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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Welcome to My Nightmare

I'm 37 years old and I spent last night tossing and turning because of nightmares....nightmares caused by college math. Tonight after a 2 year absence, I resume an almost 20 year struggle to complete my college degree. I started college in the fall of 1988. Ronald Reagan was still in office. How freakin' pathetic am I? I left (or was asked to leave) in 1990. I went back part time in 2000 and left again when the funds dried up in 2005. So here I am now, 20 hours shy of my degree...needing Math, Stats, and 2 Science classes. Did I mention I've failed Math multiple times previously? Hence the nightmares. I'm not usually a praying man but if you're up there, save me Superman!

About 2 years ago the New York Times began charging online readers to view its Op/Ed pieces and the works of their regular columnists like Maureen Dowd and Frank Rich. Now the NYT has decided to scrap that idea (I'm guessing they weren't making any money). I was all excited when I saw that this morning but quickly disappointed as I didn't see anything that caught my eye.

Evel Dick Donato is your Big Brother 8 winner. To read about the man who used to spend hours of his life on the Metal Sludge Gossip Board go here:

I've never seen a game show contestant as despised as Evel Dick. Let's keep things in perspective folks. He's not running for school board, he was competing on a game show that people voluntarily signed up to be on. Ya wanna meet some real bad guys? Check out this new exhibit at the Holocaust Museum:

Military families have joined with me in saying Americans haven't been asked to sacrifice a thing in Mr. Bush's war in Iraq:

The jury can't come to a verdict in the Phil Spector it too late to just charge OJ?:,0,3536866.story?coll=la-home-center

Britney. OJ. Airplane crash. Over the ocean. No survivors. How does that sound?:

Have you watched any of the new network TV offerings yet? I haven't. Do have the DVR set to record the new Kelsey Grammar show tonight as well as Gordon Ramsay's Americanized version of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Gossip Girl could be a big hit for the CW..might have to check that out too:

Tom Hanks, who teamed with HBO to produce Band of Brothers and the upcoming John Adams doc, has partnered with HBO again for a miniseries on the assassination of JFK:

The 2nd season of Heroes starts next week...before it does EW provides you with an episode guide to the 1st season:,,20043289_20043293_20057585,00.html

The new issue of Rolling Stone features an oral history of Hunter S. Thompson:

Happy birthday emoticon!:

Who wants to go to rock and roll fantasy camp with Joe Walsh?:;_ylt=AvaLv5PEjVPqxTRgFhd8vTeVEhkF

CBGB's and the man who founded it may be dead but the music played there has been given new a new lease on life:

The Cleveland Indians magic number is 5, the Yankees are only 2 1/2 games out and baseball fever is sweeping the nation. Don't look now but the Mets are choking and my Indians are only a 1/2 game behind the Bo Sox for the best record in the AL. The Triple A baseball season came to an end last night:

How in the hell is Isiah Thomas still employed?:

Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day...if someone does it to you, kick their ass.:

More crap as it happens...............

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