Back in business thanks to a government bailout.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It was supposed to run with The Simpsons Movie last weekend but it wasn't with the viewings I saw. Here's the teaser to next summers Batman movie. Not too bad!

Late Tuesday Blasts

While the Indians prepare to stand pat at the trading deadline, it appears the Boston Red Sox are going to pad their already deep bullpen. Looks like Eric Gagne will be heading to Boston.

In news that will interest probably only me and TFO, the 2 Americans that watch hockey on tv, it appears the NHL may be making up with ESPN:

Rupert Murdoch, aka Monty Burns, aka Charles Foster Kane, aka Satan seals the deal to buy the Wall St Journal....god help us all:

Trading Deadline Dead Celebrity Tuesday

The Major League Baseball trading deadline is today at 4pm. Will your team be a buyer or a seller? My Indians are rumored to be looking to shore up their bullpen depth for the playoff race. The Tribe is also interested in reacquiring utility infielder John McDonald who is currently with Toronto. Expect the Reds to be sellers....maybe even to the Indians. David Weathers would really help out the Tribe's pen. Keep up to date on all the latest trade rumors at or

2 new celebrity deaths to's Bill Robinson passed away yesterday and this morning comes news that the director of Blow Up, Michelangelo Antonioni has died at the age of 94:

Meet the real life Mr. Burns...ask for a raise and die!:

If comedian Artie Lange doesn't change his lifestyle, he'll be a dead celebrity too:

Network news is an awful thing these days....this former NBC news producer decided to do something about kill himself:

Proof there is a God...the Simple Life has been if only Paris and whatsherface go out Thelma and Louise style:

Who knew the Germans were such big Frank Zappa fans?:

Sirius is about to start up a Grateful Dead channel...why has God foresaken us in this one?

I have issues with the Big 10 Network....

These are the dog days of freedom for Michael Vick:

Kevin Smith was right...Jughead was the King of Queen Archie's world:,0,5826156.htmlpage

More crap as it happens......

ENUFF Z' NUFF There Goes My Heart

As I've mentioned before, I think Enuff Z'Nuff was one of the most underrated bands of the last 25 years. I wonder if things might have turned out differently for them had they not adopted a "glam" look or if they'd stayed off heroin (Donnie Vie I'm talking to YOU!). Worse than heroin would be what Chip Z'Nuff has been reduced to in order to pay the bills. From today comes this:A Poison tribute band Talk Dirty is about to take to the road. More information can be found at: From the band: "Talk Dirty is founder Baby Bret as he is known to the fans and Bret Michaels himself, Chip Z'nuff (Founding Member of Platinum Recording Artist Enuff Z'nuff), Jimmy "C.C." Maguire (Former Black n Blue/St.James) and Rockit beatin the skins Poison style. Baby Bret is a dead ringer for his mentor of sorts and sounds and moves just like Bret and with Chip, C.C. and Rockit this is a show not to be missed. Talk Dirty will Kick off their "Madness and Mayhem Tour" in which they will hit every major city in the US in August and hit the overseas market starting in Feb. '08' The show is full of surprises from the strike of the first chord to the settling of smoke and confetti 2 hours later." freaking sad...the only thing that could make it worse is if he were in a WARRANT cover band. It would be one thing if Chip joined Poison but a tribute band? Sheesh...wonder when Baby Bret's Rock of Love will start?

Monday, July 30, 2007


You always hear talk about how celebrities always die in threes. Its rare that all 3 die on the same day. The deaths are usually drawn out over several days. But today was that rare celebrity death threepeat....First it was legendary film director Ingmar Bergman. Then it was television talk show host Tom Snyder. This afternoon they've been joined by NFL Hall of Famer Bill Walsh, the three time Super Bowl winning coach of the San Francisco 49'ers.

Let the next round of the celebrity deadpool commence....

Kiss Tomorrow Show With Tom Snyder part 1

Since I had news on Paul Stanley today, it seemed fitting to post Kiss's visit to the Tomorrow Show when Paul and Tom Snyder were both in much better health than they are today.

RIP Tom Snyder

The great late night talk show host Tom Snyder has died at the age of 71. Those old Tomorrow shows of his were fantastic. The guests always seemed to disappear in a haze of cigarette smoke. In honor of the man Dan Ackroyd imitated so well, here's Tom Snyder with the cast of Star Trek.

D'OH! Its Monday

The box office "experts" thought the Simpsons movie would pull in somewhere between 30-40 million bucks on its opening weekend. Boy are those "experts" feeling stupid after Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa & Maggie brought in $72 million. I saw it twice and enjoyed the hell out of it. One of my beefs about the series in recent years is that the focus has been more on the supporting cast then on the Simpsons themselves. Considering there have been 400 episodes and every story has been told, its understandable that the writers focus on the residents of Springfield. The movie however puts the spotlight on the Simpson clan. I went in with low expectations and ended up laughing my azz off. I may go see it a couple more times as it held up well on the first repeat viewing. One dork says this movie should have never been made:

Further proof that Kiss needs to call it a career....the band played as a 3 piece the other night when Paul Stanley had a health scare before a show:
If your Kiss fantasy involved Gene singing every tune in the setlist, your wish came true that night. I thought they just might play Jazz Odyssey. Its bad enough they are playing under tents at Indian casinos...but to play a show without Paul? What next, put two imposters in Ace and Peter's makeup? Coming soon...PUPPET SHOW and kiss.

Paul Stanley isn't the only rock star who had health issues over the weekend. Meet Ozzy Osbourne...who had plenty of issues already:

Pau and Ozzy are at least in better shape today than Ingmar Bergman:

Who knew boxing could be bad for your health? Alert Disney so they ban boxing movies like they did smoking!:

The tabloids are praising Jebus for the plethora of drunken celebrity bimbos making news:

Itchy and Hillary in 08 my ass! Is there anyone Hillary Clinton won't whore herself out to (I mean, other than Bubba)?:,0,6816044.story?coll=la-home-center

Has 147 year old acting legend Clint Eastwood retired? Say it ain't so Dirty Harry!:

Is there anything those kids at Rhino won't put in a box set? Here comes the Rhino History of Metal:

After 3 turns as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is giving Hunter S. Thompson a 2nd go...:

Did you wake up with a hangover from your Arena Bowl party yesterday? The Arena Football League season is over. San Jose is your Arena Bowl 21 champ. I'm sure its tv ratings were greater than every game of the Stanley Cup combined.

More crap as it happens.....

Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh My God...They Got Kenny!

