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Friday, September 28, 2007

Random Blasts O'Crap Friday

What a long freakin' week...September almost at an end. Bring on Rocktober! Do classic rock radio stations still refer to October as Rocktober? Did anyone ever give a damn as to who the QFM 96 Rocktober feature artist of the day was?

Trying to decide on whether or not to go to the Columbus Oktoberfest tomorrow and pay the 8 bucks to get in or go see what passes for Galion's version of Oktoberfest (where admission is FREE!). The Cbus version no longer takes place in German Village but rather in the Arena District. Its hard to pass up all the quality grub that can be found at the Cbus Oktoberfest so if all goes well I think thats where I'm gonna wind up....but that 8 buck admission fee sucks.

Van Halen kicked off their tour last night in Charlotte. The reviews are excellent:

Saw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on the Today Show this am....pretty sad that the only way for veteran rock acts to get the word out about their new music is to hit the morning "news" shows.

I made the mistake of watching ER last night. Other than the chick who was on Newsradio I didn't know a single character. Saw a commercial for the season premiere of SNL with host Lebron James and musical guest Kanye West and decided that there was no point in bothering with it. I don't know how SNL remains on the air.

I have very little use for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I think the way it selects its members sucks. I think the hall itself is underwhelming. However in looking at the list of this potential new inductees I'm stunned to find that Madonna and the Beastie Boys have been around long enough to get in:

The mini-Britneys...Britney Spears lookalike midgets...are feuding:

A sex ed class taught by pimps?:

EW ranks the hotties....:,,20058672,00.html

Who would be sick enought to start a rumor that Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus was pregnant?:

Here's an easy question to answer...if the Mets miss the postseason do ya think Willie Randolph will get fired?:

Hail to the Colorado of 11 games in a row and making a late push to get into the playoffs:

Screw the Brewers....they had their chance:

Ya gotta love the Cincinnati Bengals ownership. With Paul Brown Stadium being bombed by pigeon crap the Bengals solution to the problem? Is to kill the birds:

Finally, the puck drops this weekend on the start of another NHL season (if a game is broadcast on Versus, is it really a game at all since no one sees it?). Nothing says hockey like jolly old England which is where the seasons first games between the LA Kings and the Stanley Cup winning (don't call them Mighty) Ducks of Anaheim. My preseason picks (and god help me be closer with this prediction then I was my Saints to the Super Bowl pick) are for the Pittsburgh Penguins to meet the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say Sidney Crosby wins every award worth winning. As for your Columbus Blue Jackets? I'm picking them last in the West. Here's a preview of the season from the gang at Melrose Rocks:

Have a swell weekend...........

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chris Cornell - Sunshower

Chris Cornell has one of the all time great rock voices. He's playing in Columbus November 13th. Tickets go on sale Saturday and are only 30 bucks.

But Siriusly....

I've mentioned before how much I love my Sirius radio...but like any relationship we've been going thru some ups and downs lately. The first down was the loss of the NHL to XM. Further salt was rubbed in my wound with the announcement that The Greatful freaking Dead would be given their own channel. It might not bug me so much if there already wasn't a Jam channel which played pretty much nothing but Dead songs. I've noticed too that other than the Underground Garage, the playlists on the music channels have become incredibly repetitive. For 13 bucks a month I deserve to never have to come across Dear Mr. Fantasy again. Thats the downs for me with Sirius...the plus side is that E Street Radio is back today...all Bruce all the time. The other plus is the always entertaining Howard Stern. I don't care how many times he spanks a porn star...its always worth tuning to hear it.

If there is anything to take away from the mistrial in the Phil Spector case, its that its still legal for celebrities to commit murder in Los Angeles. So Kevin Federline if you're listening....if you feel the need to take out Britney...and I'm not saying to do it...but in the event that ya do, odds are you won't go to jail:,0,4228013.story?coll=la-home-center

Blackwater....they shoot more Iraqis by 5am than any other contractor does all day:

While Bush and his Generals want another $190 billion to fund the war, they don't seem to be making any investment in Walter Reed....further proof that Bush doesn't support the troops:

Jerry Seinfeld and I have a lot in common. We both walk upright. We both have opposable thumbs. He had a show about nothing. I have a blog about nothing. Neither of us have seen an episode of The New Adventures of Old Christine:

5 bands that I hope never get Sirius channels dedicated exclusively to them:Genesis, Jethro Tull, Bread, Journey, and any southern rock band featuring a members whose last name rhymes with "cant' stant"

Who is taller...Billy Bush or Ronnie James Dio?

Tonight is the night....Van Halen opens up their pseudo reunion tour. By all accounts the band sounds good, looks good and is getting along well. Should be a good time.

Don Felder, the forgotten Eagle, says "legal" problems killed the publishing of his tell all book:,,20058578,00.html

The NFL...its not just for drunk English speaking people ya know:

Barry Bonds career in San Francisco ends with a whimper and a whisper of "rosebud." Rosebud of course being the name of his favorite syringe:

What does it say about your Columbus Blue Jackets when Ticketmaster is sending me coupons to save 10 bucks on tickets to the season opener October 5th? It says the honeymoon is over kids. The Jackets traditionally are an after thought until after OSU football season is over but to struggle to sell tickets to the opener? Maybe if the Zamboni were to roll over Zherdev during the game...I'd pay to see that...or Maybe the Mt. Dew girls can engage in some sapphic behavior on the ice...I'd pay to see that too. If violence can't sell tickets, girl on girl action surely can.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things That Piss You Off

Your Columbus Blue Jackets open the season next Friday. New (well, first full season anyway) coach, New GM, same crap team. Nikolai Zherdev needs to go. From the Columbus Dispatch's Blue Jackets blog ( comes this tidbit from training camp "It's hard to explain exactly how poorly he practiced today. I'd say he was invisible, except that his performance was so bad, so disinterested, you couldn't help but notice him. When a puck would come between him and a defender, Zherdev wouldn't even attempt to win the puck with his stick. He'd simple concede possession and skate away. He was bad in Sunday's preseason game against Buffalo; he was awful earlier today." Its time for the CBJ to cut their losses with this worthless prick. If he's no longer interested in playing hockey buy out the rest of his contract and send him on his way. Zherdev is a cancer. You can't trade him because the whole league knows he's a worthless piece of crap. Cut him before he poisons the team and steals a roster spot from someone more deserving.

