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Thursday, July 19, 2007

TV Thursday

Just a few quick hits....This season of Rescue Me just ain't roping me in. I'm not sure where the stories are going, the characters have been dumbed down and for the love of God would someone please name the baby already? I'm hoping it picks up steam in its 2nd half but right now I think this season blows.

Can't get into Big Brother 8 either. I watch it...but find myself reading and checking the clock to see how much more of my life will be wasted before the show is over.

Speaking of TV, the Emmy noms came out today. No surprise the Sopranos leads the way:

LeBron James will host the first episode of SNL in the fall. I didn't watch it, cuz well its the ESPY's, but I guess James was in a skit the other night where he dunked a "baby." Cuz you know child abuse is funny.

TBS screwed up my weekly routine moving reruns of Family Guy from Monday night to Wednesday where its up against Rescue Me and Top Chef. Stupid Sex and the City reruns.

I'm guessing no NFL stadiums will be allowed to play the Baha Men this year...:,0,3410004.story?coll=la-home-center

If I hear one more word about David Beckham coming to America I'm gonna puke. Soccer, the metric system and the United States do not mix.

The cult of Potter should be happy with the final book:

Giuliani wants the corn belt to go nuclear....Idiot:

A real mess in NYC:

Oh those wacky CEO's:,0,6408994.story?coll=chi-bizfront-hed

More crap later


TFO said...

I agree with your view on the Beckham media circus...All I have to say is " Who the hell cares!!!?"
Apparently, the Mrs. is due to get her own reality show about her venture across the pond from England...just what we need...another celebrity reality show. Like these jackasses need additional publicity.
Its too bad Vick's image will be tarnished as a result of his illegal activities...he should be suspended for life from the NFL, fined heavily, be sent to prison, and have personally apologize to every kid in the nation who once considered this criminal their "hero".

E. S. Furniss said...

On the bright side, since he has herpes (settled a lawsuit last year from a woman who claimed he gave it to her) he should be safe from predators in prison.

The coverage of the Beckhams makes my stomach churn. They get more press than this godforesaken war does. No wonder our country is so screwed up.