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Monday, August 20, 2007

Build an Arc Monday

A couple inches of rain in the forecast....what a great way to kick off a new week. At least I don't have to deal with Hurricane Dean (not that you'd know it by the looks of the rain coming our way). The only thing worse than this weather would be being subjected to High School Musical or its sequel High School Musical 2 Electric Boogaloo. The Disney marketing machine certainly has a hit on its hands. I don't understand the appeal but 17 million others are devoted to its unholy cause:

I want a job where I can get paid to play video games:

Karl Rove makes the Sunday news show rounds and says pretty much nothing. Thats a shock.:

ASPCA Man of the Year Michael Vick seems to want to take his chances with a jury. Just how dumb is this guy? Everyone else charged with him in this dogfighting operation has copped a plea and stands to testify against him. Now the dog whisperer and accused executioner stands to be indicted today of even more charges:

11 people in Germany are injured on the set of Suri's Dad's new movie. Maybe this is why the Germans wanted to ban Tom Cruise to begin with:

The two people who watched Veronica Mars are happy this morning as that show's star is joining Heroes:

Proof that the British are just as dumb as Americans....Producers of the British version of Big Brother are trying to recruit Paris Hilton to be a contestant. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll disappear over the English Channel:,,2003230001-2007380511,00.html

Cartoon Network isn't for tubby kids anymore:

Rolling Stone Magazine still seems to be Bruce friendly after all these years:Bruce Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau told Rolling Stone last week that the tour for Springsteen’s upcoming album Magic “hasn’t been fully decided,” but according to one haphazard Ticketmaster page that went up this weekend, it’s been decided that he’s playing the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, Minnesota with the E Street Band on November 2nd. The page appeared this weekend and has been since taken down, but we’ve saved the details for posterity: The floor appears to be general admission, just like the Rising tour of 2002 and ‘03. Tickets go on sale next Saturday at 10:00 AM, so expect an announcement of the whole tour sometime next week. He’s keeping the prices relatively low, just $55 to $85. Word is the tour begins in early October, soon after Magic is released.

One Rocklahoma was too many. Now comes the official word that the weekend hair band festival will be back again next year.The artists and the fans came out and enjoyed the party in record numbers," said Dave Giencke, Director of Operations for Catch the Fever Music Festivals. "Over 1,000 fans have already renewed their V.I.P. seats for next year's Rocklahoma, which will continue to feature the major rock artists from the music of the eighties.Artists worldwide took note of the response of rock fans at Rocklahoma this year. Although the line-up for the Second Annual Rocklahoma in 2008 hasn't yet been finalized --- and the possibility is hard to imagine after the success of this year's event --- fans can expect an even bigger eighties line-up next summer and an even better show," Giencke said.Organizers say the phenomenal success of this year's Rocklahoma was noticed around the world, as fans from all 50 states and six continents were in attendance (and made fun of daily by a certain blogger in an undisclosed midwestern bunker).

Michael Vick isn't the first professional athlete turned criminal. He's just the latest in a long, infamous line. Here's a list of some of the greatest athlete criminals of all time:

No matter how bad publicity Michael Vick has brought to the NFL, the league will survive. So why is the NFL Network so thin skinned it has to hijack Wikipedia?:

More crap as it happens...............

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