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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Game Over Mr. Vick

Does the ending of this Michael Vick saga seem anti-climatic to you? It does me. I wanted to see this scumbag stand before a jury that had been subjected to all of his obscene acts. I wanted the jury to hear how this NFL quarterback killed dogs with his own hands. I wanted the full story to be told and for Vick to spend the next two decades in a federal prison. Alas, I'll have to accept the fact that most likely in under 2 years Vick will be out of prison. Sure his dignity is and career in the NFL are over but is that really enough? I wanted to see this punk lose his fortune as well as his freedom. Not only is dogfighting a vile act, running a dogfighting ring while signed to a $130 million contract is an obscene act of stupidity. Someone so stupid that he's willing to risk that kind of money and fame isn't fit to live among decent people. Congrats Michael Vick, you're actions make Barry Bonds look like Mother Theresa....only bigger and without the posse of lepers.

Hurricane Dean is bearing down on Mexico. Lets see how the Mexican version of FEMA (if there is such a creature) does. I'm currently reading Doug Brinkley's book on Katrina, The Great Deluge. Fantastic book covering the first week of the disaster. Remember as Krusty says, "Give a hoot! Read a book!"

Hurricane Katrina proved George Bush hates black people. Now a change in policy serves to prove he also hates children:

Maybe hating kids is "in" right now. CBS facing a backlash for a new kid based reality series:,1,7500143.story
I have no interest in this show. I saw Children of the Corn already.

A new book alleges that Katie Couric is a real bitch:

You'll have to scroll down after clicking on this link but it really appears there is no difference from the real Larry David and the Curb Your Enthusiasm version:

To whoever at FOX that decided Ryan Seacrest should host the Emmy awards...Thanks, now I know I'm not watching. Thanks for making my viewing decision easy.

First it was the adult film industry, now Paramount backs HD DVD or Blu Ray:

Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello are going on tour together. That sounds like a fair enough pairing. is calling on ESPN to fire Emmitt Smith. I couldn't agree more. I tuned into the preseason game pregame show last night to hear the talking heads discuss Vick. Everytime Smith comes on the screen you wish the broadcast had subtitles. This man butchers the English language like he piled up rushing yards. He makes George W. Bush sound eloquent. Emmitt evens makes up new words like "trickilate" (I think he was looking for trickle instead). Its bad enough that we're subject to washed up jocks on sports broadcasts, but if we're gonna be stuck with them, they should at least be able to speak properly.

More crap as it happens.....


O.M.O.M. said...

See, I'm the opposite, I love hearing mushmouthed ex-athlete sportscasters. Seeing Joe Montana doing the old NBC pregame with a deer-in-the-headlights look was beyond hilarious. I think Bernie Kosar's preseason games commentary is top notch, he sounds like a goofy, half drunken factory worker with a mouthful of hot dog; it almost makes me want to become a Browns fan.

Being a Raiders fan, I'm looking forward to the next two years of Vick pulling out the old "emotional issues" or "painkiller addiction" to explain away his mess. Hell, it works for any other dumbassed celeb, why not for him? Unless the NFL nails him on the gambling end, I'm pretty stoked about getting him in a Raiders jersey in 2009/2010.

How's the H20 situation in Marion? We're flooded out over here; ES, grab your Hep shots and come over to scenic Lake OMOM for all your watersport needs.

E. S. Furniss said...

Bernie Kosar is a mess on those Browns broadcasts. Mrs. Blast Furniss told me the other night she thought he sounded drunk. Might explain some of his on air fashion choices too. In week one he wore a green blazer with green pants...they were entirely different shades. Awful. In week two it was a suit coat and jeans. Me thinks Bernie got his bell rung way too much in his playing days.

Vick could be a Raider when he returns. The Raiders show no signs of signing Jamarcus Russell anytime soon. If Al Davis is still alive once Vick's suspension is up he'd have the stones to stand up to the league to do it. But Davis looks to be pretty close to the end of the game of Life.

We're wet down here but nowhere near as bad as you guys have it. If ever a town needed to suffer from God's fury its Marion. Its good that the little OMOM's have a chance to play in the water before school resumes. Nothing like water skiing in your own backyard...or what used to be your backyard. Just be careful you don't pull a Jeff Buckley back there OMOM!