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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

Its April 15th Tax Day...big whoopity do....I don't understand the media hype over this every year. If you wait till the last minute to file your taxes, you're a flaming idiot....its really as simple as that. Leave it to the media to celebrate putting crap off till the last minute. Its like people who wait to do their Xmas shopping on December 24th. Christmas falls on the same damn day every damn year yet they always put some reporter out in the malls and big box scores to talk to the nimrod who waited until the last minute. Here's a news story I wanna see...have a reporter ask these people who wait till the last minute to file if they are under a shrink's care.

So the world's most famous supporter of pedophiles, Pope Benedict said today as he left for the U.S. that he was "ashamed" of the clergy molestation scandal that rocked his church. The Pope says he doesn't understand what lead these priests to abuse their charges....Hmm...gee your Holiness....could it have anything to do with the way you, your predecessor and all the bishops chose to ignore the issue for moved priests around to different areas and lead cover ups in lieu of having these leeches prosecuted. The Catholic Church is the McDonald's of pedophiles....they abuse children like McDonald's makes people fat. If a chain of day care centers did what the Catholic Church did the government would have shut them down. Benedict ougtha be arrested while he's in the States and held accountable for the sins of his church.

Can we just get the presidential election over with already? I can't believe we have nearly 7 more months of this nonsense to deal with. As much as I've enjoyed HBO's John Adams mini-series its at times painful to watch when you realize the idiots we're stuck with in this election. Believe it or not, at one point honorable men actually occupied the White House.

Oil set a new record price today...$113 a barrel. Local gas prices are now around $3.45 a gallon. We'll hit 4 bucks by Memorial Day easy. Gonna be a real damper on those summer drives to weekend getaways. More bad economic news..inflation rose 1.1%. Oh and more homes are being foreclosed on...foreclosure notices jumped 57% in March (this is compared to the number of notices in March of last year)...bout the only booming industry is probably in alcohol and illegal drugs. Gotta find some way to deal with all this bad news. How can a poor man stand such times and live...sober?

The Titanic sunk 96 years ago today. If I could time travel I'd probably go back and try to prevent them from hitting the iceberg. Not because of all the lives lost...just would have spared us that god awful movie and the even worse Celine Dion song.

I've got nothing else to say....I'm off to throw spoiled veggies at the Pope.

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