Congratulations to Ohio State's Antonio Henton for earning the award of NCAA Student-John of the week. You're a football player at Ohio State and you gotta pay for ho's? Dude, ho's would pay to nail you. Plus, trolling for hookers at Kroger? Idiot. Boot him from the team for good....Boot him from school for good....Antonio Henton is too stupid to attend college:

Just as dumb as OSU's 3rd string QB is Faux Newz host Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly tried to sound profound when discussing race on his radio show but ended up sounding pathetic instead.:

Of course O'Reilly's racism is backed by the GOP:

Now that the UAW has settled with GM, its time to deal with Ford and Chrysler:

Heroes spoilers here:,,20058548,00.html

Why was it news when Sarah Silverman made fun of Britney?:

The company that killed free radio has sold off its properties.Clear Channel Communications, Inc. has reached an agreement to sell the nation’s largest radio broadcasting company to a combination of equity firms for $19.5 billion, CMJ reports. The agreement comes almost a year after negotiations began, and Clear Channel also indicated it will sell off all of its television stations and 448 of its smaller radio stations.

Tawn Mastry reported to be near death:

Man dies at Smashing Pumpkins show? How freaking sad...not that he died but that he died while at a Smashing Pumpkins show. Those guys suck:

Proof that all the Sex Pistols should have died....they've rerecorded Anarchy in the UK for Guitar Hero. Wankers.

Social Distortion-Ring Of Fire

Play it loud

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flight Of The Conchords - The Humans Are Dead

We used poisonous gasses...we poisoned their asses

Sleepy Time, Springsteen and Strikes

Could not sleep at all night. Gonna be a long day. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played a rehearsal gig in Asbury Park last night. Another show is scheduled for tonight and a third warm up show will take place in the Meadowlands this weekend. The ESB will also play on the Today show Friday morning all to promote the new cd "Magic" in stores on Tuesday. I've resisted the urge to download it and listen to it in advance. I tried to post the 2nd video for Long Walk Home but YouTube gave me an error message. Will try to get that and some other stuff up later today. Here's a Yahoo write up of last night's gig:;_ylt=Ap58O2ndZ_4pYzBvrQdDPmFxFb8C

The UAW strike against GM moves into its 2nd day. I'll be curious to see how long this plays out. A long strike would seem to favor GM. The UAW labor force isn't what it was in terms of sheer numbers at the time of its last strike 37 years ago. GM isn't the same company either as they've exported their work force and car production to other countries. The way I see it, in order to survive the UAW had no choice but to walk out:

Further proof of why Dubya is the worst President in United States history....He skips out on a meeting of world leaders on global warming at the UN but shows up for dinner. The next time an American city drowns, remember to blame Bush:

Columbia University took a lot of flack for inviting the President of Iran but kudos to the U's President for not only having the balls to invite Ahmadinejad but for publicly smacking him around:

As if that Family Guy Star Wars spoof wasn't bad enough, now comes word they may spoof The Empire Strikes Back next year. Groan. While I hated the season premiere, FG's audience was the highest its been since it returned to Fox in 2005.

Some loud mouthed extra is trying to spoil Indy 4:

Jessica Biel may play Wonder Woman:

Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman are the new Hope & Crosby:

The Simpsons Movie will be out on DVD December 18th. Michael Moore's Sicko will also be out for the holidays with a release date of November 6.

Proof that Americans aren't completely stupid. 15 million people watched the first episode of Ken Burns The War on PBS. Still, I'm sure thats half of Dancing with the Stars audience.

Shooter Jennings plays the Opry tonight. I wish my name were Shooter:

Rolling Stone gives the new Foo Fighters record *** 1/2 stars:

Once upon a time Paul Westerberg played in a great rock band. Now he doesn't:

Ohio State's backup quarterback LOVES hookers....LOVES them enough to get arrested:

When they aren't fighting dogs, Atlanta Falcons players are fighting with each other. How does one guy rack up 67 PENALTY YARDS on ONE DRIVE anyway?:;_ylt=ApBsoPIggnphrQAZY4ihebg5nYcB?slug=ap-falcons-hall&prov=ap&type=lgns

Let's hear it for India...leader of sports played by men in slacks:

Versus....its not only the network you don't watch the NHL on...its the network you won't watch the Rugby World Cup on:

Speaking of Versus...did you know the first puck drops on the NHL season Sunday at noon? Live from London only on seen in fewer homes than any other network.

The greatest sports quote ever "Bwayla is a stupid man and a hopeless player. He has a huge nose and is cross-eyed. Girls hate him. He beat me because my jockstrap was too tight and because when he serves he farts, and that made me lose my concentration, for which I am famous throughout Zambia.":

Nothing can top that....have a swell day.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Harem Scarem?

