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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hell on Earth

Dante's Inferno. Ishtar. Call it what you want but the heat wave has turned the outdoors into hell on earth. I pity the fool who doesn't have central air. I don't know if global warming or Barry Bonds are to blame for these ungodly high temps but it needs to cool down and soon. Not just to be more comfortable, but I'm tired of seeing fat people in short shorts and tank tops.

Here's a cooling thought...Christmas will be here before you know it. Its never too early to start thinking about the birthday of Jebus and what better way to celebrate than a new Xmas cd featuring Dokken, LA Guns, and Twisted Sister:

When its this hot, theres no better place to be then surrounded by 20,000 people at an outdoor concert venue enjoying Ozzfest:

If you ever thought "gee, TV is great but I wish it were...I dunno...more gay!" Then someone agrees with you:;_ylt=Ajf2h3_HUIfT4TJWES8_PgIE1vAI

ThinkPaul McCartney wishes he'd never met the one legged woman?:

Celebrity death watch Pavarotti edition:

I like football but do we really need these lame ass NFL kickoff concerts?:

Pearl Jam is p.o.'d at AT&T...go Eddie go:,1,6237615.story

Speaking of lame ass...President Bush's Daddy doesn't like to see his son get beat up...WAH!:

Only the NY Post could make something as tragic as a tornado come off as sounding like a cool, happening event:

EW, which never met a subject it couldn't rank from 1-20 rates the best movie endings:,,20050576,00.html

Unky Rory sends in more Watchmen casting news:

Remember when ESPN was a good thing? Then one day Keith Olbermann was gone and there was Kenny Mayne. That was the moment where ESPN jumped the shark. The network that brought us Austrailian rules football now brings us Who's Now perhaps the dumbest idea for an ongoing feature in the history of "journalism." Further proof that ESPN ain't what it used to be...first the ESPN cellphone service crashed and burned and now its beddy bye time for its broadband service too:

The Onion offers up their take on Barry Bonds record homerun:

Ever wonder how many people like you there is out there? This site holds the answers:

More crap as it happens..........


TFO said...

I think the Onion article on Bonds' homerun record could not be worded any more appropriately or accurately. They really knocked that one out of the park...please excuse the lame-ass pun.

Hey, I put my name on that howmanyofme website - I have discovered that there are exactly ZERO people in this country with my name - what does that mean? Am I a figment of my own imagination? To be, or not to be. I guess I "don't be". Let the existential meltdown commence...

E. S. Furniss said...

Now thats funny. Did you use your real name or just TFO? Cuz I'm betting thats pretty rare. There are 1150 Furniss's out there. Be very afraid. We are few but we are mighty!

TFO said...

I guess I would be an army of one, if I even existed. Maybe I have supernatural/spirit-world kinds of powers at my disposal. I don't know...I'm still trying to determine if I'm really sitting here.

TFO said...

Read the article on Ozzfest. Other than Ozzy, I don't think I recognized any of those bands. The last Ozzfest I went to was in '97 - the year of the riot. And what a riot it was.

E. S. Furniss said...

Ozzy Osbourne should retire from the road. Sharon is gonna flog that old man out there tho until he dies.