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Friday, August 17, 2007

Things I Think Friday

With apologies to Peter King who does this bit every Monday over on

I think after watching Viva Las Vegas last night on TCM I'm convinced the young Ann Margaret was the hottest woman who ever lived.

I don't think my day could have started any better than it did today....The Underground Garage played Elvis's Mystery Train and Springsteen's Night back to back. The rock gods, or at least Little Steven, were good to me.

I think Michael Vick, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are the poster children for the 37th term abortion.

I think Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is the greatest sports show ever.

I think fast food should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol. I think obesity claims more lives than smoking and alcohol abuse. I think fast food commercials should be banned from tv or at least from all children's programming.

I think the Catholic church should replace their bland sacrament with Krispy Kreme donuts. If you're offering the body of Christ, shouldn't it be delicious?

I think Joe DiMaggio lied when he said Mr. Coffee was the best he'd ever tasted. He was married to Marilyn Monroe for cryin' out loud.

I think their should be a constitutional amendment prohibiting guitars being tuned down to drop D.

I think other than Pearl Jam every grunge band sucked.

I think no band ever missed a member more than REM misses Bill Berry.

I think George W. Bush has done more damage in the White House than all previous presidents combined.

I think the Olympics no longer matter for anything other than product placement.

I think I've said enough....let's go to the headlines:

With the passing of Max Roach, Kenny G is now the world's greatest living jazz musician:

Poor Rummy, first Dubya throws him under the bus and now he can't get anyone to pony up big bucks for his tell all book. Maybe if he told the story about how he killed Nicole Brown Simpson someone might show some interest:

Here's a shock...the 52nd remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers sucks:

Steven Seagal wants an apology from the FBI....but they won't give him one until he apologizes for that stupid pony tail!:,0,5557008.story?coll=la-home-center

Get a leg up on the fall movie season:,,20051361_20052260,00.html

Where are the stars of Fast Times 25 years later.....mmmmm..Phoebe Cates!:

I got hooked on BBC America's Life on Mars last year. Now comes word that an American version is coming starring Star Trek's Colm Meaney:

Is it deal or no deal for Michael Vick?:

Goodbye Dan Patrick....and no he isn't dead:

More crap as it happens...........

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