I post this for OMOM...I honestly know nothing about Harem Scarem other than Andrew at loves them and they just screwed him outta 2 grand by not playing his Melodicrock fest in South Bent next month. Maybe me and OMOM can partner up to hold "From Out of Nowhere-Blast Furniss Fest" starring American Dog, Rhino Bucket and the Godz at the Beer Cave. I bet ya we'd have more people there than Andrew will for his show. Harem Scarem? Was that the best name they could come up with?

Maybe South Park Was Right About Family Guy

After wasting an hour of my life watching the season premiere of Family Guy last night I'm beginning to think that show is written by manatees (as depicted last season on South Park). Last night's hour long retelling of Star Wars as played by the Family Guy characters was self indulgent hogwash. Worst of all it wasn't funny. The jokes, what few there were, couldn't have been more obvious. The season premiere of the Simpsons wasn't much better. After the opening couch gag which depicted Springfield in the wake of the Simpsons movie, I didn't laugh once. I knew I should have watched the War on PBS live and watched the others off the DVR later. My animation Sunday wasn't a complete washout....King of the Hill was very good. Hopefully Fox will leave that show sandwiched between the Simpsons and Family Guy for the duration of the season.

Did the Today show really need to waste time this morning by having Britney Spears former bodyguard come on and say that Britney has mental problems? Isn't the fact she's crazy (and untalented) already been determined? If Britney is crazy (and she'd have to be to procreate with Kevin Federline) what does it say about the millions that actually spend their time following her comings and goings? Let's do a Survivor celebrity edition starring Britney, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nickleback, P Diddy, Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian and Dick Cheney. We'll turn 'em loose in some dark and dangerous place filled with fire, gators, gang bangers, land mines, snipers, and see who emerges as the winner. Hopefully none of them do.

Speaking of dead celebrities, we had 3 croakers over the weekend. Televangelist Rex Humbard, Bewitched costar Alice Ghostley and French mime Marcel Marceau whose last words were "".

In the headlines.....

The UAW is ready to strike against GM today if the automaker doesn't guarantee future work for its members. Hey GM...if you don't want to guarantee the work, don't give your executives bonuses and stock options. Don't come crying asking for concessions if you aren't making any yourself ya greedy bastards:

In a headline from the Washington Post, the U.S. aims to lure insurgents in Iraq with "bait." I'm sorry, I thought the soldiers themselves were bait:

What's more offensive...Bush's war in Iraq or a t shirt listing the names of the war's dead?:,0,3537043.story?coll=la-home-center

All you amateur Mr. Skins rejoice...Natalie Portman is gonna appear in the buff:

As if Katie Couric didn't have enough crap to deal she's getting dissed by Miss USA:

New tv tonight includes Chuck and Journeyman on NBC. I finally got around to watching the pilot of KVille over the weekend. Its really just a remake of Miami Vice but with socks and without the drugs.

Are ya ready for Halo 3?:

You know there isn't anything worth going to see at the movies when Resident Evil is tops at the box office:

I like Andrew over at We've exchanged some emails in the past and the dude is really committed to promoting a genre of music that is long out of fashion. I hope he's not going to lose his shirt with the concert he's hosting in a few weeks but I just can't see this lineup moving a whole lot of tickets:

Someone please explain the appeal of Amy Winehouse to me. I just don't get it.

You can never have enough lists...Rolling Stone ranks the top 25 music dvds:

Donovan McNabb thinks he has it rough cuz he's black. He ougtha be happy he's not black and named Rex Grossman:

Goodbye RFK Stadium...ya bastard:

Speaking of stadiums, the Indians may have made the playoffs but they are losers when it comes to selling the naming rights to Jacobs Field:

How does Milton Bradley continue to receive chances in baseball? How does this guy stay employed? Now he's blaming an umpire for his latest injury:

I'm not a big fan of the Columbus Dispatch, in fact, I think I hate it. But I have to give them credit. Their new blog on your Columbus Blue Jackets is quite entertaining and brutally honest:

Bring on the Playoffs!

For the first time since 2001, I have October baseball to enjoy. The Cleveland Indians sealed the deal yesterday and clinched the AL Central crown. When the season started I gave the Tribe no chance to win the division. The Tigers, White Sox and Twins all looked to be better clubs. Who knew that Fausto Carmona and CC Sabathia were going to emerge as Cy Young candidates? Or that Cliff Lee would spend half the year in the minors? An infield that looked so young and unsettled in spring training was a work in progress all season with the final piece not added until August. The bullpen which looked horrible on paper became one of the best in baseball. This is a season to remember Indians fans. Its been 59 years since the Tribe last won the World's hoping this is the year the drought ends.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey Hey its the Weekend

My first week in my return to college is complete. Now I get to work in some homework along with the other stuff I have going on this weekend. I must be 20 years older than everyone in my Anthropology class. While the kids in the class look at me in horror (Oh my god, why is there an old guy in here?), I chuckle to myself and think laugh it up day your life will evolve into the same bitter disappointment mine has.

