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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random Blasts of Crap

No big rants a blah mood for some reason. Think its either the white kid in the FUBU clothes I saw this morning or I'm just flat out tired. Looking forward to the coming three day weekend. Stayed up to watch Rescue Me last night. Keep thinking the season is gonna get better but with only two episodes left the crystal ball says it ain't bloody likely.

CBGB's died last year and now its founder has too:

Are you enjoying the Larry Craig scandal as much as I am?He has single handedly made Idaho the gayest state in the union:

Larry Craig would feel right at home in the New York subway system...pervs a plenty:

Posting this story about Leona Helmsley's will simply cuz of the headline that must be seen to be believed:

The Chicago Mob Trial, billed as the last of its kind, is wrapping up:,1,6086024.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

Speaking of trials, the LA Times has a great daily blog on the Phil Spector trial:

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Madonna? Could this woman be any more full of herself? Why am I even wasting space on this untalented has been? Maybe its because I wish to mock her as she adopts another Malawi orphan...why doesn't she adopt the whole flippin' country and get it over with:'Madonna%20about%20to%20adopt%20a%20second%20Malawi%20orphan'/

Why don't celebrities adopt domestic kids? I'm sure an African American kid could benefit from Madonna's money or Angelina Jolie's. Burt and Loni adopted a white baby. So did Sheryl Crow. Is it that America isn't producing attractive orphans? Or are imports more stylish?

Proof that hell is on Earth...Dancing with the Stars gets a spinoff:

After much begging and pleading over the years, David Letterman has agreed to sit on Oprah's couch:

The producers of Lost discuss the five new cast members and what they mean for the show:,,20053863,00.html

TFO's dad Keith Richards doesn't like it when reviewers think he sucks:

Dave Navarro is directing a porn movie...can't be as lousy of a career move as hosting Rockstar was:

This is a cool sure you check out their ranking of the worst lyrics:

Do you get the feeling the Red Sox are about to choke?:

Hail to the Tribe! In first place now by 4 1/2 games after sweeping the Twins:

Kissing Suzy Kolber mocks Peter King and I'm loving it:

Fantasy hockey tips from our friends at Melrose rocks...done as only they can :

Insight Cable has added the Big 10 Network in time for this weekends opening round of games. Doesn't look like Time Warner is gonna be able to work anything out tho:

If you can't get the Big 10 Network here's what you're (not) missing: Ohio State and Youngstown State, Northeastern at Northwestern, Florida International at Penn State and Appalachian State at Michigan State....Again I ask...who gives a rats ass about any of these games?

More crap as it happens....


TFO said...

Is that the same Florida International team that brawled w/Miami? What if there's another rumble brewin'- I wouldn't want to miss that! Wait, we'll still get Maury and Springer, won't we?

Hey, lay off Keith Richards... even though he hasn't seen a sober day in the past 40 years, he's a living legend...
and yes, he is my father.

E. S. Furniss said...

Imagine having a father like Keith Richards? At least if you had a substance abuse problem you'd never have to worry about him leading an intervention.

Yep that is the same brawlin' FL Intl club. Has Penn State ever been in a rumble in JoePa's 800 years at the helm?

TFO said...

Maybe that's how Joepa is planning to end his career, by kicking the sh*t (literally) out of every team he faces this year - FIU does have the proven track record - should make for a pretty good fight! (wait, are we still talking about college football?)

And we won't be able to watch because of petty bickering between the the Big Ten Network and the cable companies!

E. S. Furniss said...

You think you're getting hosed on Big 10 football with no Big 10 Network? Wait till basketball season. I don't believe Channel 10 will be able to show any games this season. That's the bad news...the good news is that its basketball. I'm hoping the Big 10 Network carries some hockey action but I'm doubtful as hockey is actually played in the CCHA and not Big 10.

Joe Paterno is America's only surviving Civil War veteran.

TFO said...

JoePa and Dick Clark should do a new game show - they could call it, "Guess How Many Real Teeth I Still Have"...guest spots could be filled by over-the-hill hockey players who won't hang 'em up!