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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

O-H-I-O....Shut Up Already...Damn

Ohio State football season doesn't start until Saturday and I'm already sick of the media hype. Couple the season opener with the emergence of the Big 10 Network and you have a major outbreak of bullcrap. In case you didn't know the cable companies are fighting over rights fees with the Big 10 Network. If you don't have Directv, tickets to the game or wanna go to a bar, you won't see Ohio State open the season against Youngstown State. The Columbus media meanwhile makes this out to sound like you're gonna miss out on the Michigan game. Its Youngstown State for cryin' out loud. Who cares if you miss this game? It'll be over with before the "i" is dotted in Script Ohio. Me and the 4 readers of this blog could beat YSU.

While I'm griping about all things Ohio State Football....If I see anything else that says the Buckeyes aren't "rebuilding, they're reloading!" I'm gonna go postal. Hey pinheads at WCMH...they lost their Heisman trophy winning QB, starting tailback and both starting receivers...they are rebuilding! Deal with it. The last time they took the field they got destroyed by a superior Florida squad. Deal with the reality that despite a schedule that features YSU, Kent and Akron the Bucks will be lucky to go 8-3.

Ohio has more pressing issues than football and the Big 10 Network...say like being one of the poorest states in the country:

Further proof that under Dubya the rich are richer and the rest of us are screwed:

MSNBC has some good coverage of New Orleans 2 years after Katrina:

Leona Helmsley...mean in life, meaner in death:

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band officially announced their tour plans yesterday. The heart breakin', history makin', Viagra takin', air conditioner shakin' band hits Cleveland November 4th. Tickets go on sale September 15th. You can download the new Springsteen single Radio Nowhere for free for a limited time. Go to itunes or

Jamie Foxx is an a-hole. The Oscar winner is playing the race card in the Michael Vick dogfighting scandal. Its not a black white thing you idiot. Its a decency thing. Jamie, just cuz you played Ray Charles doesn't mean you have to continue to be blind. Open your eyes you spoiled Hollywood prick:

Michael Vick says he's found God...but no one is buying it:

Get well soon Bo Diddley:

U2 is back in the studio:

Finally an athlete linked to steroids that still sucked after he took them. Meet Tim Couch, number one draft pick, bust and HGH user:;_ylt=Ajo4fRChEF9JBYaL03jBj685nYcB?slug=jo-couch082807&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

Why won't Ed Belfour retire? He's older than Gordie Howe:

More crap as it happens......


TFO said...

I think's its a smart move on Ed Belfour's part to go to Sweden if he's not going to retire... I'm glad he left - who knows, Columbus might have tried to get him.(Can anyone say Ron Tugnutt.)

ES. did you get the Whitlock article that I e-mailed to you about racism and the Vick case? Forward that to Jamie Foxx along with a nice warm glass of Shut the F*ck Up! Racism has no bearing on why Vick did the things he did.

By the way, I know it's only YSU, and I agree that it has been hyped too much, but one of the few team sport that I can still bear to watch is returning...Even though they may not be as good this year due to rebuilding, I hope to see every game even if I have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in a bar. Maybe someone will even be drunk enough to buy my drinks!

E. S. Furniss said...

Ed Belfour can go to Sweden but he needs to take Mike Keenan with him. That windbag needs to stay far, far away from the NHL.

I did get the article you sent me and because I'm a forgetful piece of crap I forgot to run it today. Jamie Foxx wins one Oscar for playing a blind guy and now he thinks he's as smart as Helen Keller. Couldn't agree more with you on the fact he should shut the f up.

I enjoy OSU football as much as the next hetero Buckeye state male but the media hype coupled with a lousy team like YSU being on the schedule just pisses me off.

Hermano said...

Wait, how do you really feel about BTN and the cable company feud?