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Monday, September 17, 2007

Mucho Monday

Much to discuss today my friends. I'm still on a high from landing kickass Springsteen tix (despite's attempts to keep me from getting them) and the big Browns win yesterday. The Bucks proved me wrong and pulled out a nice win on Saturday. Toss in some quality time spent with my family (relatives visiting from Germany) and it was a nice weekend.

Ya know who didn't have a nice weekend? O.J. Simpson. America's favorite acquitted double murderer is now in jail on armed robbery charges. has an audio tape of the incident. Maybe this time the justice system will punish this clown:

Leave it to Alabama, the state where its always 1864 and resegregation is back in vogue:

Alabama is so backwards it makes Iran, where its always the year 1350, seem progressive. You know Iran...its the country we're going to war with next. In fact, we've already identified 2,000 targets to bomb:

Bush takes time out from war planning to name a Giuliani advisor as his new Attorney General:

No one loves television more than I do. I could spend the rest of my life plopped on a couch in front of the tv. So it pains me to see that the night that is supposed to honor television always turns into a suckfest:

How does James Spader take home an Emmy over James Gandolfini? Makes no damn sense.
EW ranks the high and low moments of the show:,,20045108_20045120_20057272,00.html

The new fall tv season kicks off tonight. Which shows will make it and which ones will suck?:

Rolling Stone says that the Led Zeppelin reunion may turn into a full blown tour:

Please have a laugh at the expense of Lou Gramm and his band. Dear God they look old and awful:

Rhino Bucket, the band that once featured a transgendered drummer, is going out on the road with former Ac/Dc drummer Simon Wright. The boys will make two Ohio stops including a date October 6th with American Dog:

The Indians magic number to win the Central Division is 9 games. The 2nd place Tigers come into Cleveland for a 3 game series tonight. A sweep would all but end the pennant race with the Tigers 4 1/2 games out.

It upsets me that Jim Thome gets such a lousy reception whenever he returns to Jacobs Field. The former Indians firstbaseman, now a DH for the White Sox, hit his 500th homer yesterday:

Believe it or not, the NHL returned over the weekend. I have my fantasy team draft tonight and I got raped for 10 bucks at Barnes and Noble yesterday for a copy of the Hockey News season preview. Your Columbus Blue Jackets took to the ice yesterday for their first preseason tilt. New year, new jersey, same Jackets....lost the game 3-1 and lost their best player David Vyborny to injury:

What a game those Browns and Bengals played yesterday.....lots of fun. The Brady Quinn era may have been delayed for awhile after this one:

More crap as it happens..........


TFO said...

Although Lou Gramm isn't what he used to be, I glad to know that he isn't dead - I thought the tumor did him in...I haven't even heard his name mentioned for a long time. I thought some of his earlier solo stuff wasn't too bad.

So much for the Jackets experimental new line w/Zherdev skating center - I read that he lived up to the expectations they had for him in that position. However (and I know its only preseason), when you allow 2 goals in a span of 61 seconds during a 5 minute man-advantage...well, your team just sucks!

I know the Browns are the fav of ES., but damn them - they threw my office pool football picks all out of whack - along with the flippin' Saints! - now I'm in a three way tie for the prize money and the future depends on Philadelphia beating the 'Skins tonight. Oh, the stress of it all...

E. S. Furniss said...

I feel your football pain. My fantasy team is a wreck. I'm 0-2 this season. My team is just terrible. The Saints 0-2? Who knew that would happen?

They say Zherdev is in the best shape mentally and physically of his career. I'm not crazy about the idea of making him a center because he doesn't dish the puck off enough. Nashville skated no one of note in that game and still whipped the CBJ.

I think its a crime that NHL preseason tix cost as much as regular season.

O.M.O.M. said...

Went to the Browns game yesterday on a party bus trip with the Brewery District Browns Backers. Had a drunken good time, helluva game to see, even tho' the stadium drafts were skunky as hell.

I'm thinking of buying a low-power UHF station and picking up the exclusive rights to broadcast regular season NHL games.

It's not yet official but methinks there may be a Rhino Bucket Coshocton gig the night after Wapok.

E. S. Furniss said...

About 20 minutes before kickoff yesterday a couple approached me and the boy in the parking of an Akron area Target store and offered us a pair of tickets in the Dawg Pound. I would have loved to have gone but we would have missed the first quarter while we parked and got into the stadium.

According to their website Rhino Bucket is playing in Cambridge the night before the Wapak show.

The NHL's tv sitituation is an embarassment. Versus is seen in fewer homes than I am. My blog has more visitors than Versus.

O.M.O.M. said...

Yeah, Cambridge is Friday, Wapak is Saturday and it looks like Sunday will be Coshocton, tho' no official word as of yet. I'll be at the Wapak show fer sher.

E. S. Furniss said...

Who knew that Ohio was Rhino Bucket country? They are playing like 20 dates and 3 are in Ohio? I'm hoping to go see them that night but the 10/7 show may work better for me as I'd still like to go see Y&T in Cleveland on 10/6.