lennon doc to its schedule this weekend:

My teenage son eagerly awaits the local stop of the Projekt Revolution tour. The boy loves him some Linkin Park. Critics say the tour isn't delivering on its promise tho:,0,5782400.story

EW wants you to vote on the best and worst of summer:,,20051973,00.html

While still excited about this weeks Van Halen news, I'm less psyched about the announcement that KyMani Marley, one of Bob's 50 kids is the opening act. Guess the chances of the opening act blowing VH off the stage are now between zero and none.

There was an episode of South Park a few years back where the boys were so eager to get their baseball season over with they'd lose games by any means necessary. The way the Indians and Tigers have been playing lately makes me think they are doing the same thing.

Baseball reached a new milestone this week that for a change doesn't include talk of steroids. Braves manager Bobby Cox set a new record for ejections from a ball game. The kids at Son of Sam Malone list the best ejections ever:

More crap as it happens....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Borat's Greatest Hits

Borat is simply one of the greatest characters of our time. Go ahead and sing along to Throw the Jew Down the Well.

Buzz Aldrin Meets Ali G

Going to the moon could not prepare Buzz Aldrin to meet Ali G. Very funny interview. Aldrin made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Stern was incredibly respectful. Stern also ran excerpts from Ali G's interview with Aldrin. Figured I'd steal the idea.

Late Post Wednesday

Sorry for posting later than normal today. I hate to inconvenience my handful of loyal readers so again my apologies. I'd feel bad but hey, no buddy is paying me to write this or you to read this. No lives are lost in the production or consumption of this blog. All of our wounds will heal. If I hurt you with my tardiness, I'm sorry. Rub some dirt in it, walk it off, and sit down and enjoy the crap.

That gambling NBA ref cops a plea. Now if the NBA would just plead guilty to being a crappy sport we could all move on with our lives:

That idiot Michael Vick is looking to cop a plea too. Vick's lawyers are encouraging him to accept the plea if he would only be required to serve a year or less in prison. Vick's legal team is also trying to work a settlement with the NFL as well. For all the fun that is the Vick soap opera, go visit the kids at I'm sure there is a nice dogfighting site out there too with breaking news on the case but I'll be damned if I'd wanna see it.

Just that the NFL is coming down on hard on players involved in dogfighting, do they plan to issue suspensions to players charged with domestic violence? Now I'm no feminist but shouldn't a crime against women carry more weight than crimes against dogs? Of course, there was gambling involved with the dogfighting and gambling in a sin in pro sports (ask our friend the NBA ref). Me thinks that unless someone says "Hey Mr. NFL player, I'll bet ya 10 bucks you're afraid to hit you're wife" that Vick will serve a longer suspension than the next NFL wife beater. Deadspin offers their take on the Vick story:

HOLY COW! Rest in peace Scooter:

One of Imus's nappy headed ho's (his words not mine) is taking him to court:

The news ain't all bad for that idiot Imus. Looks like he could be back on the airwaves soon:,1,955743.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

Be McQueen for a day:,0,7950908.story?coll=la-home-center

Meet the "Duct tape Bandit" perhaps the worlds dumbest criminal:

I hate Britney Spears. I don't like using my space to even mention that no talent ass clown. HOWEVER...the gossips are saying that Brit's into chicks and I think that's hot:

I've never really found Billy Crystal funny. Sure he's funnier than Jimmy Fallon but so is azz cancer. Anyway, the former Soap star wants a talk show of his own:

Seems Van Halen wiped out former bassist Michael Anthony from its history..well, they tried to. All pics of Mike were removed from the bands website and that includes photoshopping album covers. The pics of Mike are back on the bands website now. What the Van Halen brothers need is one of those memory wipe things from Men in Black to erase the Gary Cherone era.

No one makes a romantic home sex vid like Marilyn Manson:,,20051621,00.html

More crap as it happens......

