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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lawyers, Guns and Money

Having survived my first night of college math, its time to get back to making fun of people. Let's start with Dan Rather. After CBS gave him a "Kenneth, What's the Frequency?" style beat down and sent him off to pasture a few years back for an inaccurate story on Dubya's National Guard daze, Rather slinked off to the netherworld known as HD NET. Now Dan is mad as hell and he wants to get paid...He's filed a 70 million dollar lawsuit against CBS claiming the network has made him the scapegoat for the bogus story:
If its ok with Dan, I'd like to also file a lawsuit against CBS for inflicting The Evening News with Katie Couric on us. I like Dan Rather. I think he was a great reporter but I think this lawsuit is silly. It was time for Dan to go and he was unwilling to realize that. Rather couldn't get them for age discrimination since they replaced him with Bob Schieffer, America's only surviving Civil War veteran. Dan...drop your your reports for HD NET.....go back to your ranch...and shut the f up. No one likes a bitter old man.

Here's further proof that people in the Middle East(where its always the year 1350) are beyond our understanding. Egyptians are pissed cuz a girl died while having her clitoris removed....they aren't mad that she died, they're ticked off that the clinic that performed the operation was closed down!:

Next time a Republican, or a GOP sympathizer says to you "support our troops" throw this vote in their face. This is how the Republicans treat the brave men and women who are fighting the GOP's denying them extended leave:

Not only is Donovan McNabb a mediocre quarterback, he's an idiot. Donovan, next time someone at HBO asks you to sit down for an interview, do another soup commercial with your mom instead. The Eagles quarterback whined to James Brown on this months edition of Real Sports that black qb's in the NFL are held to a different standard than whites. I guess that explains the free ride that Eli Manning, Chad Pennington and Rex Grossman have been receiving from the always easy to get along with New York and Chicago media. It explains why the Carson Palmer dog fighting operation was swept under the rug while Michael Vick was nailed to the cross.....Donovan you play in Philly...the town that booed Santa Claus. You've never played up to your potential and you've been called out by your team mates in the past (even if it was Terrell Owens). Your coach thinks so much of you he drafted a qb in the 2nd round of this years draft. Donovan its not that you're black, its that you're just not that good. More on McNabb here:

A few quick hits:

I thought River Deep, Mountain High went on forever. The Phil Spector jury is taking even longer:,0,6991670.story?coll=la-home-local

Donovan McNabb oughta shut up and be glad he isn't in this bind:

Star Trek the Next Generation is 20 years old this year. EW ranks its 10 best eps:,,20057754,00.html

Miss an episode of your favorite NBC show? Forget to set the TiVo for it? No you can download Deal or No Deal or whatever the hell crap it is you watch on NBC:

One hit wonders LA Guns say they are scheduled to play Jakarta...and Bali....I didn't realize a 10 seat outdoor facility is technically a stadium.:

In other washed up 80's hair band news, Great White's tour manager is out of prison after serving less than half his sentence. Nice. Guy kills 100 people and he's out already:

Oscar de la Hoya....10o percent gay? Kinda looks that way based on these pics:

Are you ready for some hockey Buffalo? Outside...Ralph Wilson Stadium...Sabres and Penguins...New Year's Day....sounds like a chilly good time:

The NHL has too many damn teams....since no one wants to buy the franchises in Nashville and Tampa, how bout the league just folds 'em?:

Did I mention the Indians magic number to win the AL Central now stands at 3? Hopefully they can clinch the division at home this weekend against Oakland. Lots of great playoff races as the Yankees chase the floundering Bo Sox and the Phils chase the Mets.

More crap as it happens.............

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