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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday Fever

The long hot week is finally coming to a close. My humble little white trash town was battered yesterday by wicked storms. A forest of trees and power lines are down. One young woman was killed when a tree came crashing down on her car. Given the extent of the damage we're lucky more folks weren't seriously hurt. Now take this little tragedy and multiple by I dunno, 100 billion and it isn't even half of what happened to New Orleans. You remember New Orleans don't you?...home of Mardi Gras, Dixieland jazz, the Saints....wiped off the map due to the negligence and incompetence of the Federal, State and local government. New Orleans...where they now have more murders by 5am then your city does all day.....New Orleans where the government provides toxic trailers to its displaced residents.....NEVER forget how this government handled New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina. Never forget how so called a compassionate conservative President left a city's poor residents to drown....never forget his empty promises to rebuild the levees, the infrastructure, the homes...lies, lies and more lies. How has this idiot in chief not been impeached?

From the floods of New Orleans to the floods of NYC...gonna cost buckets of money to repair the NYC subway system:

Could this be Black Friday? After a rough day yesterday on Wall St., the Dow sinks again today:
Personally, I'm sick of the media overreacting every time the Dow sneezes. There's still a crapload of people making money in the market. They just aren't making as much today as they were a week ago. Be a cold day in hell before you catch me weeping for the rich.

Can we change the rules on the Presidential election? No campaigning till January 1 of the election year. Its August 2007 the election is what 15 months or so away and I'm already sick of the candidates. Last night they addressed Steely McBeam's issues:,0,2245461.story?coll=la-home-center

Can't you just hear the Fox News anchors on this story "Your child's toy wants her dead..How a toy based on illegal immigrant named Dora plots to commit acts of terror on the nations young!":,0,2358406.story
Wanna make sure our consumer goods are safe? Quit doing business with the damn human rights violating Chinese! Penalize companies that ship manufacturing overseas. Demand greater quality and regulatory control. Of course, if we were a little more like the Chinese the dude running FEMA during Hurricane Katrina would have been executed....I guess there is a bright side to everything.

That Angelina Jolie is one hot chick. But she doesn't have time any more for the ladies or the chains:,,4-2007360899,00.html

If you want to get me a Christmas present, go here and get me a piece of the Sopranos:

Did we really need another remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers?:

Linda Thompson makes a comeback....and dishes the dirt on her more talented ex Richard Thompson:,,20038840_20038841_200505582,00.html

Here's a story that surprises no one...Bruce Springsteen guests on his wifes new record!:

If you are fat, black and can can be B.I.G.:

If you're reading this blog you're probably thinking..."geez, I could make a better blog than this pile of crap..." Slate gives you some tips on what NOT to name your blog:

More crap as it happens...........and for the love of God stay away from Steely McBeam!


O.M.O.M. said...

The boy and I were heading to Marion when that storm hit, those winds had us thinking we were going to get sucked up in a tornado. Getting a tree limb thru the windshield was my big worry at the time, I'm sorry to hear about the girl getting killed. It went from downpour to "Oh Crap" levels pretty quick.

I'm blaming Jym Ganahls Titan Radar, methinks his uber-doppler machine can also bend the elements to his will.

E. S. Furniss said...

Hmmm...thanks to technology Jym Ganahl is able to become the Weather Wizard, arch enemy of the Flash. Ganahl has become so beefy his ass blocks the western portion of the US on his weather map. If he says a storm front is coming in from the west you have to take his word on it because you can't see it with your own eyes.

Kbone1970 said...

Steely McBeam RULES!!!

Anonymous said...

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