Maybe the third time is the charm....Cleveland radio and FOX Sports are reporting the Cleveland Indians have acquired Kenny Lofton for minor league catcher Max Ramirez. Lofton will move to left field with the Tribe and will most likely face right handers in a platoon with Jason Michaels. My guess is the Tribe will waive Trot Nixon in order to make room for Lofton on the 40 man roster. Lofton was named to the list of 100 greatest Indians of the first 100 years and is the teams all time stolen base leader. He should bat in the two hole behind Grady Sizemore. Now if the Indians can just shuffle Cliff Lee off to Buffalo and find another set up man.

Great Moments in Sports

Since the Browns and the rest of the NFL clubs either have opened or will shortly open training camp, its a perfect time to introuduce a new feature to the blog. Welcome to Great Moments in Sports..What better way to start this feature out then by showing you Joe Theiemann's leg being crushed by LT. They say on a quiet night, when the wind is still, you can still hear the bone snap.

10 Seasons of Couch Gags

Nothing beats those Simpsons couch gags!

Sweet, sweet Friday

After 18 years and 400 episodes the Simpsons finally make it to the big screen. The Simpsons movie opens today and reviews are excellent. The Simpsons, tho not what it used to be (but what in this life is?) never fails to get at least one chuckle an episode out of me. Which is more than I can say for most of the other programs on tv these days. AO Scott of the New York Times says that the movie is like an episode that you'd want to see 20 or 30 times:
USA Today shows its love for the Simpsons movie too:

Its a great time to be a geek. Zachary Quinto was formally introduced as the new Spock in the upcoming JJ Abrams film. Leonary Nimoy jointed Quinto and Abrams at Comicon in San Diego yesterday. Nimoy will also appear in the film. The new teaser poster can be found at I've already told my family that I'm going to see it on the day its released, Christmas Day 2008.

Johnny Depp is taking Dark Shadows to the big screen:

I'm also geeked up over the return of Indiana Jones. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first film I went to see over and over when I was a kid. Indy rides again next year:

Beowulf looks kick ass:

Ain't it Cool News is also reporting that a movie version of the Justice League may turn out to be a reality. Would be cool but I'll believe it when I see it.

These are good days to be a geek my friends.

A guy who hasn't many good days lately is Don Imus. But things are lookin' up for Don..he's about to get paid:

One of my favorite Simpsons episodes is the one where Homer goes into space ("You've never been?"). I'd rather have Homer in space than a bunch of drunk astronauts:

Once upon a time, I thought Prince could do no wrong. And then for the longest time I thought Prince would never do anything worthwhile again. I hesitate to say Prince is "back", but it seems as if he is motivated again:

Does anyone really care about this Obama and Clinton spat?:

Led Zeppelin isn't reuniting...but they are reissuing:

The MLB trading deadline is Tuesday. God I hope the Indians find someone to take Cliff Lee's spot in the rotation. Lee got shelled (again) by the Red Sox last night. In the past 3 years the guy has won 14 games (twice) and 18. Now he looks as beaten up as one of Michael Vick's losing dogs. 230 year old Bob Feller has better stuff than Lee. Unless Lee or Jake Westbrook step it up for the Tribe soon, there will be no postseason play in Cleveland.

Speaking of no postseason play in Cleveland, the Browns open up Training Camp in Berea today. As the Browns get ready to start another 4-12 campaign, Tony Grossi of the Plain Dealer takes a look at the hot issues in camp:

2 of the Browns top 3 picks signed yesterday. Brady Quinn is the lone holdout. Quinn spent last weekend at a mall in Cleveland charging $75-$225 for an autograph. Brady your stock on draft day fell for a reason...put down the Sharpie and get into camp.

What are Barry Bonds balls worth to you?:

More crap as it happens..........

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Homer Simpson on the Tonight Show

I completely forgot about this last Friday. Following up his Top 10 list on Letterman, Homer visits Jay Leno.

Tenacious D - Dio (live)

No one was better suited for Dungeons and Dragons rock than Ronnie James Dio. Tenacious D pays homage to the little big man of rock. Raise your goblet to Ronnie James Dio!

Thursday Tidbits

Lots of stupid crap to share with you today...

The most annoying of the Rock of Love chicks has entered the glamorous world of adult entertainment. Brandi C, the one with the high pitched little girl voice and crystal meth scars, made a porn flick after Rock of Love wrapped in March. broke the story and details on it can be found there. Brandi says its a one time only deal. Is anyone shocked that one of these skanks would enter the world of adult entertainment? It would be shocking if the settled the Israeli-Palestine issue or fixed global warming.

Disney has banned smoking from its movies. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a smoker. I like to smoke. I'm good at it. I'd quit but my Dad told me no one likes a quitter. I'm sick of smoking being the easy target for the health nuts. Hey Disney...are you gonna ban fatty foods from your theme parks? Are you gonna stop doing tie ins with McDonalds and other fast food joints that are single-handedly clogging the arteries of billions and billions each day? Does Disney support the sin of gluttony? Call up the evangelicals! Onward Christian soldiers! Disney mocks you!

Did you know your friends are consipiring to make you fat?

The Simpsons movie comes out tomorrow. MSNBC rates the best moments of the Simpsons:

Entertainment Weekly says the Simpsons Movie is well worth the wait:,,20035285_20037901_20047960,00.html

Parents are pissed over the grammar in Junie B. Jones books. I can see this being a problem if your kid only reads books from this series but c'mon....theres greater enemies our children face than fictional characters who don't talk good English (yes that was intentional):

Comicon...the biggest gathering of geeks in the USA is going on...DC Comics announced the director of Suburbia will be doing Y the Last Man plus Jonah Hex the movie:
Who watches the Watchmen? DC and coroporate overlord Warner Bros. hopes you will...casting news:

If you're a fan of Lost...Michael is coming back next season.

I'm all for method acting...but aren't you supposed to learn about drug dealers before you play the part?:

Believe it or not Guns n' Roses Appetite for Destruction is 20 years old this year. Could a reunion/anniversary show be in the works?:

There's a better chance Cheap Trick, Glenn Burtnick and the Smithereens will hold tribute concerts to G n' R then there is that Axl and the boys will ever do anything again.

More crap as it happens

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AC/DC - Its A Long Way To The Top If Ya Wanna Rock And Roll

Does rock music get better than AC/DC? The answer is no. No it doesn't.

