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Monday, July 23, 2007

Lame Weekend

My weekend featured absolutely nothing of note. I picked up the new NCAA Football 08 game which is geektacular. But that wasn't my highlight of the the highlight was discovering that Coke has brought back Vanilla Coke which was taken off the market 2 years ago. Of course, its no longer "Vanilla Coke" its "Coke Vanilla." See, thats why it didn't sell well last time. They had the word sequence wrong.

Just a strange, strange minor league baseball story. Former Columbus Clipper Mike Coolbaugh gets killed by a line drive last night:

I told you on Friday the Tammy Faye deathwatch was on. Well, she did in fact die on Friday. Revlon stocks are expected to fall drastically when the market opens today.

The masses think that the Harry Potter series wraps up well:

The crooked NBA ref fears for his life.....DUH...:

Of course, despite the gambling scandal, the National Betting Association refuses to rule out relocating a team to Las Vegas:

If you want to know why Americans are hated across the globe, its because millions of us turned out in droves to watch a movie in which Adam Sandler and Kevin James pretend to be gay:,,20047658,00.html

Rumors are circulating that Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck are reforming the Yardbirds. Thats not the big news....the big news is that anyone gives a rats ass.

Think the idea of Will Ferrell imitating Neil Diamond is funny? Go to check it out.

If you still haven't watched an episode of HBO's Flight of the Conchords this week is a good time to start. When Bret begins to doubt his "look" he starts receving visits in his sleep from David Bowie (Bowie not played by Bowie by the way). Very funny stuff. Great show. Sure to be canned by HBO, the people who brought you Lucky Louie.

Organizers of Rocklahoma have announced that the hair band show did so well, that Rocklahoma 2008 is a go for next year. 300 bucks gets you VIP seating for all 3 days of the anti-Live Earth (after all, all that aqua net destroyed the ozone).

Which record did more to kill off the hair bands....Guns and Roses Appetite for Destruction or Niravana's Nevermind? Discuss.

More crap as it vids posted below...


TFO said...

I believe it was Nevermind that sealed the fate of the hairbands. Recall the video for Welcome to the Jungle...I think Axle was about 8 ft tall if you count the height of his hair...I remember thinking, "damn, that's one ugly woman."

E. S. Furniss said...

Yes GNR was glammed up during the Jungle vid but by Sweet Child o'Mine they were dressed way down. In fact, I think GNR actually wore flannel in a vid before Niravana broke thru. Their gritty rock and image made Warrant and the other lame ass bands obsolete. GNR is owed a debt of thanks for that. Of course, Axl Rose is now a punchline and Slash's band Velvet Revolver is dull. At least Cobain had the decency to check out before wearing braids and having a face lift.

TFO said...

By the way, I like the poll at the bottom of the Blast page. I was surprised to see Night Ranger garner a vote. I think of all those bands, Night Ranger sucked the least. Def Lep was cool thru Pyromania, but we all know what happened then. REO and Loverboy - there's a celebrity deathmatch I'd like to see!

E. S. Furniss said...

Yes, the poll was a trial run. Looks like they are all equally sucky. I'll have a new poll up tomorrow...this time i'll even let people know its there!