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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Blood Brothers

This may be my last post for the rest of the to get the wisdom teeth yanked out tomorrow morning. Hoping I can utilize a new feature from Blogger that allows me to write something and then have schedule it to be posted at a later date and time. Its a shame I can't do a live blog while I'm sitting in the oral surgeon's chair....that could be interesting. Perhaps if nothing else I'll blog about the effects the pain meds are having on my brain.

I'm sure my non-Springsteen fans are sick of my Bruce related posts of the past week. You'll have to bear thru one more short one. The Boss and the E Street Band returned to the stage last night after an 8 day break. Of course, during that time the band lost founding member Danny Federici who died last Thursday after a 3 year battle with skin cancer. Last night the band took to the stage in Tampa just a day after Federici's funeral. By all accounts it was an emotional and simply amazing show. The band came out on stage together and stood in the dark as the video screens displayed pix of Danny accompanied by the song Blood Brothers. From there the band, with a spotlight on Danny's vacant spot on stage and an accordion propped near the organ, launched into Backstreets. Much to my surprise, the E Street Band played songs like Racing in the Street and 4th of July Asbury Park (Sandy) two tunes I didn't expect to show up anytime soon or at all without Danny. Pianist Roy Bittan took over Danny's spot on the accordion during Sandy with Springsteen telling him he'd better get it right as someone was watching him. As that song ended, Springsteen wiped away tears and kissed Roy on the head and the band rocked the house for the rest of the night. Its an end of an era on E Street but Springsteen and the band rolled up their sleeves and went to work. Sometimes the best way to deal with death is just go on with life.

American Dog wrapped up their tour of France yesterday. Hope to have the O.M.O.M. give us the low down on the tour when he gets back. I'm sure AD showed those Frenchies how to do it doggy style.

I know that was an obvious crack...couldn't help myself.

So Hillary Clinton wins surprise. Get ready to start saying these words "President John Fucking McCain." Not even Cleveland sports teams snatch defeat from the jaws of victory like the Democratic party does.

How bout those gas prices? Nearly $3.60 a gallon and going up. I'm not saying its getting too expensive to drive a car, but I understand the new episode of Pimp My Ride focuses on the Amish. You ain't lived till you've seen a sunroof on a buggy and a spoiler on a horse's ass.

Since I didn't have to go to work today, I stayed up late last night and watched the NHL playoffs. I gotta tell ya, the only team that has really impressed me is Pittsburgh. They look like they are playing at an entirely different level. The 2nd round is set after Philly beat the Caps in OT and San Jose took care of Calgary. I think we're looking at a Pittsburgh and San Jose Stanley Cup Final. I think Detroit will handle Colorado but I don't think they'll beat the Sharks.

Good to see C.C. Sabathia pitch like himself last night. Now if he can put a run of some solid starts together I'll be convinced he's back to form. Tribe needs him to win. Good to see the offense show up last night too in scoring 15 runs. Sure it was against KC, but a win is a win is a win.

NFL Draft is this weekend or for this Browns fan, its time to mow the yard. With no picks until the 4th round there isn't much action in the draft for me to follow. Smart move by the Dolphins to sign Jake Long, the big O-linemen from Michigan. That kid is a stud. I think there will be a lot of first round busts this year. No one really stands out to me as a must have guy.

Memo to Kelly Clarkson...stop trying so hard to be shed that American Idol image. MSNBC reports today that the first season winner confesses that she likes to walk around the house in the nude for the simple reason that she just likes to be naked. C'mon think we're gonna believe that? Go make a Paris Hilton style porn vid...then we'll believe it...go on Kelly...what are you waiting on?

I'm my wisdom teeth this time tomorrow.

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TFO said...

Good call on your hockey predictions...I was off in that I thought the Caps would beat Philly and end up taking the East. It would've been interesting to see the Caps and the Pens in a Eastern conf final - the Sid and Alex show. I agree with your take on the West - as big a Detroit fan that I am, they'll tank against the Sharks. At least the Preds and the Ducks are done.

Kelly Clarkson - enormous, pretentious, American idiot douche.

ES. have fun with the wisdom teeth, had mine cut out my senior year. I was a major pain in the azz afterwards. I think it was the only time my mom had actually contemplated killing me. Mrs ES. has a lot to look forward to. Please pass along my sympathies.