This Is Just Disturbing

Rory has threatened my life if I didn't post this story. In case you missed it the Democratic Presidential Candidates had a YouTube included debate the other night. I think debates this early into the campaign are a lot like scrimmages in sports. They don't really matter. But the inclusion of YouTube added a new zest to a very stale flavor. Check this out....this kinda stuff can't be made up:

The big San Diego Comic Con is going on. JJ Abrams planned to give some scoop on his upcoming Star Trek relaunch but someone let the cat out of the bag. Heroes star Zachary Quinto has agreed to take over Leonard Nimoy's ears as the young Spock. He definitely looks the part. Those are some big ears to fill tho. Nimoy himself is scheduled to appear in the movie. William Shatner however says he's not in the movie. Shatner's exclusion leads me to believe this is going to be a Spockcentric film which is good news. I'm anxious to see who fills out the rest of the cast. Go to for all the details.

This comic con is big business too. Plus you can see the new uniform of the cheerleader on Heroes!:

Speaking of comics and heroes...this forthcoming Iron Man movie looks killer. Great casting in Robert Downey Jr. The proposed Green Arrow in prison movie sounds lame. The Justice League movie, should it come to pass, would rival the Xmen. Personally, I'd love to see a Green Lantern movie.

There's a new poll up at the bottom of the page....choose from one of four (just 4?) candidates that you'd like to see be sent to hell. Good family fun.

That Oprah sure makes a lot of money....and so does's a list of the richest tv stars:

Remember the Taliban? That little group of religious radicals that attacked us on 9/ know the group of lunatics led by a 6 foot 5 inch Arab on dialysis...the group the US government said we defeated in Afghanistan? Well they are back and they killing Koreans:

The government wants you to be afraid to fly again:

A man in NYC who was too shy to pee in a cup is out of work:

The NHL, the leagues with TV ratings worse than Meerkat Manor, wants to expand to Kansas City and Hamilton Ontario...note to Commish Gary much as I love your sport ya need to quit with the expansion. Too many teams in too many lousy markets. Try working on getting off of Versus and on to a real network.

With the Simpsons movie opening in a few days, 7/11 is gonna hate getting rid of its Kwik E Mart motif:,0,3662370.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Think you know how well the Simpsons movie will do at the box office? Play along at:

More crap as it happens....

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who Cares about Tuesday

Has anyone ever said...I'm dreading Tuesday or Thank God its Tuesday! Tuesday....the blandest least exceptional day of the week.

While Flight of the Conchords has been my fave show of the summer....just nudging out Hells Kitchen....I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Lost in 2008. If you haven't recovered from the WtF cliffhanger, rumors of next season are starting to swirl...maybe that'll help ease your grief over poor dead Charlie:

What the heck is Drew Carey thinking? Sure the Price of Right is work...but its still a game show...and replacing Bob Barker is like replacing Bear Bryant at matter how good of a job you do, you still ain't Bear:

The neverending war rages come reports that we may be stuck in Iraq until 2009:

Was Barry Bonds Ho juicin' too? Pick up Playboy to find out:

Lindsay Lohan got busted again. Should we start a pool on the date she dies? Whatever it takes to make her go away, I'm all in favor of. Maybe a new reality series..Drinkin' and Drivin with LiLo.

When comedians attack:,1,5761820.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=1&cset=true

He killed her on a Monday and her heart stopped still....he doo doo did it he doo did it...the latest on the Spector trial:

Deadspin says his ban from training camp is the beginning of the end for Ron Michael Vick:

Does anyone really care enough about the NBA to be shocked its refs are crooked?

Cheap of the great rock bands of all time....will be playing a tribute to Sgt Pepper at the Hollywood Bowl....I love Cheap Trick....but again, enough with everyone not named John, Paul, George and Ringo trying to capitalize on the 40th anniversary. I hope Cheap Trick makes a lot of money for their night as a tribute band, but I wish it was coming off sales of their music and not off someone else.

Flight of the Conchords - Business Time

After you've compared your woman to a high class prostitute...its business time.

Flight of the Conchords: Beautiful Girl

I've been singing its praises for weeks...Flight of the Conchords is 30 minutes of pure fun. Here's a clip from the pilot episode. What woman wouldn't want to be compared to a part time model...or an air hostess in the 60's....or a high class prostitute?

Monday, July 23, 2007

Lame Weekend

My weekend featured absolutely nothing of note. I picked up the new NCAA Football 08 game which is geektacular. But that wasn't my highlight of the the highlight was discovering that Coke has brought back Vanilla Coke which was taken off the market 2 years ago. Of course, its no longer "Vanilla Coke" its "Coke Vanilla." See, thats why it didn't sell well last time. They had the word sequence wrong.

Just a strange, strange minor league baseball story. Former Columbus Clipper Mike Coolbaugh gets killed by a line drive last night:

I told you on Friday the Tammy Faye deathwatch was on. Well, she did in fact die on Friday. Revlon stocks are expected to fall drastically when the market opens today.

The masses think that the Harry Potter series wraps up well:

The crooked NBA ref fears for his life.....DUH...:

Of course, despite the gambling scandal, the National Betting Association refuses to rule out relocating a team to Las Vegas:

If you want to know why Americans are hated across the globe, its because millions of us turned out in droves to watch a movie in which Adam Sandler and Kevin James pretend to be gay:,,20047658,00.html

Rumors are circulating that Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are reforming the Yardbirds. Thats not the big news....the big news is that anyone gives a rats ass.

Think the idea of Will Ferrell imitating Neil Diamond is funny? Go to check it out.

If you still haven't watched an episode of HBO's Flight of the Conchords this week is a good time to start. When Bret begins to doubt his "look" he starts receving visits in his sleep from David Bowie (Bowie not played by Bowie by the way). Very funny stuff. Great show. Sure to be canned by HBO, the people who brought you Lucky Louie.

Organizers of Rocklahoma have announced that the hair band show did so well, that Rocklahoma 2008 is a go for next year. 300 bucks gets you VIP seating for all 3 days of the anti-Live Earth (after all, all that aqua net destroyed the ozone).

Which record did more to kill off the hair bands....Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction or Niravana's Nevermind? Discuss.

More crap as it vids posted below...

The Simpsons - Box Fort War

You may not know it, given the lack of hype, but the Simpsons hit the big screen this week. While the show ain't what it used to be, this clip from last season is one of the best bits ever.

