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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Why Wisdom Teeth?

Ever go see a movie that's been hyped beyond belief and walk out of the theater thinking "boy, that sure sucked ass!" Well, the same phrase applies to my much dreaded but not as bad as I expected wisdom tooth removal today. The build up and anxiety to the event was worse than the actual removal (bottom two pulled, top two cut out). I was cracking jokes in the recovery room..."How ya feelin' Mr. Furniss?" says the nurse "Frisky...can you close the door please? My wife is in a good mood right now..." "Oh, Mr. Furniss, we need to keep this door open!" At least she had a sense of humor (and I didn't say they were funny jokes..just that I made them....but a sense of humor and a strong libido just minutes after 4 teeth yanked says a lot about my character...and my sex drive).

Since its late in the day and the usual crew probably isn't reading this today..just a couple quick hits....

Miley Cyrus is now worth a billion dollars.....yet Sam's Club and Costco are limiting shoppers to 4 bags of rice due to a grain shortage....what do these things have in common? They are two signs of the coming apocalypse. You know we're doomed if Air Supply has a hit single...that is the final sign.

Couches beware....Tom Cruise is coming back to visit Oprah again. I gotta tell ya, I used to like Cruise...I think Born on the 4th of July is one of the war movies ever (sure its not really a battle flick but name a better one that outlines the costs war has young men) and I love Minority Report and War of the Worlds. But he's just such a goof ball and I have a hard time distancing that weirdo from his characters. Same thing has happened to me with Mel Gibson. I tried watching the Patriot yesterday and I swore I heard Mel call Lord Cornwallis a kike.

Why is Microsoft forcing us all to go from XP to Vista? For the same reason a dog licks its balls...because it can.

I'm thinking of organizing the first BlastFurniss field trip...August 16th...just outside of Pittsburgh PA....its the Metal event of a lifetime...Heaven and Hell (aka Sabbath with Dio), Judas Priest, Motorhead and Testament....if that doesn't sound like the ultimate bill, then you're probably sitting at home, shaving your body hair and praying to your useless god for Air Supply to reunite.

That's all I've got today....I could do more...but I'm high on Vicodin...and you should be too. Ain't no addiction like an Rx drug addiction.

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