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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

This Is Just Disturbing

Rory has threatened my life if I didn't post this story. In case you missed it the Democratic Presidential Candidates had a YouTube included debate the other night. I think debates this early into the campaign are a lot like scrimmages in sports. They don't really matter. But the inclusion of YouTube added a new zest to a very stale flavor. Check this out....this kinda stuff can't be made up:

The big San Diego Comic Con is going on. JJ Abrams planned to give some scoop on his upcoming Star Trek relaunch but someone let the cat out of the bag. Heroes star Zachary Quinto has agreed to take over Leonard Nimoy's ears as the young Spock. He definitely looks the part. Those are some big ears to fill tho. Nimoy himself is scheduled to appear in the movie. William Shatner however says he's not in the movie. Shatner's exclusion leads me to believe this is going to be a Spockcentric film which is good news. I'm anxious to see who fills out the rest of the cast. Go to for all the details.

This comic con is big business too. Plus you can see the new uniform of the cheerleader on Heroes!:

Speaking of comics and heroes...this forthcoming Iron Man movie looks killer. Great casting in Robert Downey Jr. The proposed Green Arrow in prison movie sounds lame. The Justice League movie, should it come to pass, would rival the Xmen. Personally, I'd love to see a Green Lantern movie.

There's a new poll up at the bottom of the page....choose from one of four (just 4?) candidates that you'd like to see be sent to hell. Good family fun.

That Oprah sure makes a lot of money....and so does's a list of the richest tv stars:

Remember the Taliban? That little group of religious radicals that attacked us on 9/ know the group of lunatics led by a 6 foot 5 inch Arab on dialysis...the group the US government said we defeated in Afghanistan? Well they are back and they killing Koreans:

The government wants you to be afraid to fly again:

A man in NYC who was too shy to pee in a cup is out of work:

The NHL, the leagues with TV ratings worse than Meerkat Manor, wants to expand to Kansas City and Hamilton Ontario...note to Commish Gary much as I love your sport ya need to quit with the expansion. Too many teams in too many lousy markets. Try working on getting off of Versus and on to a real network.

With the Simpsons movie opening in a few days, 7/11 is gonna hate getting rid of its Kwik E Mart motif:,0,3662370.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Think you know how well the Simpsons movie will do at the box office? Play along at:

More crap as it happens....


TFO said...

Tough choices on the poll. Vick is clearly the worst criminal, but Lohan and Spears are equally loathsome. All three represent exactly what you don't want your children aspiring to be like. Pehaps someday soon, the lifestyles of each will catch up with them and they will no longer be a burden to the headlines. Then maybe the media can get back to covering news that really matters. As for the NBA ref, well its the NBA, so I don't really care.

E. S. Furniss said...

I think hell is too good of a place for all but the ref. The ref is exempt simply cuz, as you said, its the NBA.

TFO said...

Ironically, I believe I did see more episodes of Meerkat Manor than NHL games this year - CBJ games didn't really count...

O.M.O.M. said...

I refuse to call Versus anything except its true name, The Outdoor Channel or Network or whatever the heck it was originally named. On my cable that channel is way up the dial near the menstrual networks (lifetime, oxygen, etc.) and the gay channel. I never get near those channels for fear of seeing a tampon or KY Jelly infomercial, hence no hockey viewing.

I'm pretty much ready to give up on all professional sports and watch nothing but competitive eating events and Ed, Ed and Eddy reruns.

E. S. Furniss said...

Ed and Edd are ok but I think that Eddy is juicin'. I have Directv and they kind enough to lump all the estrogen driven networks together. Versus is hidden in the lower 600s near the NBA Channel, Speed and the Outdoor Channel.

What the NHL needs is Gene Simmons as commissioner. He could remake the league as a reality show....30 teams...84 challenges...only one will drink from the Lord's (Stanley) Chalice....

When a pro sports league has a worse tv deal than Major League Soccer, is it really a pro sport?