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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hey Hey its the Weekend

My first week in my return to college is complete. Now I get to work in some homework along with the other stuff I have going on this weekend. I must be 20 years older than everyone in my Anthropology class. While the kids in the class look at me in horror (Oh my god, why is there an old guy in here?), I chuckle to myself and think laugh it up day your life will evolve into the same bitter disappointment mine has.

Have a kids birthday party this weekend and plenty of football on tap. My Fox Sunday night shows return plus PBS rolls out Ken Burns new documentary series on WWII called the War. Everything Burns does is brilliant. Here's a review from today's New York Times:

If the Democrats allow themselves to cave in on the General Petraeus ad they will have proven they have learned nothing over the past 8 years and will deserve to lose the 2008 election. Its beyond insane for the U.S. Senate to spend time debating an ad while men and women are dying in Iraq:

Instead of spending time debating ads maybe the Senate would be better off spending their time investigating Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska who never met a bribe he didn't like. You remember crazy old man Ted Stevens, the man who once took to the Senate floor and described the internet as a series of tubes:

UAW and GM continue to try and hash out a new agreement. Its not an overstatement to say that the deals the UAW works out in terms of pension and health care with the (not so) Big 3 automakers will have an impact on all American industry:

Boy was the national media slow to get on board the Jena 6 story or what? Maybe they thought it was just another story about Jenna Bush and a 6 pack:

Why the hell is Mattel apologizing to the Chinese for the lead based paint toy recall? Mattel oughta apologize to the consumers it could have harmed:,0,2070706.story?coll=la-home-center

Fox intends to rip off Borat:

I thought the Dan Rather lawsuit was a joke. Now here's a lawsuit over a joke. An Air America radio host (I didn't even know Air America was still on) is suing Stephen Colbert for stealing a joke:

Lost doesn't come back until February but when it does look for the character of Libby to return (from the dead!):

Here's a new and incredibly interesting Lost theory:

One million people have a chance to win one of 20,000 Led Zeppelin tickets:

Lost Ramones footage to be released on DVD:

Sirius announced the return of E Street Radio, dedicated to the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The channel will premiere Sept. 27. Tom Petty will be returning for another season of his XM show, Tom Petty's Buried Treasure, starting Monday.

I'd really like to see this Jesse James flick with Brad Pitt but odds are I'll catch it on DVD and have a western double feature with 310 to Yuma:

Into the Wild also opens this weekend. I loved the book but I'm uncertain if it can make the translation to film. The story is in good hands as I've loved director Sean Penn's previous films:

How much longer will the Bengals put up with Chris Henry?:

When the season started I never would have picked the White Sox to finish last:

Saturday is Yom Kippur...wondering which college athletes are Jews and which aren't? Wonder no more:

Here's how to recruit against your in state rival:

Tomorrow marks 3 smoke free weeks for me....and I still haven't killed anyone....amazing. Click on the ads at the top of the page, pour yourself a drink and enjoy your weekend.

More crap as it happens..........

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