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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Things That Piss You Off

Your Columbus Blue Jackets open the season next Friday. New (well, first full season anyway) coach, New GM, same crap team. Nikolai Zherdev needs to go. From the Columbus Dispatch's Blue Jackets blog ( comes this tidbit from training camp "It's hard to explain exactly how poorly he practiced today. I'd say he was invisible, except that his performance was so bad, so disinterested, you couldn't help but notice him. When a puck would come between him and a defender, Zherdev wouldn't even attempt to win the puck with his stick. He'd simple concede possession and skate away. He was bad in Sunday's preseason game against Buffalo; he was awful earlier today." Its time for the CBJ to cut their losses with this worthless prick. If he's no longer interested in playing hockey buy out the rest of his contract and send him on his way. Zherdev is a cancer. You can't trade him because the whole league knows he's a worthless piece of crap. Cut him before he poisons the team and steals a roster spot from someone more deserving.

Congratulations to Ohio State's Antonio Henton for earning the award of NCAA Student-John of the week. You're a football player at Ohio State and you gotta pay for ho's? Dude, ho's would pay to nail you. Plus, trolling for hookers at Kroger? Idiot. Boot him from the team for good....Boot him from school for good....Antonio Henton is too stupid to attend college:

Just as dumb as OSU's 3rd string QB is Faux Newz host Bill O'Reilly. O'Reilly tried to sound profound when discussing race on his radio show but ended up sounding pathetic instead.:

Of course O'Reilly's racism is backed by the GOP:

Now that the UAW has settled with GM, its time to deal with Ford and Chrysler:

Heroes spoilers here:,,20058548,00.html

Why was it news when Sarah Silverman made fun of Britney?:

The company that killed free radio has sold off its properties.Clear Channel Communications, Inc. has reached an agreement to sell the nation’s largest radio broadcasting company to a combination of equity firms for $19.5 billion, CMJ reports. The agreement comes almost a year after negotiations began, and Clear Channel also indicated it will sell off all of its television stations and 448 of its smaller radio stations.

Tawn Mastry reported to be near death:

Man dies at Smashing Pumpkins show? How freaking sad...not that he died but that he died while at a Smashing Pumpkins show. Those guys suck:

Proof that all the Sex Pistols should have died....they've rerecorded Anarchy in the UK for Guitar Hero. Wankers.

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