Have a kids birthday party this weekend and plenty of football on tap. My Fox Sunday night shows return plus PBS rolls out Ken Burns new documentary series on WWII called the War. Everything Burns does is brilliant. Here's a review from today's New York Times:

If the Democrats allow themselves to cave in on the General Petraeus ad they will have proven they have learned nothing over the past 8 years and will deserve to lose the 2008 election. Its beyond insane for the U.S. Senate to spend time debating an ad while men and women are dying in Iraq:

Instead of spending time debating ads maybe the Senate would be better off spending their time investigating Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska who never met a bribe he didn't like. You remember crazy old man Ted Stevens, the man who once took to the Senate floor and described the internet as a series of tubes:

UAW and GM continue to try and hash out a new agreement. Its not an overstatement to say that the deals the UAW works out in terms of pension and health care with the (not so) Big 3 automakers will have an impact on all American industry:

Boy was the national media slow to get on board the Jena 6 story or what? Maybe they thought it was just another story about Jenna Bush and a 6 pack:

Why the hell is Mattel apologizing to the Chinese for the lead based paint toy recall? Mattel oughta apologize to the consumers it could have harmed:,0,2070706.story?coll=la-home-center

Fox intends to rip off Borat:

I thought the Dan Rather lawsuit was a joke. Now here's a lawsuit over a joke. An Air America radio host (I didn't even know Air America was still on) is suing Stephen Colbert for stealing a joke:

Lost doesn't come back until February but when it does look for the character of Libby to return (from the dead!):

Here's a new and incredibly interesting Lost theory:

One million people have a chance to win one of 20,000 Led Zeppelin tickets:

Lost Ramones footage to be released on DVD:

Sirius announced the return of E Street Radio, dedicated to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The channel will premiere Sept. 27. Tom Petty will be returning for another season of his XM show, Tom Petty's Buried Treasure, starting Monday.

I'd really like to see this Jesse James flick with Brad Pitt but odds are I'll catch it on DVD and have a western double feature with 310 to Yuma:

Into the Wild also opens this weekend. I loved the book but I'm uncertain if it can make the translation to film. The story is in good hands as I've loved director Sean Penn's previous films:

How much longer will the Bengals put up with Chris Henry?:

When the season started I never would have picked the White Sox to finish last:

Saturday is Yom Kippur...wondering which college athletes are Jews and which aren't? Wonder no more:

Here's how to recruit against your in state rival:

Tomorrow marks 3 smoke free weeks for me....and I still haven't killed anyone....amazing. Click on the ads at the top of the page, pour yourself a drink and enjoy your weekend.

More crap as it happens..........

Red Button - Cruel Girl

This is one of my fave songs of the year. Just a great Badfingeresque pop song.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Having survived my first night of college math, its time to get back to making fun of people. Let's start with Dan Rather. After CBS gave him a "Kenneth, What's the Frequency?" style beat down and sent him off to pasture a few years back for an inaccurate story on Dubya's National Guard daze, Rather slinked off to the netherworld known as HD NET. Now Dan is mad as hell and he wants to get paid...He's filed a 70 million dollar lawsuit against CBS claiming the network has made him the scapegoat for the bogus story:
If its ok with Dan, I'd like to also file a lawsuit against CBS for inflicting The Evening News with Katie Couric on us. I like Dan Rather. I think he was a great reporter but I think this lawsuit is silly. It was time for Dan to go and he was unwilling to realize that. Rather couldn't get them for age discrimination since they replaced him with Bob Schieffer, America's only surviving Civil War veteran. Dan...drop your your reports for HD NET.....go back to your ranch...and shut the f up. No one likes a bitter old man.

Here's further proof that people in the Middle East(where its always the year 1350) are beyond our understanding. Egyptians are pissed cuz a girl died while having her clitoris removed....they aren't mad that she died, they're ticked off that the clinic that performed the operation was closed down!:

Next time a Republican, or a GOP sympathizer says to you "support our troops" throw this vote in their face. This is how the Republicans treat the brave men and women who are fighting the GOP's denying them extended leave:

Not only is Donovan McNabb a mediocre quarterback, he's an idiot. Donovan, next time someone at HBO asks you to sit down for an interview, do another soup commercial with your mom instead. The Eagles quarterback whined to James Brown on this months edition of Real Sports that black qb's in the NFL are held to a different standard than whites. I guess that explains the free ride that Eli Manning, Chad Pennington and Rex Grossman have been receiving from the always easy to get along with New York and Chicago media. It explains why the Carson Palmer dog fighting operation was swept under the rug while Michael Vick was nailed to the cross.....Donovan you play in Philly...the town that booed Santa Claus. You've never played up to your potential and you've been called out by your team mates in the past (even if it was Terrell Owens). Your coach thinks so much of you he drafted a qb in the 2nd round of this years draft. Donovan its not that you're black, its that you're just not that good. More on McNabb here:

A few quick hits:

I thought River Deep, Mountain High went on forever. The Phil Spector jury is taking even longer:,0,6991670.story?coll=la-home-local

Donovan McNabb oughta shut up and be glad he isn't in this bind:

Star Trek the Next Generation is 20 years old this year. EW ranks its 10 best eps:,,20057754,00.html

Miss an episode of your favorite NBC show? Forget to set the TiVo for it? No you can download Deal or No Deal or whatever the hell crap it is you watch on NBC:

One hit wonders LA Guns say they are scheduled to play Jakarta...and Bali....I didn't realize a 10 seat outdoor facility is technically a stadium.:

In other washed up 80's hair band news, Great White's tour manager is out of prison after serving less than half his sentence. Nice. Guy kills 100 people and he's out already:

Oscar de la Hoya....10o percent gay? Kinda looks that way based on these pics:

Are you ready for some hockey Buffalo? Outside...Ralph Wilson Stadium...Sabres and Penguins...New Year's Day....sounds like a chilly good time:

The NHL has too many damn teams....since no one wants to buy the franchises in Nashville and Tampa, how bout the league just folds 'em?:

Did I mention the Indians magic number to win the AL Central now stands at 3? Hopefully they can clinch the division at home this weekend against Oakland. Lots of great playoff races as the Yankees chase the floundering Bo Sox and the Phils chase the Mets.

