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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Family, Fantasy Hockey and Other Stuff

Had the chance over the past week to visit with some of my relatives from Germany. Wonderful folks. Very full of life and just a joy to be around. Had to say goodbye to them last night as they head home today. I hope to see them all again soon and hopefully next time it'll be in their homeland.......Thought it was interesting that before they left to come here they had to assure their friends in Germany that their American relatives weren't Bush supporters. One of my American cousins left yesterday for a 2nd tour of duty in Iraq. Kid was due to get out of the service this month until Mr. Bush backdoor drafted him for the next 15 months. The kid saw horrors in his first tour as a medic that no one should ever see.

How did we ever enjoy sports before the internet? I'm not a major fantasy sports geek but I'm getting closer to it every year. My fantasy football team is horrible this year and I hold out little hope that I'm gonna be able to bounce back. I had a lousy draft and have had too many holes to fill in free agency. My fantasy hockey team however looks great. Had my draft last night and I lucked out and landed the NHL's best player Sidney Crosby. To the surprise of no one, my fantasy hockey draft was actually seen by more people than game 4 of the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoff final.

I don't know how they got audio of the latest OJ incident and quite frankly I don't care. I just want the guy to go to jail for a long, long time. If nothing else can't we ship OJ to Iraq and have him be the victim of friendly fire?

Anyone who has ever talked politics with me knows I've been a long time advocate of a universal health care system. Its obscene that this country doesn't offer one. Hillary Clinton rolled out her proposal yesterday and while its better than what we have now, it doesn't go far enough:

We all know that private contractors have made a killing in Iraq and the Iraqis were fine with that as long it was a financial killing. Now that American companies have taken to killing the Iraqi people the government of Iraq wants to regulate who can do business there:

Is it just me or does Isiah Thomas have some OJ like qualities?:

The new fall season is upon us and no one covers tv better than the kids at tv squad. They are running a great contest...pick the first 3 shows to get cancelled and win an gift certificate:

If you had Bret Somers in your Death Pool chalk up some points for yourself. She joins Charles Nelson Reilly on the Match Game set in the sky. I think that leaves Richard Dawson as the only surviving regular panelist of Match Game on this mortal plane. I knew Bret Somers was married to Jack Klugman but I didn't realize they had been separated since 1974. All you ever wanted to know about Match Game, the greatest game show in the history of television, can be found here:

South Park's Matt Stone says Britney Spears isn't funny anymore:

Meet the new Lt. Uhura:

David Chase thinks more of the Sopranos cast was Emmy worthy...certainly they were more worthy than James Freakin' Spader:

The final season of the Sopranos comes out on DVD October 23rd.

Yet another rock reunion that no one wanted...the Sex Pistols will reunite (again) to mark the 30th anniversary of Never Mind the Bollocks...

Rage Against the Machine reunited this year but that hasn't stopped Zach de la Rocha from putting out a solo record:

I'm happy to see I'm not the only person who hates Tom Brady:

ESPN has tapped Mike Tirico to take over Dan Patrick's old radio slot. You may know Mike Tirico best from being on Monday Night Football or maybe you used to work at ESPN and Mike grabbed your ass....:

The Indians magic number is down to 7 after a thrilling win last night:

Its 11 days and counting until the puck drops on the NHL season. The gang at Barry Melrose Rocks wonders why can't the NHL market the game better:

The Columbus Dispatch has a brand new blog dedicated to your Columbus Blue Jackets:

More crap as it happens.......

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