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hodgepodge of Crap

Yesterday was a pretty slow news day other than the resignation of that turd Karl Rove and the return of the David Lee Roth led Van Halen. Lots more stuff going on today.

Lets start with the latest installment of Mattel's Toys of Death saga....Over a million toys recalled already and now more toys made with lead based paint are going to be yanked from your kids hands and from store shelves. How many Chinese factory owners have to kill themselves before our government cracks down on companies looking to save bucks by sacrificing your child's well being?:

Isn't it way past time to revoke China's "most favored nation" status? Considering the human rights violations in that country we should moderate our eliminate our trade with them until they make meaningful changes. China stands for everything our country stands for except for one key area....we both like to make a buck. As long as the United States government allows commerce to come before the safety of consumers, nothing will change when dealing with China. Plus the government thanks to our thriving national debt is pretty much owned by the Chinese.

The Chicago Tribune says 9 million toys are being recalled this go around:

The Michael Vick saga may play out this week. The overrated NFL quarterback and dog fighter promoter may be looking to cop a plea now that two other men charged in the dog fighting ring have copped pleas of their own: has been on top of the Vick scandal from the beginning. Mike Florio in a post PFT today sums up Vick's dilemma nicely "And before anyone else in the media suggests that Vick can beat the rap because the people testifying against him are of suspect character, consider the fact that these men weren't strangers to Vick. Vick chose to associate with at least one of them, Quanis Phillips, for years. The fact that Phillips or any of the other witnesses have warts on their butts shouldn't be a determining factor as to whether they are telling the truth. The warts weren't big enough to keep Vick from associating with them; thus, the warts shouldn't allow Vick to distance himself from them now. "

From Michael Vick, who deserves to burn in hell, to Hell's Kitchen which crowned its winner last night:

To celebrate the start of the 6th season of Family Guy, the cast will hit Chicago for a live performance on stage at the Chicago Theatre.

So long John from Cincinnati....RIP ya bastard:

So long to American Idol:The Musical...cancelled after one show:

Complete Van Halen tour dates here:

Jurasic Park IV...Dinos with Guns?:

More crap as it happens..............

Van Halen Press Conference 2007

The great Van Halen announces their 2007 tour. Will be great or a train wreck but I wanna see them.,0,1523736.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Monday, August 13, 2007

The Return of Van Halen

A 50 city tour with David Lee Roth kicks off September 27th In Charlotte NC. The band's lone OH tour stop is Wednesday October 10th in Cleveland at the Q. Its a shame Mike Anthony won't be with them but hey DLR is back!

Bye bye Rove Monday

Sometimes its really nice to say goodbye to someone. Like Karl Rove. Bush's "brain" has decided to pack it in at the end of the month:
Now all we gotta do is wait out the remaining months of Bush and Cheney and let some other idiot louse up the country some more. Whoever the next prez is it won't be Tommy Thompson. The former WI gov and Bush cabinet member quit the race after finishing last in the Iowa straw poll over the weekend. This crop of candidates is so bad it makes me wish John Kerry or Mike Dukakis were running. Those boring northeasterners have more charisma and ideas then these bozos in the race. Hey Al Gore....get your kid thru rehab and start running.

When is this country going to do something serious with gun control? Isn't someone who opens fire on people at church a terrorist? How is going on a shooting spree any different than a sucide bomber?:

Elvis has been dead 30 years this week. Those who obsess over bad acting, sideburns and costumes flock to Graceland to pay homage:,1,6815162.story

Someone please explain the appeal of High School Musical to me:,0,7462202.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Stopped at 3 Best Buy's yesterday looking for the elusive Nintendo Wii. No luck. Microsoft has dropped the price of the Xbox 360 which would make it tempting if it didn't have design flaws that cause it to break down. Those malfunctions ain't stopping the game geeks from showing the system some love tho:

As if Rock of Love wasn't bad enough.....Poison frontman Bret Michaels has another new gig, in addition to VH1 reality show Rock of Love. He will be a character in the upcoming Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock game (due in October for Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 2 and 3). An animated Michaels sings on the Poison track Talk Dirty to Me and Go That Far from the Bret Michaels Band. Developer Neversoft had announced that guitarist Slash of Velvet Revolver (and formerly Guns N' Roses) would appear in the game and had created an original solo recording for it. Other bands with songs in the game include the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top and Pearl Jam.