More crap as it happens.............

Van Halen 2007

More VH rehearsal vids.....You'd think they might check to see if anyone is carrying recording gear before they come into these invite only rehearsals...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Vains of Jenna - Noone's Gonna Do It For You

Much to my own amazement, I dig these guys. Coming to Columbus in October with GWAR, CKY and Cradle of Filth.

Welcome to My Nightmare

I'm 37 years old and I spent last night tossing and turning because of nightmares....nightmares caused by college math. Tonight after a 2 year absence, I resume an almost 20 year struggle to complete my college degree. I started college in the fall of 1988. Ronald Reagan was still in office. How freakin' pathetic am I? I left (or was asked to leave) in 1990. I went back part time in 2000 and left again when the funds dried up in 2005. So here I am now, 20 hours shy of my degree...needing Math, Stats, and 2 Science classes. Did I mention I've failed Math multiple times previously? Hence the nightmares. I'm not usually a praying man but if you're up there, save me Superman!

About 2 years ago the New York Times began charging online readers to view its Op/Ed pieces and the works of their regular columnists like Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich. Now the NYT has decided to scrap that idea (I'm guessing they weren't making any money). I was all excited when I saw that this morning but quickly disappointed as I didn't see anything that caught my eye.

Evel Dick Donato is your Big Brother 8 winner. To read about the man who used to spend hours of his life on the Metal Sludge Gossip Board go here:

I've never seen a game show contestant as despised as Evel Dick. Let's keep things in perspective folks. He's not running for school board, he was competing on a game show that people voluntarily signed up to be on. Ya wanna meet some real bad guys? Check out this new exhibit at the Holocaust Museum:

Military families have joined with me in saying Americans haven't been asked to sacrifice a thing in Mr. Bush's war in Iraq:

The jury can't come to a verdict in the Phil Spector it too late to just charge OJ?:,0,3536866.story?coll=la-home-center

Britney. OJ. Airplane crash. Over the ocean. No survivors. How does that sound?:

Have you watched any of the new network TV offerings yet? I haven't. Do have the DVR set to record the new Kelsey Grammar show tonight as well as Gordon Ramsay's Americanized version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Gossip Girl could be a big hit for the CW..might have to check that out too:

Tom Hanks, who teamed with HBO to produce Band of Brothers and the upcoming John Adams doc, has partnered with HBO again for a miniseries on the assassination of JFK:

The 2nd season of Heroes starts next week...before it does EW provides you with an episode guide to the 1st season:,,20043289_20043293_20057585,00.html

The new issue of Rolling Stone features an oral history of Hunter S. Thompson:

Happy birthday emoticon!:

Who wants to go to rock and roll fantasy camp with Joe Walsh?:;_ylt=AvaLv5PEjVPqxTRgFhd8vTeVEhkF

CBGB's and the man who founded it may be dead but the music played there has been given new a new lease on life:

The Cleveland Indians magic number is 5, the Yankees are only 2 1/2 games out and baseball fever is sweeping the nation. Don't look now but the Mets are choking and my Indians are only a 1/2 game behind the Bo Sox for the best record in the AL. The Triple A baseball season came to an end last night:

How in the hell is Isiah Thomas still employed?:

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day...if someone does it to you, kick their ass.:

More crap as it happens...............

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Match Game

Since I spend so much time talking about it in today's post, here's a great clip from Match Game where one of the contestants provides a racy answer.

Who Loves Violence?

Whether you're excited about the coming NHL season or just like mindless violence, here's a nice mix of hockey fights.

Family, Fantasy Hockey and Other Stuff

Had the chance over the past week to visit with some of my relatives from Germany. Wonderful folks. Very full of life and just a joy to be around. Had to say goodbye to them last night as they head home today. I hope to see them all again soon and hopefully next time it'll be in their homeland.......Thought it was interesting that before they left to come here they had to assure their friends in Germany that their American relatives weren't Bush supporters. One of my American cousins left yesterday for a 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. Kid was due to get out of the service this month until Mr. Bush backdoor drafted him for the next 15 months. The kid saw horrors in his first tour as a medic that no one should ever see.

How did we ever enjoy sports before the internet? I'm not a major fantasy sports geek but I'm getting closer to it every year. My fantasy football team is horrible this year and I hold out little hope that I'm gonna be able to bounce back. I had a lousy draft and have had too many holes to fill in free agency. My fantasy hockey team however looks great. Had my draft last night and I lucked out and landed the NHL's best player Sidney Crosby. To the surprise of no one, my fantasy hockey draft was actually seen by more people than game 4 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoff final.

I don't know how they got audio of the latest OJ incident and quite frankly I don't care. I just want the guy to go to jail for a long, long time. If nothing else can't we ship OJ to Iraq and have him be the victim of friendly fire?

Anyone who has ever talked politics with me knows I've been a long time advocate of a universal health care system. Its obscene that this country doesn't offer one. Hillary Clinton rolled out her proposal yesterday and while its better than what we have now, it doesn't go far enough:

We all know that private contractors have made a killing in Iraq and the Iraqis were fine with that as long it was a financial killing. Now that American companies have taken to killing the Iraqi people the government of Iraq wants to regulate who can do business there:

Is it just me or does Isiah Thomas have some OJ like qualities?:

The new fall season is upon us and no one covers tv better than the kids at tv squad. They are running a great contest...pick the first 3 shows to get cancelled and win an gift certificate:

If you had Bret Somers in your Death Pool chalk up some points for yourself. She joins Charles Nelson Reilly on the Match Game set in the sky. I think that leaves Richard Dawson as the only surviving regular panelist of Match Game on this mortal plane. I knew Bret Somers was married to Jack Klugman but I didn't realize they had been separated since 1974. All you ever wanted to know about Match Game, the greatest game show in the history of television, can be found here:

South Park's Matt Stone says Britney Spears isn't funny anymore:

Meet the new Lt. Uhura:

David Chase thinks more of the Sopranos cast was Emmy worthy...certainly they were more worthy than James Freakin' Spader:

The final season of the Sopranos comes out on DVD October 23rd.

