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Monday, September 24, 2007

Maybe South Park Was Right About Family Guy

After wasting an hour of my life watching the season premiere of Family Guy last night I'm beginning to think that show is written by manatees (as depicted last season on South Park). Last night's hour long retelling of Star Wars as played by the Family Guy characters was self indulgent hogwash. Worst of all it wasn't funny. The jokes, what few there were, couldn't have been more obvious. The season premiere of the Simpsons wasn't much better. After the opening couch gag which depicted Springfield in the wake of the Simpsons movie, I didn't laugh once. I knew I should have watched the War on PBS live and watched the others off the DVR later. My animation Sunday wasn't a complete washout....King of the Hill was very good. Hopefully Fox will leave that show sandwiched between the Simpsons and Family Guy for the duration of the season.

Did the Today show really need to waste time this morning by having Britney Spears former bodyguard come on and say that Britney has mental problems? Isn't the fact she's crazy (and untalented) already been determined? If Britney is crazy (and she'd have to be to procreate with Kevin Federline) what does it say about the millions that actually spend their time following her comings and goings? Let's do a Survivor celebrity edition starring Britney, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nickleback, P Diddy, Owen Wilson, Kim Kardashian and Dick Cheney. We'll turn 'em loose in some dark and dangerous place filled with fire, gators, gang bangers, land mines, snipers, and see who emerges as the winner. Hopefully none of them do.

Speaking of dead celebrities, we had 3 croakers over the weekend. Televangelist Rex Humbard, Bewitched costar Alice Ghostley and French mime Marcel Marceau whose last words were "".

In the headlines.....

The UAW is ready to strike against GM today if the automaker doesn't guarantee future work for its members. Hey GM...if you don't want to guarantee the work, don't give your executives bonuses and stock options. Don't come crying asking for concessions if you aren't making any yourself ya greedy bastards:

In a headline from the Washington Post, the U.S. aims to lure insurgents in Iraq with "bait." I'm sorry, I thought the soldiers themselves were bait:

What's more offensive...Bush's war in Iraq or a t shirt listing the names of the war's dead?:,0,3537043.story?coll=la-home-center

All you amateur Mr. Skins rejoice...Natalie Portman is gonna appear in the buff:

As if Katie Couric didn't have enough crap to deal she's getting dissed by Miss USA:

New tv tonight includes Chuck and Journeyman on NBC. I finally got around to watching the pilot of KVille over the weekend. Its really just a remake of Miami Vice but with socks and without the drugs.

Are ya ready for Halo 3?:

You know there isn't anything worth going to see at the movies when Resident Evil is tops at the box office:

I like Andrew over at We've exchanged some emails in the past and the dude is really committed to promoting a genre of music that is long out of fashion. I hope he's not going to lose his shirt with the concert he's hosting in a few weeks but I just can't see this lineup moving a whole lot of tickets:

Someone please explain the appeal of Amy Winehouse to me. I just don't get it.

You can never have enough lists...Rolling Stone ranks the top 25 music dvds:

Donovan McNabb thinks he has it rough cuz he's black. He ougtha be happy he's not black and named Rex Grossman:

Goodbye RFK Stadium...ya bastard:

Speaking of stadiums, the Indians may have made the playoffs but they are losers when it comes to selling the naming rights to Jacobs Field:

How does Milton Bradley continue to receive chances in baseball? How does this guy stay employed? Now he's blaming an umpire for his latest injury:

I'm not a big fan of the Columbus Dispatch, in fact, I think I hate it. But I have to give them credit. Their new blog on your Columbus Blue Jackets is quite entertaining and brutally honest:


O.M.O.M. said...

Yeah, the Family Guy was just meh. I hope Andrew doesn't lose his arse on his show, but I'm with ya on the lineup, nothing much to talk about.

All the UAW'ers walked out of the Mansfield plant at 11:00 am sharp today, it's like a ghost town in here. My company informed me that I'm to cross the picket lines and continue to come to work, but seeing as there are no workers, I'm not sure what I'll be doing once I'm done closing books for month end...

E. S. Furniss said...

Hopefully they'll work out a deal soon and get everyone back to work with a deal that takes care of everyone. From what I gather Ford and Chrysler will do whatever GM does when it comes time to working out their deals with the UAW. On the bright side for you OMOM, you shouldn't have to fight anyone for a parking spot.
Judging by Andrew's posts on the melodicrock noticeboard, he's incredibly nervous about how this show is gonna play out. I don't blame him in the least. Considering how much free publicity he's given to performers in that genre its a shame bigger names didn't step up to the plate to help him out with that show. Of course, the bigger names in that genre are struggling too. South Bend may not have been the best venue for it either. He might have been better off just holding the damn thing in Chicago.