Geeks at Wizard World in Chicago got a cool peek at the new Batman movie. This flick is shaping up nicely:

Hell's Kitchen wraps up its summer run tonight. Who will win Rock or Bonnie? Oh the drama!:

Entertainment Weekly says music is starting to return to New Orleans 2 years after Katrina:,,20051294,00.html

Do we really need a Lost Boys 2?:

James Gandolfini has taken his first post Tony Soprano role and surprise! Its for HBO:

Rolling Stone is going all Van Halen today in anticipation of this afternoon's press conference to officially announce the reunion tour of David Lee Roth and a 50 city tour:

Why won't the NFL just suspend Michael Vick already:

Lousy sports weekend for Indians can't hit for crap and the Browns don't have a QB.

Seattle say goodbye to your Supersonics:

Say what ya want about the NHL....but its offseason has been free of steroid and dog fighting scandals....thank God for the Staal brothers who kept things interesting:

More crap as it happens.........

Before there was American Dog, there was Salty Dog

Long before our boy Michael Hannon put together kick azz American Dog, he played bass in Salty Dog a band that came in at the tail end of the hair band era. I couldn't escape Come Along (the closest thing Salty Dog had to a hit)one Spring in college. Even got to witness a chick strip to it one night at a seedy club near campus. The video quality is terrible but the audio is ok. So turn it up loud and enjoy the simple brilliance of Come Along by Salty Dog.

Chicken with Pears

Why is it Christopher Walken even makes cooking chicken entertaining?

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Since we had all of about 4 tv channels when I was a kid, I saw more episodes of Mike Douglass and Merv Griffin then I care to admit. Mike passed away a couple of years ago and now Merv joins him on that great talk show set in the sky this weekend. Before he hosted a talk show and made millions off of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, Griffin was a big band singer. Go on it sing know the words.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Runaways - Cherry Bomb

Joan Jett...still cool....Lita Ford...far from cool...The Runaways are still the greatest chick band ever..tho Lez Zeppelin could give them a run for their money.

Friday Fever

The long hot week is finally coming to a close. My humble little white trash town was battered yesterday by wicked storms. A forest of trees and power lines are down. One young woman was killed when a tree came crashing down on her car. Given the extent of the damage we're lucky more folks weren't seriously hurt. Now take this little tragedy and multiple by I dunno, 100 billion and it isn't even half of what happened to New Orleans. You remember New Orleans don't you?...home of Mardi Gras, Dixieland jazz, the Saints....wiped off the map due to the negligence and incompetence of the Federal, State and local government. New Orleans...where they now have more murders by 5am then your city does all day.....New Orleans where the government provides toxic trailers to its displaced residents.....NEVER forget how this government handled New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. Never forget how so called a compassionate conservative President left a city's poor residents to drown....never forget his empty promises to rebuild the levees, the infrastructure, the homes...lies, lies and more lies. How has this idiot in chief not been impeached?

From the floods of New Orleans to the floods of NYC...gonna cost buckets of money to repair the NYC subway system:

Could this be Black Friday? After a rough day yesterday on Wall St., the Dow sinks again today:
Personally, I'm sick of the media overreacting every time the Dow sneezes. There's still a crapload of people making money in the market. They just aren't making as much today as they were a week ago. Be a cold day in hell before you catch me weeping for the rich.