The Sulu Dance

Rumors are swirling that JJ Abrams is about to release plot points and casting info on his Star Trek relaunch. In the meantime, get jiggy with Mr. Sulu!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

The White Stripes on The Simpsons

Let the Simpsons Movie Hype carry you away. Here's a classic bit with the White Stripes.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Richard Thompson - I Feel So Good

Richard Thompson...singer...songwriter...master of the guitar...beret wearer...peace loving muslim...genius

Thank Jebus its Friday

Finally this long, long week is nearly over.....I'm as beaten down as a losing dog at Mike Vick's kennel. No suspension looks forthcoming from the NFL, tho that could change as the process in the legal system goes along. Today's editions of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and LA Times called for Vicks suspension. Nike has delayed the release of his new shoe. I'm sure no theater manager in the USA will let him into a screeening of Underdog at this point. With training camp due to open next week, it wouldn't surprise me if the Falcons tell Vick to stay away and suspend him with pay. Meanwhile, I'm scouring the net to learn what other businesses are owned by Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner. Perhaps boycotting those businesses might deliver the message that Vick needs to go.

Like pro sports hasn't suffered enough of a black eye this week. Now comes word that an NBA ref has himself a Mob problem:

And speaking of sports black eyes...Barry Bonds now stands just 2 homeruns from Hank Aaron. God help us and let the chase end soon....:

What did $140 million buy for Paul McCartney? A few lousy years of marriage to a one legged woman:,2933,290088,00.html

Was Warrant the worst hair band ever? Discuss.

The Tammy Faye deathwatch is so on:

So is the Britney (career) deathwatch:

Here we go again....if you question the war, you're UnAmerican....its way past time to remove Bush from office:

Bill Maher knows what it means to be censored. The great stand up comedian and host of Real Time has a new special on HBO Saturday night:,,20040769_20040772_20047406,00.html

Its the day before the final Harry Potter book comes out. I haven't seen a kid so excited about something since the OMOM took the day off school to see Kiss without makeup for the first time:

Oh to be rich, famous and a victim of crime:,0,1564944.story?coll=la-home-center

What kind of personality are you? Take the MSNBC quiz:

Video to come...more crap as it happens and make sure to check out the NHL 08 pic below...

Thursday, July 19, 2007

NHL 08...100 % Gay

I know those next generation game consoles are more life like than ever...but was hot hockey man on man love necessary? Did EA Sports just out a couple of the New Jersey Devils? Maybe its just 2 teammates sharing a spot on a crowded bench....or maybe someone put their stick someplace...ahem...uncomfortable. I wonder if the boys are gonna tear each others clothes off in the fight sequences this year?

American Dog - No Pity

Since I had very little of note to gripe abouttoday, I am happy to share this sneak peek of the brand spankin' new American Dog vid "No Pity" directed by the one, the only, OMOM. PLAY IT LOUD!

TV Thursday

Just a few quick hits....This season of Rescue Me just ain't roping me in. I'm not sure where the stories are going, the characters have been dumbed down and for the love of God would someone please name the baby already? I'm hoping it picks up steam in its 2nd half but right now I think this season blows.

Can't get into Big Brother 8 either. I watch it...but find myself reading and checking the clock to see how much more of my life will be wasted before the show is over.

Speaking of TV, the Emmy noms came out today. No surprise the Sopranos leads the way:

LeBron James will host the first episode of SNL in the fall. I didn't watch it, cuz well its the ESPY's, but I guess James was in a skit the other night where he dunked a "baby." Cuz you know child abuse is funny.

TBS screwed up my weekly routine moving reruns of Family Guy from Monday night to Wednesday where its up against Rescue Me and Top Chef. Stupid Sex and the City reruns.

I'm guessing no NFL stadiums will be allowed to play the Baha Men this year...:,0,3410004.story?coll=la-home-center

If I hear one more word about David Beckham coming to America I'm gonna puke. Soccer, the metric system and the United States do not mix.

The cult of Potter should be happy with the final book:

Giuliani wants the corn belt to go nuclear....Idiot:

A real mess in NYC:

Oh those wacky CEO's:,0,6408994.story?coll=chi-bizfront-hed

More crap later

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beat to Death Like A Dog

Of all the AC/DC soundalike bands, none topped Rhino Bucket. Given the Michael Vick indictment this song seems fitting for today's video choice. This is from Rocklahoma. Vid quality isn't the greatest but hey, its Rhino Bucket.

Sick Vick

Hey Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL.....suspend Michael Vick for life now. Thank you...ES Furniss

If you've seen the news you know by now Atlanta Falcons QB Mike Vick has been indicted by the Feds for running a dog fighting operation. While runs stories suggesting the commish can't touch Vick until he's found guilty of something, the reality is that Mr. Goodell can suspend Vick NOW. Vick met with Goodell at the NFL draft in April and told the Commish he had nothing to do with dog fighting. Now the league faces bad publicity and hordes of animal rights activists protesting outside stadiums if the Commish doesn't take action. Considering the evidence indicates Vick gambled on the outcome of these fights, Goodell can suspend Vick for that infraction alone. Its been done before....Bowie Kuhn once kept Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays out of MLB when they were associated with gamblers after their playing days. What would have happened had Vick taken a financial beating on this sick endeavor? Would a gambler have leaned on Vick and asked him to throw a game to settle a debt? If you associate with gamblers, you should not be allowed to participate in professional sports.

But Vick did more than gamble...he also killed dogs because they didn't meet his fighting standards. He didn't give these dogs a shot and put them to sleep. He killed them with his own sick hands. Ban Michael Vick now Mr. Goodell.

Speaking of sick...the loss of life in Mr. Bush's war continues to become more obscene daily. When will this insanity end? Democrats and Republicans alike all have blood on their hands. We don't need political grandstanding. We need leaders and we have none. Further proof the war is lost:

Not only are we losing the war but the evidence shows beyond the shadow of a doubt that we were lied to (like we didn't know that already):

Of course, how can we discuss the validity of the war when we have to determine whether its a good thing for a girl to be called a princess:,1,491345.story?coll=chi-homepagenews-utl

What is the right dollar amount to compensate someone for being raped by their priest?:,0,7357299.story?coll=la-home-center

The Simpsons hit Harper's:

Phil Spector is crazy enough to be President. Find out what Transformers director Michael Bay had to do with the record producer's murder trial:

Man accused of stabbing another wife. Read that again ANOTHER wife:

More crap as it happens....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh Sweet Jesus

Last week I had some fun with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of Kiss. Now its Ace Frehleys turn. Poor SOB reduced to appearing in a Dunkin' Donuts ad. Can't decide if its funny or sad.