Yet another rock reunion that no one wanted...the Sex Pistols will reunite (again) to mark the 30th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks...

Rage Against the Machine reunited this year but that hasn't stopped Zach de la Rocha from putting out a solo record:

I'm happy to see I'm not the only person who hates Tom Brady:

ESPN has tapped Mike Tirico to take over Dan Patrick's old radio slot. You may know Mike Tirico best from being on Monday Night Football or maybe you used to work at ESPN and Mike grabbed your ass....:

The Indians magic number is down to 7 after a thrilling win last night:

Its 11 days and counting until the puck drops on the NHL season. The gang at Barry Melrose Rocks wonders why can't the NHL market the game better:

The Columbus Dispatch has a brand new blog dedicated to your Columbus Blue Jackets:

More crap as it happens.......

The Great Van Halen

These guys sound so tight despite not playing in over 20 years. David Lee Roth remains the ultimate showman and proves yet again that Sammy Hagar is nothing but a booze salesman. Watch as Diamond Dave lays the smack down on Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde before the boys break into Take Your Whiskey Home.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rhino Bucket

Rhino Bucket....check 'em out when they come to or near your town this fall. Check 'em out October 5 at Shakers Night Club in Cambridge and October 6 at Route 33 Rhythm and Brews in Wapakoneta. If you go on the 6th, buy the OMOM a beer or three.

Kings X Over My Head

Damn shame these guys weren't bigger.

Mucho Monday

Much to discuss today my friends. I'm still on a high from landing kickass Springsteen tix (despite's attempts to keep me from getting them) and the big Browns win yesterday. The Bucks proved me wrong and pulled out a nice win on Saturday. Toss in some quality time spent with my family (relatives visiting from Germany) and it was a nice weekend.

Ya know who didn't have a nice weekend? O.J. Simpson. America's favorite acquitted double murderer is now in jail on armed robbery charges. has an audio tape of the incident. Maybe this time the justice system will punish this clown:

Leave it to Alabama, the state where its always 1864 and resegregation is back in vogue:

Alabama is so backwards it makes Iran, where its always the year 1350, seem progressive. You know Iran...its the country we're going to war with next. In fact, we've already identified 2,000 targets to bomb:

Bush takes time out from war planning to name a Giuliani advisor as his new Attorney General:

No one loves television more than I do. I could spend the rest of my life plopped on a couch in front of the tv. So it pains me to see that the night that is supposed to honor television always turns into a suckfest:

How does James Spader take home an Emmy over James Gandolfini? Makes no damn sense.
EW ranks the high and low moments of the show:,,20045108_20045120_20057272,00.html

The new fall tv season kicks off tonight. Which shows will make it and which ones will suck?:

Rolling Stone says that the Led Zeppelin reunion may turn into a full blown tour:

Please have a laugh at the expense of Lou Gramm and his band. Dear God they look old and awful:

Rhino Bucket, the band that once featured a transgendered drummer, is going out on the road with former Ac/Dc drummer Simon Wright. The boys will make two Ohio stops including a date October 6th with American Dog:

The Indians magic number to win the Central Division is 9 games. The 2nd place Tigers come into Cleveland for a 3 game series tonight. A sweep would all but end the pennant race with the Tigers 4 1/2 games out.

It upsets me that Jim Thome gets such a lousy reception whenever he returns to Jacobs Field. The former Indians firstbaseman, now a DH for the White Sox, hit his 500th homer yesterday:

Believe it or not, the NHL returned over the weekend. I have my fantasy team draft tonight and I got raped for 10 bucks at Barnes and Noble yesterday for a copy of the Hockey News season preview. Your Columbus Blue Jackets took to the ice yesterday for their first preseason tilt. New year, new jersey, same Jackets....lost the game 3-1 and lost their best player David Vyborny to injury:

What a game those Browns and Bengals played yesterday.....lots of fun. The Brady Quinn era may have been delayed for awhile after this one:

More crap as it happens..........

Would You Come Into Their House Uninvited?

Chad Johnson of the Bengals promised if he caught a touchdown in the Dawg Pound endzone that he'd leap into the crowd. Meet the Dawg Pound Welcoming Committee. Johnson, being an idiot, jumped into the throng of drunks anyway. For his efforts he was left soaking in beer, soda, and knowing the Browns fans who populate the Dawg Pound, probably human waste too.
Mark down the date kids....September 16, 2007...the day professional football returned to Cleveland....even if looked like an arena game...Browns 51 Bengals 45.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great Success!

Springsteen tickets went on sale this morning at 10am for the November 4th show at the Q in Cleveland....and I landed two on the floor! Its gonna be Magic my friends....

Friday, September 14, 2007

Joseph Smith, Mormons, and Dunce Caps

I think all religions are pretty silly but can't you see someone using this in a campaign commercial against Mitt Romney?

