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Friday, July 20, 2007

Thank Jebus its Friday

Finally this long, long week is nearly over.....I'm as beaten down as a losing dog at Mike Vick's kennel. No suspension looks forthcoming from the NFL, tho that could change as the process in the legal system goes along. Today's editions of the Atlanta Journal Constitution and LA Times called for Vicks suspension. Nike has delayed the release of his new shoe. I'm sure no theater manager in the USA will let him into a screeening of Underdog at this point. With training camp due to open next week, it wouldn't surprise me if the Falcons tell Vick to stay away and suspend him with pay. Meanwhile, I'm scouring the net to learn what other businesses are owned by Arthur Blank, the Falcons owner. Perhaps boycotting those businesses might deliver the message that Vick needs to go.

Like pro sports hasn't suffered enough of a black eye this week. Now comes word that an NBA ref has himself a Mob problem:

And speaking of sports black eyes...Barry Bonds now stands just 2 homeruns from Hank Aaron. God help us and let the chase end soon....:

What did $140 million buy for Paul McCartney? A few lousy years of marriage to a one legged woman:,2933,290088,00.html

Was Warrant the worst hair band ever? Discuss.

The Tammy Faye deathwatch is so on:

So is the Britney (career) deathwatch:

Here we go again....if you question the war, you're UnAmerican....its way past time to remove Bush from office:

Bill Maher knows what it means to be censored. The great stand up comedian and host of Real Time has a new special on HBO Saturday night:,,20040769_20040772_20047406,00.html

Its the day before the final Harry Potter book comes out. I haven't seen a kid so excited about something since the OMOM took the day off school to see Kiss without makeup for the first time:

Oh to be rich, famous and a victim of crime:,0,1564944.story?coll=la-home-center

What kind of personality are you? Take the MSNBC quiz:

Video to come...more crap as it happens and make sure to check out the NHL 08 pic below...


TFO said...

Steelheart was a pretty lousy hair band...

E. S. Furniss said...

Tho wasn't the dude from Steelheart the voice of Mark Wahlberg in RockStar? If so that saves Steelheart.

Trixter, Nelson, Britney Fox, Vixen...

TFO said...

I believe you are correct - I just read online that Steelheart is coming out with a new album sometime this year.

Break out the hairspray!

O.M.O.M. said...

I say Trixter was much worse than Warrant. But that's kinda like saying dung pie is better than urine stew.

Hammerin' Hank was one of my childhood heroes; to think that Barry Bonds is going to break his record fills me with sorrow. I'm on the verge of turning my back on MLB for allowing this to happen.

That KI$$ Lick It Up tour had me giddy as a schoolgirl, it's amazing that Kiss used to exite me that way...

TFO said...

I may have to disagree...Nelson was much worse that Warrant and Trixter...I got more talent in my little finger than those two chicks combined!

By the way, I'm eagerly anticipating the career death of Britney - hey! she could have been in Nelson!

O.M.O.M. said...

No arguement needed tfo, I think we are splitting hairs on this topic, Nelson was certainly not John Kalodner:John Kalodner's finest moment:moment.

TFO said...

Hey, just what will all these Harry Potter fans do now that the last book is soon to be released? They just may have to get a life. I fear that there may be plenty of people sporting pocket protectors that may end up in therapy if Harry dies.

Sadly, I will miss the new Bill Maher special. I have yet to emerge from the dark ages and am still paying for basic cable.

E. S. Furniss said...

Warrant tops my list only because of that god awful Heaven video. All that leather with fringes and Jani Lane's little wink at the end just makes me wanna commit a hate crime.

OMOM...John Kalodner had a moment worse than was when he was named head of the resurgent Portrait Records and went out and signed Ratt, Cinderella, and CC Deville's band in the late 90s when folks had long stopped caring.

Nelson is a great pick tho....those guys jumped on the hair band wagon and were never sincere about it. They'd tried rockabilly and failed. I'd say they could do a sitcom with their parents but well, dad blew up.