Crowded House-Don't Stop Now

Crowded House reunited and on the road to support their new record Time on Earth. Sadly, no Ohio appearances so I may have to make a trip up to Ann Arbor to see them. Just as sad, I've yet to hear one tune off the new record on satellite radio. Here's the first single....believe thats Johnny Marr on guitar.

Squeeze - Up the Junction (TOTP)

Mentioned the Squeeze reunion below.Here's a great clip of the boys on Top of the Pops with Glenn Tillbrook playing drums!

Squeeze and Crowded House

I've always been a sucker for Beatlesque music....the Raspberries, Cheap Trick, and 2 particular faves, Squeeze and Crowded House. Both have reunited this summer but for totally different for art and companionship, the other for commerce...:

Real Life Simpsons Intro

With the Simpsons movie hype in full swing, I figured I'd dust off this classic British made live action Simpsons intro.

Police 2007 - Message In A Bottle

Before it was a crappy Kevin Costner movie, Message in a Bottle was one of my fave Police tunes.

Will I regret not seeing the Police?

I was never a huge fan of the Police when they were popular. I found their tunes catchy, Sting's hair perfect and thought Stewart Copeland to be about the greatest drummer not named John Bonham. When the Police called it a day 20 plus years ago my reaction was big whoop. As time passed and Sting made records that were progressively more dull and less catchy, I debated whether or not I should hold Sting's sins against the Police.. I couldn't do it. The Police were just too damn good and original. The tunes have held up much better than other acts from that time. Last night the Police hit Cleveland and I debated about going but finally decided that it was just too damn expensive and I was afraid Sting would play the lute and issue long stage raps about the wonders of tantric lovin'. Thanks to this review from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, I may have yet another reason to hate myself:

With rumors of a new record on October 2nd and a final E Street Band tour to follow, Johnny America remembers the day that Bruce Springsteen finally ran out of childhood stories:

Sicko is the best film I've seen this summer. Michael Moore clashed with Wolf Blitzer and Dr. Whatshisface Gupta on CNN last week. Now Mike is extending the olive branch to CNN...why Mike why? CNN Sucks....Its the home of Glenn Beck, 100 year old man Larry King and that revolting alien shill Nancy Grace...stick to your guns Mike!:

Jon Lovitz kicked Andy Dick's ass (like that must have been hard):

The Nintendo Wii is kicking the PS3 and Xbox 360 to the curb:

Blah blah Qaeda plans to attack us....blah blah blah....danger Will Robinson...blah blah blah....fighting terrorists there so we don't have to fight them here.....:,0,1299639.story?coll=la-home-center

Meet Jesus of Siberia....where walkin' on water ain't so hard:

Its always a good baseball season when the Yankees suck.....they are old, injured, overpaid and underperforming. The manager is on the hot seat and noted steroid abuser and loudmouth Gary Sheffield and former Indian (twice and Indian actually....rumored to be a thrice Indian) say Joe Torre is a racist. Don't fear evil empire fans...the New York Daily News is taking you back to the good ol' days when Reggie was the straw that stirred the drink, the power was out and the Son of Sam was killing kids in lust:

Anyone seen that ESPN docudrama The Bronx is Burning? I hear Rescue Me's Franco is a great Reggie but that the show blows.

The latest on the big Chicago mob trial here:,1,4177352.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Say goodbye to the Cincinnati Post:

I still hate reality tv but damn that Hell's Kitchen is good stuff. Gordon Ramsay is just a hoot. Here's a recap of last nights ep:

Rolling Stone, which never had any use for hair bands, has pics of Rocklahoma up:

Vince Neil looks like he could use another make over. Maybe Kevin DuBrow can lend him a wig.

Alyssa Milano is way hot. She also likes much so she blogs about it....and looks hot doing it:

First the prez of Eastern Michigan University quit because he covered up a rape and murder. Now the president of Roger Williams U says he's used the "N" word: the overpaid, overhyped Gordon Geezus at the Ohio State football factory admit that he once bent the page of a book?

Is the military so hard up for troops its now taking HIV positive soliders? If so, turn 'em loose with open wounds on al Qaeda!:,2933,289596,00.html

Take a bite outta Rugby:

Video and other crap later if I feel like it.....

Monday, July 16, 2007

Rocklahoma 2007

Here's some video from Rocklahoma. Its a montage of the whole weekend. What it lacks in camera work, it makes up for in being the most comprehensive vid of the event I've been able to find. Sums up the whole weekend in under 15 minutes.

My Rocklahoma Home Has Blown Away

Rocklahoma is in the books. The 4 day festival starring the dinosaur bands that time forgot came to a close last night. I'll add some video from the event later today. From the various reports I've read, lowlights of the weekend were Vince Neil's performance (he actually said "Hello, Montana!"), Faster Pussycat (lead singer Taime Downe waged in a legal dispute over the band name with a cancer stricken former member said from the stage something along the lines of "I hope he dies") and a reported (but sadly false I'm afraid) fight between Dana Strum of Slaughter/Vince Neil band and Quiet Riot singer Kevin Dubrow which ended with Dubrow's wig being thrown in a mud puddle. Like I said, that story is most likely false but I so want it to be true.
The Tulsa World has a full report:

The Pryor Times has some photos up:

I made the mistake of watching Bret Michaels Rock of Love on VH1 last night. Some real freaky, trampy chicks on that show. I don't know whats worse, the fact I watched the show or Bret Michaels lame attempt at covering baldness.

Speaking of bald, Homer Simpson will be a guest on the Tonight Show on July 24. I always pictured Homer as being more of a Letterman guy.

Sure Vermont wins the contest to host the Simpsons movie premiere and now it wants to ban nudity. Fascists:

What kind of world do we live in when the WNBA has a better TV deal than the NHL?:

Flunk my kid...please:

Chicago had a hair band free music festival of its own this past weekend:

Hollywoods writers gear up for a showdown:,0,5359337.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Internet radio didn't end over the weekend:

The war in Iraq didn't end over the weekend either:

Akron wants to be a gaycation destination:

If anyone still cares the X Files movie will be out next year:

No one loses like the Phillies:

More video and other stuff later today.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Blast Off

I've been fooling around with the blog for a few weeks now. One of these days I may just get the hang of this. I've modified the layout a bit and finally added the promised video clips. I hope to add at least one new video clip a day and hopefully more. While the debut clips are music vids, I do intend to rip off stuff from other genres in the future. The first vids posted are from one of my favorite bands of all time, Chicago's own Enuff Z'Nuff. This is the only band I know that can get airplay on the Underground Garage and Hair Nation. If they are good enough for Little Steven, they are good enough for you. James McMurtry is the greatest singer-songwriter working today. If you don't own a James McMurtry record or haven't gone to see 'em, get your ass over to a site that sells his stuff and get a record of his NOW.

