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Friday, September 14, 2007

Return on Success-Quick Hits Friday and Things I Think

Dubya has given us a new catch phrase "return on success" which basically means "I'm the decider..heh heh....the troops will stay in Iraq until I successfully return to my ranch in Crawford at the end of my term...heh heh....and Dr. I mean General Petraeus you're doing a heckuva job!"

Essentially what Bush said last night is what we knew all along...the war ain't gonna end on his watch and the mess he made is gonna have to be cleaned up by someone else.

Would it shock you to learn that the facts, and what Bush said last night, don't match up?:

Maybe what Bush needs is another Republican sex scandal but as Bill Maher says, there are so many now its hard to keep track:

Words you'll never hear before a bull fight in Spain "please rise and join in the singing of our national anthem" cuz it has no words...but that might change....and the Spanish aren't happy about it:,0,654560.story?coll=la-home-center

Speaking of national anthems....isn't it time we change ours to God Bless America or America the Beautiful? Could the Star Spangled Banner be any more awkward to sing? Now O' Canada..that's a national anthem.

Prince, who gave away his last cd for free in a British newspaper, is suing ebay and YouTube for giving away his music....idiot:

20 million people registered for the chance to see the Led Zep reunion:

Why doesn't Oprah just make the OJ book part of her book club and get it over with?:

Hell's Kitchen winner Rock has started his new job in Vegas:

Bill Belichick gets a $500,000 fine and the New England Patriots surrender a #1 pick for stealing the other teams signals:

The Cleveland Browns can't do anything right...they are the only NFL team that decreased in value according to the latest Forbes ranking of the most valuable NFL franchises:

Things I think this week:

I think every religion oughta have a special hat you wear for church services. The Jews have a yarmulke...why can't Catholics wear mini versions of the Pope hat? Or maybe a Baptist beanie? Or maybe dunce caps for Mormons?

I think that John Edwards is going to make life difficult for Clinton and Obama the next few months. Edwards will benefit from being on the outside of Washington and be able to use that to his advantage to pressure Clinton and Obama to vote to end funding for the war. Edwards is set up perfectly to be the "anti war" candidate.

I think if Bill Belichick were black he would have been suspended as well as fined.

I think Greg Oden who is out for the season after having knee surgery made the right move going to the NBA. At least he got paid...had he stayed at OSU he would have missed the season and had no money.

I think any movie that has Dane Cook in it is bound to suck.

I think the demand is there for full Led Zep tour but age, health, and tension mean a full scale tour will never happen. Wouldn't surprise me tho if this London show is put out on DVD and CD.

I think I'm gonna have a hard time getting Springsteen tix tomorrow morning. Demand has been thru the roof and I suspect I'm gonna wind up with nose bleed seats.

I think Ohio State loses 24-3 to Washington tomorrow. I think Brady Quinn sits on Sunday and the Browns lose to the Bengals 35-17.

I think that Alive Day special on HBO was heartbreaking. I hate the freaking war in Iraq but the men and women who are fighting it are amazing people.

I think Dubya is the best thing that ever happened to Warren G. Harding. The man buried in my hometown is no longer the worst president in United States history.

I think there are very few new shows that look the least bit interesting this fall.

I think this post has run on for too long....have a great weekend...more crap as it happens.....

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