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Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's so Funny 'bout Peace, Love, and Dentistry?

Is there a better way to start your day than to get up early and go to the dentist? Great folks at my dentist office but my teeth and gums were worked over like a prisoner of war. They put that bright light on ya and then proceed to torture the crap outta you. On the bright side, your day has nowhere to go but up from there. Hey Ma! No cavities!

Looks like Mr. Furniss is going back to college to land a degree in Business Administration. Its time I learned to think like the enemy. I've learned an important lesson already...the big money can be made in college business textbooks. Two years ago I took 3 classes, bought 9 books and didn't spend 100 bucks on books (thanks to my Prof's who all understood that people have budgets). Pricing books for the classes I'm interested I was shocked to learn I would need to buy a total of 5 bucks for the retail price of $500. The textbook industry should be forced to register as a sexual predator because those prices violated me.

Thanks to the season (and quite possibly series) finale of Rescue Me, I can't get the Cars Let the Good Times Roll outta my head. The finale was far and away the best episode of a disappointing season. I still love the character of Tommy Gavin and Denis Leary's performance has long been Emmy worthy but the show just wasn't firing on all cylinders this season. It did have its moments tho...spank bank, Kenny and his cousin played by Artie Lange, the Gavin family AA meeting, Black Shawn....SPOILER ALERT......last night we said goodbye to Gavin's Dad played by Charles Durning in a very sweet but not unexpected scene. As much of a bummer as this season was, I'll miss not seeing the characters. So far Fx has not picked up the show for a 5th season. Leary gave a recent interview where he revealed some plot points for next season but ratings this year sank making cancellation a possibility.

With Dubya set to deliver a televised address tonight to announce a reduction in US forces in Iraq, comes word that an Iraqi buddy of Bush went and got himself exploded:

Get ready to get raped at the pump again...Oil up to 80 bucks a barrel:

In news that surprises no one, over 50 percent of Los Angeles residents speak a language other than English at home. Being the son of an immigrant, I understand the immigrants experience. America has never been friendly towards immigrants and the melting pot has always been a myth. I think people should have a sense of their roots and where they come from. An ethnic identity is very important. But outside your walls we should all speak english. A common language is important to the identity of a country. Plus it saves me time on the automated prompts and at the ATM.:,0,2795081.story?coll=la-home-center

Start the Jenna Jameson death watch:

I'm pretty sick of reunions but man would I love to catch that Led Zep reunion show:

CBS sent Katie Couric to Iraq and no one gave a damn:

How can anyone defend Britney Spears? Why would anyone care enough to stick up for her? She's a chunky no talent ass clown...and a bad mother....and she should have never been famous in the first place:

Speaking of overexposed celebrities...Rachel Ray wants you!:

EW picks the Emmy winners so you don't have to:,,20045108_20045123_20056109,00.html

Tommy Lee, he of the freshly kicked ass, has left Motley Crue and says his band days are behind what no Rockstar Supernova reunion tour in 20 years? How sad:

Why is the Ramones manager suing a gay magazine?

I've always hated Bill Belichick. I hope the league suspends the jerk. Proof that God hates the Browns..Belichick and Art Modell ran the Browns out of Cleveland....Modell wins a Super Bowl in Blatimore, Belichick 3 of them in New England. Liars and cheats always win, Cleveland never does:

Boy that Michigan & Notre Dame game this weekend should be the game of the year eh?:

Ever wonder what goes into trading someone? Longtime New York Islanders employee Chris Botta has a blog and shows all that goes into moving someone out of town:

More crap as it happens...

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