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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Tidbits

Lots of stupid crap to share with you today...

The most annoying of the Rock of Love chicks has entered the glamorous world of adult entertainment. Brandi C, the one with the high pitched little girl voice and crystal meth scars, made a porn flick after Rock of Love wrapped in March. broke the story and details on it can be found there. Brandi says its a one time only deal. Is anyone shocked that one of these skanks would enter the world of adult entertainment? It would be shocking if the settled the Israeli-Palestine issue or fixed global warming.

Disney has banned smoking from its movies. In the interest of full disclosure, I'm a smoker. I like to smoke. I'm good at it. I'd quit but my Dad told me no one likes a quitter. I'm sick of smoking being the easy target for the health nuts. Hey Disney...are you gonna ban fatty foods from your theme parks? Are you gonna stop doing tie ins with McDonalds and other fast food joints that are single-handedly clogging the arteries of billions and billions each day? Does Disney support the sin of gluttony? Call up the evangelicals! Onward Christian soldiers! Disney mocks you!

Did you know your friends are consipiring to make you fat?

The Simpsons movie comes out tomorrow. MSNBC rates the best moments of the Simpsons:

Entertainment Weekly says the Simpsons Movie is well worth the wait:,,20035285_20037901_20047960,00.html

Parents are pissed over the grammar in Junie B. Jones books. I can see this being a problem if your kid only reads books from this series but c'mon....theres greater enemies our children face than fictional characters who don't talk good English (yes that was intentional):

Comicon...the biggest gathering of geeks in the USA is going on...DC Comics announced the director of Suburbia will be doing Y the Last Man plus Jonah Hex the movie:
Who watches the Watchmen? DC and coroporate overlord Warner Bros. hopes you will...casting news:

If you're a fan of Lost...Michael is coming back next season.

I'm all for method acting...but aren't you supposed to learn about drug dealers before you play the part?:

Believe it or not Guns n' Roses Appetite for Destruction is 20 years old this year. Could a reunion/anniversary show be in the works?:

There's a better chance Cheap Trick, Glenn Burtnick and the Smithereens will hold tribute concerts to G n' R then there is that Axl and the boys will ever do anything again.

More crap as it happens


O.M.O.M. said...

You smokers get a raw deal. I don't smoke but I support those that do.

I've been supporting all of you by taking a pack of the wife's smokes with me when I go into chain bars/eateries, I proceed to make a big display of packing the cigs, then taking one out and acting as if I'm smoking. When some puss goes crying to the manager and he comes over to explain the no smoking law I proceed to show him the unlit cig and tell him if putting something unlit in my mouth is against the law, maybe we should ban straws too.

Then I go back to mimicing smoking my unlit cig, complete with exhales and fake ash taps, it really pisses off the Smoke Nazis. It embarasses Dawn to no end...

E. S. Furniss said...

Its our stupid culture in Ohio. I can carry a concealed weapon but I can't smoke in public. I know smoking is bad for me but is smoking any worse on your health long term than long term alcohol use is? We are Americans...we should be allowed to eat, drink and light a smoke in peace. Heck, a prescription drug like Vioxx is more deadly than smoking.

And what about employers like Scotts that are firing smokers?

Its good to see your wife didn't let the health care industry make her give up smoking. Mrs. OMOM should be the spokesperson for smokers rights.

O.M.O.M. said...

The first of the year they are banning smoking at MGH, no butt huts nor are they allowed to go to the park or any other nearby locales to light one up on break. I call total BS, Mrs. OMOM is pretty steamed.

My Dad the all wise and knowing Bob has quit using all Scottslawn products due to their gestapo-like work practices. Scotts lawn service sprayed Dad's lawn for over 10 years, last year he spoke to the manager and told them he would not be needing their services anymore and proceeded to explain why he wouldn't. Dad quit smoking over 7 years ago and still fights for the right.

Smokers need to start talking with their wallets; for 6 months, if all smokers only purchased cigs from Indian reservations via the internet, the government would be crapping its knickers from lost tax revenue. Bet somebody in the statehouse would be ready to rethink this smoking ban nonsense then...

E. S. Furniss said...

Does the smoking ban effect only MGH employees or are they banning visitors/patients as well?

I must admit, during Mrs. Blast Furniss's recent stay there I was stunned by the number of severely ill patients outside smoking. You'd think once you're carting around the oxygen tank you'd consider giving it up. But like Chuck Heston always says "From my cold dead hands!"

As always, you're right on with the buying of smokes from the Indian Smoke shops...sadly the American public can only be moved to vote for Amerian Idol and little else. I do think a nationwide ban of Scott's could be a lot of fun tho. I'm willing to let grubs take over my lawn if it means protecting my civil rights.