Return on Success-Quick Hits Friday and Things I Think

Dubya has given us a new catch phrase "return on success" which basically means "I'm the decider..heh heh....the troops will stay in Iraq until I successfully return to my ranch in Crawford at the end of my term...heh heh....and Dr. I mean General Petraeus you're doing a heckuva job!"

Essentially what Bush said last night is what we knew all along...the war ain't gonna end on his watch and the mess he made is gonna have to be cleaned up by someone else.

Would it shock you to learn that the facts, and what Bush said last night, don't match up?:

Maybe what Bush needs is another Republican sex scandal but as Bill Maher says, there are so many now its hard to keep track:

Words you'll never hear before a bull fight in Spain "please rise and join in the singing of our national anthem" cuz it has no words...but that might change....and the Spanish aren't happy about it:,0,654560.story?coll=la-home-center

Speaking of national anthems....isn't it time we change ours to God Bless America or America the Beautiful? Could the Star Spangled Banner be any more awkward to sing? Now O' Canada..that's a national anthem.

Prince, who gave away his last cd for free in a British newspaper, is suing ebay and YouTube for giving away his music....idiot:

20 million people registered for the chance to see the Led Zep reunion:

Why doesn't Oprah just make the OJ book part of her book club and get it over with?:

Hell's Kitchen winner Rock has started his new job in Vegas:

Bill Belichick gets a $500,000 fine and the New England Patriots surrender a #1 pick for stealing the other teams signals:

The Cleveland Browns can't do anything right...they are the only NFL team that decreased in value according to the latest Forbes ranking of the most valuable NFL franchises:

Things I think this week:

I think every religion oughta have a special hat you wear for church services. The Jews have a yarmulke...why can't Catholics wear mini versions of the Pope hat? Or maybe a Baptist beanie? Or maybe dunce caps for Mormons?

I think that John Edwards is going to make life difficult for Clinton and Obama the next few months. Edwards will benefit from being on the outside of Washington and be able to use that to his advantage to pressure Clinton and Obama to vote to end funding for the war. Edwards is set up perfectly to be the "anti war" candidate.

I think if Bill Belichick were black he would have been suspended as well as fined.

I think Greg Oden who is out for the season after having knee surgery made the right move going to the NBA. At least he got paid...had he stayed at OSU he would have missed the season and had no money.

I think any movie that has Dane Cook in it is bound to suck.

I think the demand is there for full Led Zep tour but age, health, and tension mean a full scale tour will never happen. Wouldn't surprise me tho if this London show is put out on DVD and CD.

I think I'm gonna have a hard time getting Springsteen tix tomorrow morning. Demand has been thru the roof and I suspect I'm gonna wind up with nose bleed seats.

I think Ohio State loses 24-3 to Washington tomorrow. I think Brady Quinn sits on Sunday and the Browns lose to the Bengals 35-17.

I think that Alive Day special on HBO was heartbreaking. I hate the freaking war in Iraq but the men and women who are fighting it are amazing people.

I think Dubya is the best thing that ever happened to Warren G. Harding. The man buried in my hometown is no longer the worst president in United States history.

I think there are very few new shows that look the least bit interesting this fall.

I think this post has run on for too long....have a great weekend...more crap as it happens.....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

James Mcmurtry Talkin at the Texaco

Early video of McMurtry. Didn't know live performances from this stage of his career even existed.

In The Year 2000

In the Year 2000 is one of my all time fave bits. This edition with Will Arnett is a riot. Now that he's had three failed sitcoms maybe Andy Richter will come back and join Conan at the desk again.

What's so Funny 'bout Peace, Love, and Dentistry?

Is there a better way to start your day than to get up early and go to the dentist? Great folks at my dentist office but my teeth and gums were worked over like a prisoner of war. They put that bright light on ya and then proceed to torture the crap outta you. On the bright side, your day has nowhere to go but up from there. Hey Ma! No cavities!

Looks like Mr. Furniss is going back to college to land a degree in Business Administration. Its time I learned to think like the enemy. I've learned an important lesson already...the big money can be made in college business textbooks. Two years ago I took 3 classes, bought 9 books and didn't spend 100 bucks on books (thanks to my Prof's who all understood that people have budgets). Pricing books for the classes I'm interested I was shocked to learn I would need to buy a total of 5 bucks for the retail price of $500. The textbook industry should be forced to register as a sexual predator because those prices violated me.

Thanks to the season (and quite possibly series) finale of Rescue Me, I can't get the Cars Let the Good Times Roll outta my head. The finale was far and away the best episode of a disappointing season. I still love the character of Tommy Gavin and Denis Leary's performance has long been Emmy worthy but the show just wasn't firing on all cylinders this season. It did have its moments tho...spank bank, Kenny and his cousin played by Artie Lange, the Gavin family AA meeting, Black Shawn....SPOILER ALERT......last night we said goodbye to Gavin's Dad played by Charles Durning in a very sweet but not unexpected scene. As much of a bummer as this season was, I'll miss not seeing the characters. So far Fx has not picked up the show for a 5th season. Leary gave a recent interview where he revealed some plot points for next season but ratings this year sank making cancellation a possibility.

