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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Steamy Crappy Thursday

Jebus I'm sick of summer. When it isn't raining, its oven hot. I'm trying to motivate myself to mow the lawn tonight. A lawn that thanks to all the rain, now looks like the jungles of Southeast Asia. Speaking of Southeast Asia....let's talk about President Foot in Mouth.....

In case ya missed it yesterday, Dubya compared the war in Iraq to Vietnam. Now this comparision is nothing new, most rational people have been comparing it to Vietnam since day one. Historians say Bush, as usual, missed the mark:

Note to Shrub and Darth guys dodged Vietnam. You don't get to talk about it. Note to the VFW and other veterans groups.....quit acting like Bush and Cheney are heroes. Just because they are bent on using the military doesn't mean they are pro-military. These are men who as Cheney as said, had better things to do when their country needed them.

Old people need lovin' too...and they seem to be getting it:

Bidding starts today on Stephen Colbert's cast:;_ylt=AjQX.Gw3GiE2CsUNr7DFuv9xFb8C

Here's a shock. Gay men like High School Musical...gee lets see...its a musical...starring young men who look gay.....and its Disney....It's a slam dunk gay men are gonna love this thing! Its 110 percent gay!:

Here's the trailer to Marty's new doc on the Rolling Stones:

Ticketmaster and Live Nation are divorcing and you the consumer are gonna get

Watch the pilot of K-Ville online:

Let's hear it for the Baltimore ain't every day you lose 30-3:

Did Derek Jeter give Jessica Alba herpes?:

More crap as it happens....or if I feel like it.


O.M.O.M. said...

It's crazy hot today. I took the day off to go film for a Columbus HS marching band. 3.5 hours on the boiling blacktop, I'm soaked thru. I'm getting a six pack and heading to a buddy's house to swim.

Looking forward to the next Steve Earle, his sister Stacey Earle is no slouch either, check out "Dancin' With Them That Brung Me" you won't be sorry.

E. S. Furniss said...

Make sure you let me know how that project with the marching band turns out. I've gotta mow tonight. I may have a 29 inch waist after I'm done. I will definitely check out Steve Earle's sister. That dude should have been huge. Of course, I say that about a lot of acts.