Can we change the rules on the Presidential election? No campaigning till January 1 of the election year. Its August 2007 the election is what 15 months or so away and I'm already sick of the candidates. Last night they addressed Steely McBeam's issues:,0,2245461.story?coll=la-home-center

Can't you just hear the Fox News anchors on this story "Your child's toy wants her dead..How a toy based on illegal immigrant named Dora plots to commit acts of terror on the nations young!":,0,2358406.story
Wanna make sure our consumer goods are safe? Quit doing business with the damn human rights violating Chinese! Penalize companies that ship manufacturing overseas. Demand greater quality and regulatory control. Of course, if we were a little more like the Chinese the dude running FEMA during Hurricane Katrina would have been executed....I guess there is a bright side to everything.

That Angelina Jolie is one hot chick. But she doesn't have time any more for the ladies or the chains:,,4-2007360899,00.html

If you want to get me a Christmas present, go here and get me a piece of the Sopranos:

Did we really need another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?:

Linda Thompson makes a comeback....and dishes the dirt on her more talented ex Richard Thompson:,,20038840_20038841_200505582,00.html

Here's a story that surprises no one...Bruce Springsteen guests on his wifes new record!:

If you are fat, black and can can be B.I.G.:

If you're reading this blog you're probably thinking..."geez, I could make a better blog than this pile of crap..." Slate gives you some tips on what NOT to name your blog:

More crap as it happens...........and for the love of God stay away from Steely McBeam!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Meet the Gayest Mascot in the NFL

The American version of Queer as Folk was set in Pittsburgh. If you ever wondered why, wonder no more. Pittsburgh is officially America's gayest city thanks to the Steelers new mascot Steely McBeam who looks like he's a long lost member of the Village People. They're here, They're queer, They're Steelers!

Foo Fighters - Walking After You Live on Letterman

I came to the Foo Fighters kinda late in the game but I must say, I think they are one of the best bands out there today. You can tell that Dave Grohl had one heck of a record collection as a kid. As overrated as I find Nirvana, I think the Foo Fighters are incredibly underrated.

Hell on Earth

Dante's Inferno. Ishtar. Call it what you want but the heat wave has turned the outdoors into hell on earth. I pity the fool who doesn't have central air. I don't know if global warming or Barry Bonds are to blame for these ungodly high temps but it needs to cool down and soon. Not just to be more comfortable, but I'm tired of seeing fat people in short shorts and tank tops.

Here's a cooling thought...Christmas will be here before you know it. Its never too early to start thinking about the birthday of Jebus and what better way to celebrate than a new Xmas cd featuring Dokken, LA Guns, and Twisted Sister:

When its this hot, theres no better place to be then surrounded by 20,000 people at an outdoor concert venue enjoying Ozzfest:

If you ever thought "gee, TV is great but I wish it were...I dunno...more gay!" Then someone agrees with you:;_ylt=Ajf2h3_HUIfT4TJWES8_PgIE1vAI

ThinkPaul McCartney wishes he'd never met the one legged woman?:

Celebrity death watch Pavarotti edition:

I like football but do we really need these lame ass NFL kickoff concerts?:

Pearl Jam is p.o.'d at AT&T...go Eddie go:,1,6237615.story

Speaking of lame ass...President Bush's Daddy doesn't like to see his son get beat up...WAH!:

Only the NY Post could make something as tragic as a tornado come off as sounding like a cool, happening event:

EW, which never met a subject it couldn't rank from 1-20 rates the best movie endings:,,20050576,00.html

Unky Rory sends in more Watchmen casting news:

Remember when ESPN was a good thing? Then one day Keith Olbermann was gone and there was Kenny Mayne. That was the moment where ESPN jumped the shark. The network that brought us Austrailian rules football now brings us Who's Now perhaps the dumbest idea for an ongoing feature in the history of "journalism." Further proof that ESPN ain't what it used to be...first the ESPN cellphone service crashed and burned and now its beddy bye time for its broadband service too:

The Onion offers up their take on Barry Bonds record homerun:

Ever wonder how many people like you there is out there? This site holds the answers:

More crap as it happens..........