With Dubya set to deliver a televised address tonight to announce a reduction in US forces in Iraq, comes word that an Iraqi buddy of Bush went and got himself exploded:

Get ready to get raped at the pump again...Oil up to 80 bucks a barrel:

In news that surprises no one, over 50 percent of Los Angeles residents speak a language other than English at home. Being the son of an immigrant, I understand the immigrants experience. America has never been friendly towards immigrants and the melting pot has always been a myth. I think people should have a sense of their roots and where they come from. An ethnic identity is very important. But outside your walls we should all speak english. A common language is important to the identity of a country. Plus it saves me time on the automated prompts and at the ATM.:,0,2795081.story?coll=la-home-center

Start the Jenna Jameson death watch:

I'm pretty sick of reunions but man would I love to catch that Led Zep reunion show:

CBS sent Katie Couric to Iraq and no one gave a damn:

How can anyone defend Britney Spears? Why would anyone care enough to stick up for her? She's a chunky no talent ass clown...and a bad mother....and she should have never been famous in the first place:

Speaking of overexposed celebrities...Rachel Ray wants you!:

EW picks the Emmy winners so you don't have to:,,20045108_20045123_20056109,00.html

Tommy Lee, he of the freshly kicked ass, has left Motley Crue and says his band days are behind what no Rockstar Supernova reunion tour in 20 years? How sad:

Why is the Ramones manager suing a gay magazine?

I've always hated Bill Belichick. I hope the league suspends the jerk. Proof that God hates the Browns..Belichick and Art Modell ran the Browns out of Cleveland....Modell wins a Super Bowl in Blatimore, Belichick 3 of them in New England. Liars and cheats always win, Cleveland never does:

Boy that Michigan & Notre Dame game this weekend should be the game of the year eh?:

Ever wonder what goes into trading someone? Longtime New York Islanders employee Chris Botta has a blog and shows all that goes into moving someone out of town:

More crap as it happens...

The Bangles In Your Room from SNL

20 years down the road and Susanna Hoffs still makes for some fine eye candy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

BILL MAHER :: NEW RULES 09/07/2007

I think Real Time with Bill Maher is one of the best shows on the air today. Even when the panel sucks, as was the case last week with has been Cornell West and the quite insane Mos Def, New Rules always cracks me up.

Elvis Costello - (The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes

Outside of the Band backing Bob Dylan, and the E Street Band, and maybe the Famous Flames, was there a better backing band than the Attractions?

Marshall Crenshaw - Cynical Girl

One of the pop greats....Still bummed that me and Unky Rory got shut out of seeing him play last year. Note to self...don't wait to buy tix at door next time. Saw him with a full band before and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Back to the Crap and Why the Browns Suck

After a day spent standing on my soap box, its back to the crap at hand. Picked up new glasses yesterday. Mighty nifty. Next year will mark my 25th anniversary in glasses. I hate them but at least these look good. I'd get the lasik surgery if I could afford it and wasn't scared to death I'd wind up like Cyclops in the X Men....come to think of it, that would be kinda cool. Spend most of the time wearing sunglasses looking cool and the other blowing stuff up.

Is it really news when Dubya does something stupid? You'd think after the Gonzo debacle he'd be looking to hire a moderate attorney general. Nope. He's bringing in former Solicitor General Ted Olson a man with all the warmth and decency of a Gestapo. Ted was Dubya's attorney in the Supreme Court battle that resulted in Shrub being handed the White House. Ted's been lying low since his wife, who wrote a hatchet job book on Hillary Clinton, was killed on 9/11. The nomination of Olson is strike one. Strike two is Bush's televised announcement tomorrow that by next summer, 30,000 US troops will leave Iraq. Bringing home 30,000 troops over a 12 month period is like giving a thirsty man an empty bottle of Snapple that a hobo has pissed in. It doesn't go far enough to solve the problem...the American public wants the troops home...all of them. Bush's latest folly guarantees that getting them home is the problem of the next, hopefully legitimately elected, President.

Speaking of failing at everything they touch, a word on the Cleveland Browns. Its bad enough that they suck on the field, but this team is run just as poorly off the field. Charlie Frye isn't ready to be an NFL starter. He probably won't ever be. But the Browns spent the whole offseason and training camp giving him and Derek Anderson reps with the starting unit. Reps that once Brady Quinn got into camp could have been given to the Quinn, the Browns QB of the future. Instead the Browns give the reps to Frye and Anderson, with Frye winning the starting job. A job Frye managed to keep for a quarter and a half! So the Browns, being the Browns, do something yesterday that no team has done in the 37 years since the NFL/AFL merger...they trade their starting QB after the first game of the season. Randy Lerner needs to decide if he wants to own an NFL franchise or not. He inherited the team after the death of his father and his day to day involvement is limited at best. This team is disorganized and poorly run and will stay that way unless Lerner takes charge or sells the team to someone who will. As painful as it was to watch Frye play, and God did it hurt to watch, I feel bad it didn't work out for the kid. He never should have been in that position as he wasn't ready to play. He was an Ohio kid who had a Bernie Kosar poster on his wall and a lifelong dream to play for the Browns. As any Browns fan will tell ya, there's always a John Elway waiting to turn your dream into a nightmare.

A few quick headlines:

Rudy G gets booed at NYC 9/11 memorial:

With apologies to Bill Maher....New Rule..If you're so god damn stupid you think Iraq had anything to do with the events of 9/11 you have to go fight the war yourself:

Finally someone listens to me...Gluttony not just a sin anymore...its against the law...:,0,2586141.story

Jon Stewart will host the Oscars....You were expecting Ryan Seacrest?:

And then there were 3....Big Bro 8 winding down:

God I wish Dick Cheney would take Ted Nugent hunting and shoot him in the face:

The man who sang "hope I die before I get old" now acting like a grumpy old man:,,4-2007410335,00.html

If Pac Man Jones is a punk and Michael Vick is a sick bastard, Bil Belichick is a cheat and deserves similar punishment:

The ain't all about gambling...its also about being a foul mouthed perv:

More crap as it happens.....