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Monday, August 27, 2007

Ain't Nothin' Good 'bout Monday

Welcome to another fun filled week. Hope you all survived the weekend. I can't stop listening to the new Springsteen single. From what I've gathered from the boards it will be available as a free download this week. Ticket sales for the upcoming tour may happen on September 8th. Speaking of ticket sales, limited funds kept me from buying Van Halen tix for the Cleveland stop. I may try and snag some later. Or if I win the 200 million plus MegaMillions tomorrow I may just hire the boys to play a private party.

A quick shout out over to the kids at Barry Melrose Rocks, the best damn hockey blog in the land. They threw a link up to my crap blog recently and I just wanna say thanks for showing me some love.

The tabloids must have thought today was Christmas...first you have the fiery car accident involving Hulk Hogan's son and then comes word that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself yesterday. Maybe he realized that You, Me and Dupree sucked but to kill yourself when you're rich and famous? Sorry, no sympathy from me. When Kate Hudson dumped Chris Robinson he didn't try to kill himself. He put the Black Crowes back together. Thats how ya deal with a problem.

Let's go to the headlines:

In a move that should have happened a long time ago, Alberto Gonzales has quit:

A nice windfall is in the cards for the creators of South Park:

Starbucks sucks when it comes to marketing movies:,0,1951192.story?coll=la-home-center

First it was Planet of the Apes, now Halloween...are you ready for a remake of the Day the Earth Stood Still? Why doesn't Hollywood remake crappy movies instead of classics?:

And now a few racist remarks with Andy Rooney:

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones is coming to DVD October 23rd.

Check out the trailer to an upcoming Vince Vaughn flick:

Michael Vick...DMX....DMX...Michael Vick:

EW reviews Madden 08....which is the only place Michael Vick will see any action for awhile:,,20053295,00.html

Hey Ted Nugent...shut up and play your guitar!:

More proof that athletes are idiots:

More crap as it happens.....

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