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Friday, August 31, 2007

Smoke Out

Today is my last day as a smoker. I have cracked open my last pack and tomorrow begins my smoke free journey. No patches, no gum, no mind altering chemicals....I'm quitting cold turkey. Mrs. Furniss is joining me in my quest to be smoke free. But we're not doing it for health reasons but for monetary ones. Smoking is chewing up way too much of our disposable income. We weren't smoking because it was cool but because we enjoyed it and we were doing our civic duty. Someone has to pay for roads, schools and social programs and we stepped up to do it. In all honesty, I don't much want to quit smoking and I'm likely doomed to fail at it. Besides, Dad always told me no one likes a quitter. Expect my posts to be extra crabby next week as I start to jones for a smoke.

Some Holiday weekend things I think:

I think neither I or my children will live long enough to have a flying car or a robot maid. I really expected the year 2007 to be more Jetsons like when I was 5.

I think if we don't start to pull out of Iraq this year a bipartisan effort to impeach George W. Bush should begin.

I think this is the worst crop of presidential candidates in the history of the United States.

I think I'd have more respect for disgraced Idaho senator Larry Craig if he just came out and said "I love men....I'm 100 percent gay and I love showtunes, cooking and the rainbow flag."

I think the Browns will win as many games in the regular season as they did in the preseason (3).

I think I'll probably meet a white kid some day named LeBron someday.

I think Rory may have ruined Springsteen's Radio Nowhere for me when he accurately pointed out it sounds like Tommy Tutones 867-5309 (Jenny).

I think I'll be smoking again by Tuesday evening.

I think Balls of Fury looks awful as does Rob Zombie's Halloween.

I think if I win the $330 million MegaMillions jackpot tonight you'll never hear from me again.

Some quick headlines:

Beware the all powerful baby formula industry!:

Bush offers something, but not enough to assist in the mortgage crisis:

Pro wrestlers on steroids?! Say it isn't so!:

The Telluride Film Festival announces its lineup:,0,88465.story?coll=env-home-headlines

PBS is offering up 2 versions of the new Ken Burns doc The War...bleeped and unbleeped:

Why isn't TMZ all over the Owen Wilson story?:

No one misses with Jimmy Page:

Drunken orgies at Ohio State? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!:

Check out the Vancouver Canucks new jersey:

You know you're on a winning streak when you get a walk off walk to win the game:

I'm off to smoke. I plan to update over the Labor Day holiday. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em kids.

More crap as it happens........

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