The other vid you'll see here is from American Dog. What can you say about these guys? These guys represent all that is holy and sacred in rock music. This is how rock is supposed to sound, feel and look. American Dog are the keepers of rock out with your Elmo out, good time rock n' roll. In the interest of full disclosure, I should note the vid I selected is directed by regular poster and long time friend of mine, OMOM. No one loves rock like the OMOM and it comes thru in this great video for Shitkicker.

American Dog -

While waiting for his go ahead to post their latest vid, Blast Furniss is proud to include the directorial debut from my long time partner in crime, the legendary OMOM, American Dog and Shitkicker. I've known OMOM since he was the Young Man of Metal. Great performance vid by the keepers of all that is holy in rock...American Dog.

James McMurtry-Painting By Numbers

I didn't even know a video for this song existed. Great tune from the debut record.

James McMurtry

The first great political protest song of the 21st Century. 3 years old already and the lyrics still seem ripped from todays headlines.

Enuff Z'nuff video FREAK Directed by Matt Kissane

Here's a more recent EZN vid. The fantastic FREAK. Killer song.

Enuff z'nuff-New Thing

One of the most underrated, unappreciated, and underpaid bands in the history of rock, Enuff Z'Nuff.

Friday, July 13, 2007 last

What a long freakin' week made all the longer by waking up at 4am this morning. Thank god for coffee.

To Rory's relief I have little in the way of Rocklahoma today. A couple of the sites I've monitored promised Day One updates but none delievered. I do know it rained like crazy yesterday and more is in the forecast for Pryor, OK today. I'm guessing updates will be few and far between as I would imagine no one in Pryor has heard of WiFi. The Tulsa World is covering Rocklahoma like its Woodstock. Here's a story on Dee Snider of Twisted Sister:

And another on Poison:

For weekend updates on Rocklahoma go here:

Today's Tulsa World also is running the first in a 3 part series on growing old. How timely when the state has been invaded by dinosaur bands.

Dubya is at it again....trying to distort who was responsible for 9/11:

BET is underfire...and now it hasn't been attacked by Telemundo:,1,5784678.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=5&cset=true

Don't look for those Deadwood movies anytime Swearingen would say "c*cks*ckers"!:

While Fox refuses to hold screenings until days before its release, 7/11 enjoys promoting the Simpsons movie. Sure wish I had one of these Kwik-E-Marts near me: queen pics...EVER:

Mark Cuban wants the Cubs....does Chicago want him?:,1,1860312.column?coll=chi-news-hed

Do we really need band branded ipods?:

My blog may suck but its better than Pam Anderson's. EW rates the celebrity blogs:,,20041669_20041686_20045660,00.html

Say it ain't so Julio! Looks like it could be the end of the road for MLB's oldest player and the only active player who was in the bigs when I was in the 4th grade:

More crap later if I feel like it....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Afternoon Blast o' Crap

Here's a hearbreaking story on the victims of Katrina 2 years later. Heckuva job there Dubya...heckuva job:

Ken Burns is back...lets hope this flick is more entertaining than Jazz was:

Sweet fancy Moses....Borders has banned Tintin:;_ylt=AqxM3MUmxc0jvYN1Lw1Fpk_KOrgF

So long Court Tv....the network that OJ made famous will become TruTv. TNN meet Versus....just pick a name and stick with it. I'm too old to remember what channels I have and switching the names just confuses me more. Soon VH1 Classic will become Crapula or something like that. Enough already.

Stephen Colbert may be the funniest man in America:,,20043289_20043293_20045778,00.html

Isn't following Bob Barker on the Price is Right a little like following Bear Bryant at Alabama? Why would you want that job? You'll always hear "He's no Bob Barker." Ian Ziering of 90210 fame wants to come on down and give it a shot:

This weeks additions to our rocknroll genocide list include:Loverboy, Night Ranger, Winger, Kansas, and ZZ Top. Congratulations kids and enjoy the afterlife.

The NHL released the schedule for the 2007-08 season yesterday. The Columbus Blue Jackets kick off their 60 loss season at home against the Stanley Cup champion Anaheim Ducks. At least the league was kind enough to make sure fans hopes of a turnaround season end quickly:

And finally with MLB set to resume today after the All Star Break the Indians have announced that Pronk ain't going nowhere:

No word on when the Reds plan to start their mid-Summer fire sale but feel free to kick Adam Dunn's tires if ya want.

Rocklahoma and Other Wastes of Time

It's Rocklahoma Day One! C'mon feel the noize! I SAID FEEL IT!....that's better. Still nothing on the show in the Pryor, OK paper but I did find an article from the Tulsa World. Seems cowboys like their hair metal more than they like country:

Todays lineup was added at the last minute and doesn't feature anyone of note. Mainly tribute bands....sigh.....Tomorrow is Poison, Ratt, White Lion (or Mike Tramp's White Lion...don't wanna get sued by Vito Bratta), Y&T and (GROAN) Slaughter. Complete weekend lineup here:

I wish the people of Pryor the best of luck. Now Oklahoma is home to more than steers and queers (thanks Officer and a Gentleman)...its now home to washed up hair bands and their aging, balding fanbase. One of the organizers predicts crowds of 40-50,000 a day...that sounds like a more realistic number for the whole weekend. I can't help but think a place like Michigan where Poison regularly sells out sheds would have been a more ideal location for an event like this.

She's young, she's hot...she likes girls? Oh Lindsay Lohan won't you just fall off the face of the earth...or make a video I can see on the net:

Oh full of wacky stunts. Try not to slur the natives while you find yourself:,1,6192959.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=4&cset=true

The Firefighers union is going after cross dressin' Rudy...burn baby burn!:

The only reunited act not at Rocklahoma is al Qaeda now back on the road and stronger than ever...Heckuva job there Dubya, heckuva job:

Yes we're losing the war on terror and the war in Iraq....Bush wages war like that team that plays the Globetrotters:


Jim Morrison is still dead.....yet the circumstances surrounding his death from heroin and bad poetry are being reexamined:

Hardly known rocker Glen Burtnick has put a band together that'll play all of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Beatles masterpiece. Dear Lord make them stop....1st it was the Fab Faux which features David Letterman show bassist Will Lee..then it was the Smithereens releasing a record where they play all of Meet the Beatles...Bands with record contracts or tv gigs should not be allowed to become cover bands.

