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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Another apology to start the day....the quality of the blog, what little quality there is, has suffered over the past few weeks. I've been busy with real life events and haven't put in the time or effort to entertain you, the audience (all 5 of you). So with April at an end, its time to turn the page and look forward to May...or as I'm calling it...Mayhem.

No, we're not dedicating the month to our local arena football team....some of our better moments have been when I've incorporated music videos into the posts. Rocktober and the S'March of Metal saw the ol' crap blog generating more traffic than any other months since we opened up for business nearly a year ago. So what can you expect from Mayhem? A little bit of everything...stuff I like, stuff I despise, and things that make you go "hmmmm." No, that doesn't mean you can look forward to posts on C+C Music Factory (tho, its possible) but I plan on digging out some obscure things, some cool things and stuff that'll make you wanna puke.

I'm hoping to land us some guest bloggers during the month of May as well....maybe get the O.M.O.M. to tell us about his trip to France...maybe TFO will give us his take on the Stanley Cup finals....Maybe Jeremiah Wright will drop in to tell us why he hates white people (in fact, I can see the Rev. Wright dropping in next week).

So that takes care of whats on tap for May......come June we'll celebrate our one year anniversary and then...well, I'll let ya know but I'm hoping for a major announcement on the future of the blog at that point. There is a project in the planning stages that will blow the minds of all who use the internet for purposes other than self pleasure.

You may remember a few weeks back we looked into raising funds for KBone so he could spend an hour with Eliot Spitzer's call girl....we topped out a $1.25 but the story has a happy ending. KBone met a chick he didn't have to pay for...he describes her as young, hot, and two-legged.....glad to hear he's not hooking up with Heather Mills. I'll send the $1.25 to KBone ASAP....should help pay for a draft beer if nothing else.

ABC, CBS, and NBC all devoted time on the network news last night to stories about Miley Cyrus's photos in Vanity Fair...yet ignored a story in the NY Times linking the networks military experts to the Pentagon. This is why network news no longer can't tell where the news ends and Access Hollywood begins. Unless she opens fire on the Virginia Tech campus, nothing Hannah Montana or Miley Cyrus does should ever be considered news.

President Bush says he knows whats causing our economic woes...the Democrats in Congress. Mind you, he had 6 years of a Republican Congress so I guess to him these problems just happened overnight. This is what happens when you elect an oilman who cuts taxes, wages a needless war, and spends money like a 15 year old girl at the mall. Bush also again came out and claimed that the solution to our high gas and oil prices is drilling in protected lands. Anyone with an IQ above 6 can tell you that the only counter to the high price of gas is to find alternative fuels and find 'em fast. A real leader would have begun this quest after the events of 9/11. If you want to crush your enemy you crush their economy. Hard to really wage a war on Islamofascism (remember that Bush coined war?) when you're signing checks over to them for oil. Be kinda like waging war on the Girl Scouts yet still buying cases and cases of Thin Mints.

I'm trying to secure financing for a porn version of Cloverfield.....

Sadly, I'm unable to attend what is sure to be a great show Saturday night.....Ace Frehley, American Dog and Karma 10 are playing the Newport. Should be a great night of rock n' roll. Ace has always been my favorite member of Kiss and its good to see him back on the road. He's got a new record due out any day now and from everything I've heard its very much in the style of his classic solo record from 1978. I'd be there but I'll be busy throwing a Bratz themed birthday party for my little Ms. BlastFurniss. I can't afford a clown so maybe I'll dress up as Ace instead.

I can't wait to go see Iron Man this weekend. I haven't been so geeked up about a flick in a long time. Everything about the movie just seems perfect. Its gonna be a good geek summer at the movies and this flick is the perfect way to kick it off. In just a couple weeks we also get a new Indiana Jones movie. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the first movie I went to see over and over at the theaters as a kid. The new Batman movie is also a must see. The latest internet rumor on that is that is running time may approach three hours. As for the Edward Norton Hulk movie...well, it has "sucks" written all over it. Here's hoping that all the comic flicks do well at the box office and we get more of them. I'd love to see Captain America done right on the big screen.

I'm off to do good deeds for my fellow man....brace yourselves...its almost Mayhem.

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