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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trading Deadline Dead Celebrity Tuesday

The Major League Baseball trading deadline is today at 4pm. Will your team be a buyer or a seller? My Indians are rumored to be looking to shore up their bullpen depth for the playoff race. The Tribe is also interested in reacquiring utility infielder John McDonald who is currently with Toronto. Expect the Reds to be sellers....maybe even to the Indians. David Weathers would really help out the Tribe's pen. Keep up to date on all the latest trade rumors at or

2 new celebrity deaths to's Bill Robinson passed away yesterday and this morning comes news that the director of Blow Up, Michelangelo Antonioni has died at the age of 94:

Meet the real life Mr. Burns...ask for a raise and die!:

If comedian Artie Lange doesn't change his lifestyle, he'll be a dead celebrity too:

Network news is an awful thing these days....this former NBC news producer decided to do something about kill himself:

Proof there is a God...the Simple Life has been if only Paris and whatsherface go out Thelma and Louise style:

Who knew the Germans were such big Frank Zappa fans?:

Sirius is about to start up a Grateful Dead channel...why has God foresaken us in this one?

I have issues with the Big 10 Network....

These are the dog days of freedom for Michael Vick:

Kevin Smith was right...Jughead was the King of Queen Archie's world:,0,5826156.htmlpage

More crap as it happens......

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