More crap as it happens.....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

All Star Game Hangover Wednesday

Stupid baseball All Star game keeping me up late! Good game, actually quickly played for a change. Nice tribute to Willie Mays beforehand. The 3 Indians players played well as did the Reds lone rep Ken Griffey Jr. AL continues its dominance winning 5-4.

Its Rocklahoma Eve! Is Pryor, OK ready to rock? I said Pryor are you ready to rock? What's that? A goat conference? Well maybe they'll be ready to rock after the goat conference:

By the way, I haven't found one mention of Rocklahoma in the Pryor Daily Times this week. How will the residents of Pryor learn that Donnie Vie won't be appearing with Enuff Z'Nuff if the Pryor Daily Times doesn't tell them?

Yesterday I made mention how someone on the noticeboard made reference to the blog over there. Turns out someone saw the Def Leppard review in the Dispatch and gave me credit for writing it which led to some bashing of me by Def Lep fans. I would just like to thank Scott from London for taking the time to slam me for something I didn't write. Its nice knowing that even without doing anything I can piss off someone in another country.

Yesterday I had some fun with Gene Simmons. Today lets take a crack at Paul Stanley. The former Star Child, the man who put the X in sex, has followed in the footsteps of David Bowie, John Mellencamp and Adolf Hitler and exhibited his artwork. My question is this: When did Paul become Liza? Awful plastic surgery:

Somehow I don't see the Simpsons as being New Englanders. But Vermont wins the USA Today Springfield contest and gets to host the premiere of the Simpsons movie:
Did ya catch the Simpsons bit at the opening of the All Star game? Homer made reference to the athletic bodies of David Ortiz, Prince Fielder and CC Sabathia all drawn in splendid Simpsons form. They were fatter than Homer.

AICN is reporting that the people who dropped High School Musical are remaking Footloose. Please someone detain Kenny Loggins as an enemy combatant now!

Please detain Ryan Seacrest as well...what man cries at a wedding (unless its his and he's realized he's just screwed up his life)?:,,20045213,00.html

Fantasty football, fantasy baseball...Fantasy Congress?:,0,3522856.story?coll=la-home-center

Why does George W. Bush hate science?:,0,3522856.story?coll=la-home-center

Another Republican sex scandal:

Here we go again....the Bush Administration trying to overcome its 20 percent approval rating by using terror threats:

The government oughta keep an eye on Paul Stanley..that girl is looking scary!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon Updates:Gene Simmons edition

Which do you think Gene Simmons enjoys more...the sound of his own voice or counting his money?:

Even Gene Simmons has to know our current direction in Iraq isn't working. Yet Dubya continues to advocate staying the course (of course Dubya thought it was a bad idea to put Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer in Peter and Ace's makeup):

Gene Simmons doesn't believe in marriage or in getting stoned. Here's a story about a cheating spouse in Iran who got stoned:,2933,288793,00.html

Gene Simmons wasn't in Robocop, but some of these devices look like stuff the character he played in Tom Selleck's Runaway would have invested:

By the way, Runaway is the best thing on Gene's acting resume.

We all know the God of Thunder (or is he Dr. Love?) hates drugs. Does he condone what the Chinese did to the head of their FDA?:,0,1296108.story?coll=la-ap-topnews-headlines

Make sure to catch Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E.....I don't know when its on or what time...If you're interested you'll have to look it up yourself.


Tuesdays suck just as bad as Mondays.....

For the first time, to my knowledge anyway, the blog got some play on another website. Someone enjoyed my comments on Joe Elliot enough to post them on the Noticeboard. The whole purpose of this blog was just to find something to do and share some crap with my friends (all 5 of you). I do intend to add some video and other enhancements in the coming weeks (just as soon as I figure out how to do it). I'm hoping one of the first vids to appear will the just completed OMOM directed American Dog video.

The sad, slow death of internet radio is upon us. Sunday is the end of the line for most web radio stations:

The weather for Rocklahoma this weekend looks cool but wet. Lots o'rain in the forecast. Wonder if Vegas is taking bets on the first band to get mud slung at them. That Vince Neil looks ripe for some sod! ***Updated**** The Pryor, OK newspaper has nothing in todays online edition about the big show, not even in the "community" calendar section. Here's a link to some aerial shots of the campground. Considering all the rain that area has had, there's no doubt that sod is gonna be flying:

Queensryche has announced plans to release a "best of" cd. Does this mean its blank?

Went to see Michael Moore's Sicko over the weekend. For the first time in my life, I wished I lived in France. Free healthcare, Free college, no Dubya. The film is horrifying, yet entertaining as all get out. I've enjoyed all Moore's films but Sicko is by far his best work.

Say this for Pope Benedict....the man is old middle ages. Nothing says warm and fuzzy like a German pope:

An NBA player is a victim of crime....I hope Pacman Jones has an allibi:

If you're not watching Flight of the Conchords (shame on you) or too cheap for HBO, Yahoo is streaming the most recent episode:

If you're into New Zealand pop music, and I am, VH1 is streaming the new Crowded House cd. You know the one I couldn't find at Best Buy:

Vanity Fair is running an oral history of the Simpsons (gotta love that movie hype)'s an excerpt:

Speaking of movie hype...Harry Potter hits screens tomorrow and the reviews are in:

For $165 million you can be Charles Foster Kane:,0,5352104.story?coll=la-home-center

Another black eye for TV news:,1,6178857.story?coll=chi-news-hed

Another horny member of the GOP goes down (heh, heh):

More crap as it happens......

Monday, July 9, 2007

Monday Morning Crap Fest

What has 9 arms and sucks? Def Leppard. Congratulations to Def Lep lead singer Joe Elliot who is the winner of my brand spankin' new "You're an Arse" award. This interview with the Pittsburgh Post Gazette earned him the award. In this interview, which I stole from, Elliot bristles at the notion that Def Lep is a hair band and slags Led Zeppelin in the process:

Lighten up Joe. Your hair was just a touch better than Billy Ray Cyrus. Quit being so sensitive. I'm sorry you didn't get the respect you think you deserve. I hope your piles of money give you some satisfaction at night you untalented ass clown.

Things could be worse for Joe. He could be Clay Aiken:

Had a lousy Best Buy experience. Wanted CD-R's that were in their Sunday ad...none in stock. Wanted new Crowded House cd..not in stock. Wanted Nintendo Wii...not in stock. At least Sony is trying to compete with the Wii now......they are lowering the price:
they need to lower it another 100 bucks.

