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Monday, July 30, 2007

D'OH! Its Monday

The box office "experts" thought the Simpsons movie would pull in somewhere between 30-40 million bucks on its opening weekend. Boy are those "experts" feeling stupid after Homer, Bart, Marge, Lisa & Maggie brought in $72 million. I saw it twice and enjoyed the hell out of it. One of my beefs about the series in recent years is that the focus has been more on the supporting cast then on the Simpsons themselves. Considering there have been 400 episodes and every story has been told, its understandable that the writers focus on the residents of Springfield. The movie however puts the spotlight on the Simpson clan. I went in with low expectations and ended up laughing my azz off. I may go see it a couple more times as it held up well on the first repeat viewing. One dork says this movie should have never been made:

Further proof that Kiss needs to call it a career....the band played as a 3 piece the other night when Paul Stanley had a health scare before a show:
If your Kiss fantasy involved Gene singing every tune in the setlist, your wish came true that night. I thought they just might play Jazz Odyssey. Its bad enough they are playing under tents at Indian casinos...but to play a show without Paul? What next, put two imposters in Ace and Peter's makeup? Coming soon...PUPPET SHOW and kiss.

Paul Stanley isn't the only rock star who had health issues over the weekend. Meet Ozzy Osbourne...who had plenty of issues already:

Pau and Ozzy are at least in better shape today than Ingmar Bergman:

Who knew boxing could be bad for your health? Alert Disney so they ban boxing movies like they did smoking!:

The tabloids are praising Jebus for the plethora of drunken celebrity bimbos making news:

Itchy and Hillary in 08 my ass! Is there anyone Hillary Clinton won't whore herself out to (I mean, other than Bubba)?:,0,6816044.story?coll=la-home-center

Has 147 year old acting legend Clint Eastwood retired? Say it ain't so Dirty Harry!:

Is there anything those kids at Rhino won't put in a box set? Here comes the Rhino History of Metal:

After 3 turns as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp is giving Hunter S. Thompson a 2nd go...:

Did you wake up with a hangover from your Arena Bowl party yesterday? The Arena Football League season is over. San Jose is your Arena Bowl 21 champ. I'm sure its tv ratings were greater than every game of the Stanley Cup combined.

More crap as it happens.....

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