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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Late Post Wednesday

Sorry for posting later than normal today. I hate to inconvenience my handful of loyal readers so again my apologies. I'd feel bad but hey, no buddy is paying me to write this or you to read this. No lives are lost in the production or consumption of this blog. All of our wounds will heal. If I hurt you with my tardiness, I'm sorry. Rub some dirt in it, walk it off, and sit down and enjoy the crap.

That gambling NBA ref cops a plea. Now if the NBA would just plead guilty to being a crappy sport we could all move on with our lives:

That idiot Michael Vick is looking to cop a plea too. Vick's lawyers are encouraging him to accept the plea if he would only be required to serve a year or less in prison. Vick's legal team is also trying to work a settlement with the NFL as well. For all the fun that is the Vick soap opera, go visit the kids at I'm sure there is a nice dogfighting site out there too with breaking news on the case but I'll be damned if I'd wanna see it.

Just that the NFL is coming down on hard on players involved in dogfighting, do they plan to issue suspensions to players charged with domestic violence? Now I'm no feminist but shouldn't a crime against women carry more weight than crimes against dogs? Of course, there was gambling involved with the dogfighting and gambling in a sin in pro sports (ask our friend the NBA ref). Me thinks that unless someone says "Hey Mr. NFL player, I'll bet ya 10 bucks you're afraid to hit you're wife" that Vick will serve a longer suspension than the next NFL wife beater. Deadspin offers their take on the Vick story:

HOLY COW! Rest in peace Scooter:

One of Imus's nappy headed ho's (his words not mine) is taking him to court:

The news ain't all bad for that idiot Imus. Looks like he could be back on the airwaves soon:,1,955743.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

Be McQueen for a day:,0,7950908.story?coll=la-home-center

Meet the "Duct tape Bandit" perhaps the worlds dumbest criminal:

I hate Britney Spears. I don't like using my space to even mention that no talent ass clown. HOWEVER...the gossips are saying that Brit's into chicks and I think that's hot:

I've never really found Billy Crystal funny. Sure he's funnier than Jimmy Fallon but so is azz cancer. Anyway, the former Soap star wants a talk show of his own:

Seems Van Halen wiped out former bassist Michael Anthony from its history..well, they tried to. All pics of Mike were removed from the bands website and that includes photoshopping album covers. The pics of Mike are back on the bands website now. What the Van Halen brothers need is one of those memory wipe things from Men in Black to erase the Gary Cherone era.

No one makes a romantic home sex vid like Marilyn Manson:,,20051621,00.html

More crap as it happens......


TFO said...

Kind of ironic that a criminal from Ashland KY. would use "kentucky chrome" to mask his identity while robbing a store. The dumbest criminal, indeed.

TFO said...

By the way, I would tend to agree with the Spears' thing if it were a few years ago. Now, however, she's just an over-exposed trailer park skank who I wish would disappear into obscurity...forever.

E. S. Furniss said...

TFO I feel your pain in regard to Britney. I thought long and hard (heh...I said long and hard) about posting the Britney story but I figured if we don't care for the looks of the current Britney we can at least use our imaginations and picture as she was....engaged in hard core girl lovin.'

TFO said...


E. S. Furniss said...

I figure if Britney engages in hard core girl girl loving, she at least has one redeeming quality.