The British are coming, the British are coming! To save TV news:,0,999381.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Why do we need debates on pulling out of Iraq? Just get out already:

I watched a little bit of Live Earth over the weekend. Crowded House lost lights but not sound during their set, the Japanese really seemd to like Linkin Park and Richie Sambora looks like a fat drunk. USA Today recaps what you missed (not much...Live Earth sucked):

In fact, Live Earth sucked so badly I started a tire fire in protest.

I am a golden god! Oh wait...I'm tries to be Jim Morrison, man dies. :

People dig the Transformers movie...a lot:

The Transformers should enjoy the top while they can....Harry the boy wizard is coming to kick their morphing ass:,,20044270_20044274_20033259,00.html

Rocklahoma is just days away! What kind of town is Pryor, Oklahoma anyway? Is it the lost city of mulletts? Is there a larger hole in the ozone there due to heavy Aquanet consumption? Is it a town where its always 1987? Pryor's population of 12,000 should grow by at least a few hundred this weekend:

More crap as it happens.....

Bringin' on the Crap

This may be the best review since the "shit sandwich" review of Spinal Tap's Shark Sandwich...from the Dispatch:

Chalk one up for the proletariat.
Before 20,000 fans in a jam-packed Germain Amphitheater last night, English hard rock band Def Leppard took average to new heights.
Lead singer Joe Elliott is affable enough in a bloke’s sort of way, but his voice is the very definition of mediocre and the years have not been kind to it. He sang off key for much of the band’s hour and a half set and strained to reach high notes on hit singles that most assuredly were reached in the past thanks to the magic of the recording studio.
He’s functional at best.
And certainly there are better guitarists in rock 'n' roll than Phil Collen and Vivian Campbell. Not that there’s anything at all wrong with Collen and Campbell. They’re both fine players. They are simply unexceptional.
And yet, two of Def Leppard’s discs have sold more than 10 million copies in the U.S. and the quintet continues, long after grunge, alternative and rap supplanted straight ahead rock ‘n’ roll as the mainstream music that mattered, to play to appreciative sellout audiences all over the world. (The band’s greatest hits collection has sold 7 million copies worldwide.)
Their secret live is no secret at all: play all (or at least most) of the hits the people want to hear, including Photograph; Hysteria; Mirror, Mirror; Rocket and, of course, Pour Some Sugar on Me.
(Is there anything more disheartening than a pair of 55-year-old suburban women who've been once too many times to the well attempting a little "dirty" dancing under the stars? We think not. Moves that were oh-so sexy back in '81 just wilted in the heat.)
Def Leppard definitely took long enough to get going: Rocket was oddly flat as the opening cut and Animal wasn’t much better. Elliott’s vocals were washed out in the mix and both tracks sounded monolithic.
It wasn’t until the band covered David Essex's Rock On that things began to pick up, and that thanks to founding member Rick Savage’s excellent bass solo introduction. They took that momentum and almost squandered it, moving to the front of the stage for a pair of acoustic songs, Two Steps Behind and Bringin’ On the Heartbreak.
Though both guitarists were consistently nondescript, they were awfully proud of all the hours they have logged in the gym. By the third (or was it the second?) song both Campbell and Collen were stalking the stage shirtless, tights abs glistening.
It was as if they were mocking the bellies of most of their middle-aged male fans, bellies that strained mightily to escape from the confines of whatever shirt (often a Hawaiian print) had been draped over and tucked under them.
Def Leppard’s sum is larger than its parts. But just barely.
Its success is a byproduct of meticulous production (thanks Mutt) and a yeoman-like approach to the rigors of rock ‘n’ roll. In an outdoor season at Germain of only a handful of concerts, that’ll have to be enough.
Illinois bands Styx and REO Speedwagon opened for Def Leppard. A pox on REO lead singer Kevin Cronin for reminding us that the band’s first single, Ridin’ the Storm Out, was released in 1973. As if most of us in attendance didn’t already feel as if we were at our high-school reunion.
Styx sang Come Sail Away or, rather, allowed the audience to sing Come Sail Away. It must be something, even (or especially) for a has-been rock band to have penned a song that 20 times 20,000 fans know by heart 30 years after it first came out.
Likewise, REO let the audience take over the vocals on several of their hits including Keep On Loving You and Take It On the Run.
These bands mattered in their day, maybe more than a little. They don’t matter now, not even a little, unless nostalgia counts for something.

Friday, July 6, 2007

My Rocklahoma Home

Next weekend every hair band of the 80's (RHINO BUCKET!) will infest Pryor Oklahoma for a 4 day music festival called Rocklahoma. Had something like this taken place in 1987 it would have been a major happening. Now it makes me wonder whether or not the promoter has lost his mind. A show with hair the year 2007? I'm curious as to what kind of guarantee the bands have received. I've not seen anything concrete in regard to advance sales which makes me wonder how sound an investment this was on behalf of the promoter. Message boards have spread rumor that a pay per view broadcast or VH1 Classic special will be shot but I'm doubtful of that being the case. With a handful of exceptions the lineup at Rocklahoma (which can be found here: with a handful of exceptions (Poison, Queensryche)would have a hard time filling a club with 100 people. Still, I enjoy a good train wreck and this could be a dandy. If nothing else, it beats discussing the Summer of Love.

Big Brother 8 made its debut last night. Here's what ya missed:

I haven't been able to find a Nintendo Wii, the PS3 is too expensive and the Xbox 360 sucks. It sucks to the tune of $1 billion in repairs:

Avril also sucks. And she's a (alleged) thief: loves the new American Dog record:

Meet the new pot:

Its no Rocklahoma...what if you threw a big rock concert for tree huggers and no one gave a rats ass? Meet Live Earth:,1,2924232.story?coll=la-headlines-entnews&ctrack=3&cset=true
If you're interested Bravo is showing 18 hours of the concert. Sirius and XM are running the whole thing.

Who wouldn't want to spend $100 on a pair of Homer Simpson Vans?:

First it was Beverly Sills, now its jazz violinist Johnny Frigo (and father of the also deceased Derek Frigo the great guitar player of the vastly unappreciated Enuff Z'Nuff) who has passed away:

Why does this story amuse me so? Morgan Stanley sex scandal!:

Here's another beauty queen scandal:

Whatever you do this weekend...don't trust a punter!:!/the-nationwide-punter-menace-tredges-on-275172.php

More crap as it happens.....