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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bruce Springsteen Magic

No sooner did I finish my last post then I received an update from with official Springsteen album news. Here's exactly what I received from Backstreets:

"It's official. Springsteen's first album with the E Street Band since 2002's The Rising drops in less than seven weeks, and it's called Magic. In case that title makes you, like us, think of Doug Henning... click the Mark Seliger photo at right for a first peek at Bruce's 2007 look. No rainbows or unicorns to be found. (And that guitar... that's magic.)According to manager Jon Landau, quoted in today's press release from Shore Fire Media, this one's a rocker: "Magic is a high energy rock CD. It's light on its feet, incredibly well played by Bruce and the members of the E Street Band, and, as always, has plenty to say. It's also immensely entertaining. Magic is the third collaboration between Bruce and Brendan O'Brien and is a culmination of their very productive creative relationship."O'Brien produced and mixed the album at his home base in Atlanta, Southern Tracks Recording Studio.

Ready for 11 new Springsteen song titles?1. Radio Nowhere2. You'll Be Comin' Down3. Livin' in the Future4. Your Own Worst Enemy5. Gypsy Biker6. Girls in Their Summer Clothes7. I'll Work for Your Love8. Magic9. Last to Die10. Long Walk Home11. Devil's Arcade

Of these, only "Long Walk Home" has been heard before; Springsteen debuted the song with the Sessions Band and played it live exactly once, in London on November 11, 2006 (reportedly the day after he wrote it).Bet on "Radio Nowhere" as the first of these tracks we'll get to hear. When, exactly, remains to be seen -- stay tuned."

Here's a link to the photo sent out with the press release:

Much to my disappointment, no mention of a tour was released today. I was not expecting so many new songs. I expected to see some previously abandoned songs reworked but that isn't the case. Not crazy about the title of the record. Maybe it'll make sense after I hear the tunes but for right now I'm thinking of the Cars song Magic.

Rolling Stone has an interview with Jon Landau here:

Anyway, time for to start rollin' pennies and adding a paper route to save enough coin to see the Boss and Van Halen.

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