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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back In The Saddle Again

After being heavily doped up the past few days, I've returned to conquer the world of blogdom....sorry for the lack of updates...had to get the wisdom teeth removed and then we had a death in the family so the blog was on the back burner....however, I'm rested and ready to go now and everyone who is supposed to be alive is still living so its time to get back to it...

So how 'bout this Miley Cyrus thing? Do you care as little about this scandal as much as I do? I'm so desensitized to teen celebrity scandals at this point thats its no big deal to me. I don't find the picture to be racy but I do think it was a pretty poor decision. If it helps to bring an end to Miley and Hannah Montana mania I'm all for it. If lead based paint in Hannah Montana products didn't kill off the fanbase, maybe this picture will do the trick.

Speaking of things that are dying in popularity, the producers of American Idol are very concerned over their dropping ratings. Its not easy to figure out why the show isn't as popular as it used to be....the novelty has worn off, the show is filled with untalented contestants and the public is burned out on it. Factor in that recent winners have had little success in moving product and its obvious that its a show in its dying phase. To that I can only say, Thank God!

The Iran movie industry has decided to take on Jesus.....In Islam Jesus is considered to be a prophet but is not the son of God. The filmmaker says he hopes that Christians who view the film will come away realizing that they've been lied to. I didn't even know they made movies in Iran. I guess I should go and rent Honey I Shrunk Mohammad next time I'm in Blockbuster.

I continue to believe we are doomed...McCain and Clinton want to have a gas tax savings to us? About 5 bucks each. Of course, no gas tax means no money to fix the roads and bridges in this country. I've never seen so many potholes in my life. Uncle Sam can keep my gas tax money and put it to use fixing the roads and saving my car's suspension. The government starts sending out its incentive checks this week. I have mixed feelings on those...on the one hand, I could really use the money. My car needs new tires and shocks (thanks to the potholes) but I hate to see the national debt swell any larger. Anyone who thinks these checks are gonna save our economy is an idiot....President Bush...I'm looking at you.

Dee Snider was on the Howard Stern Show this morning. He may not be the best singer or songwriter ever but Dee is one of the coolest dudes in the history of rock.

How does a guy keep his kid in shackles in a basement for 20 plus years and not have anyone notice? What kind of sick, f'd up world do we live in?

In closing, let me sing the praises of Vicodin...has there ever been a better narcotic? If I were to develop a prescription drug addiction I think I would choose to be addicted to Vicodin. It asks nothing from you yet gives so much numbing comfort in return. If I could I'd have Vicodin in candy dishes all over my house.

Thats all I have time for today....I'll do better tomorrow

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