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Monday, April 14, 2008

Mama Said Knock You Out

By now I'm sure everyone has seen the home video footage of a group of teen age girls in Florida smacking around one of their "friends" for talking trash about them on MySpace. The usual reaction is one of horror..."Oh my god, what has happened to todays's kids? What is wrong with our children...the world is so violent." PUKE. Here's a thought...maybe the girl deserved to get her ass kicked.

Work with me here people...I'm not an advocate of violence but kids have been fighting with other kids since the dawn of man. Kids have also been running their mouths about other kids since then too. The only reason anyone is talking about this is because someone was stupid enough to put the beat down on video tape. No fuss. I always advise those who are going to commit an assault or any other crime to NOT RECORD IT.

Is society gonna be better off with these girls behind bars in an adult prison? NO. I'm not an advocate of teen posses going around beating up their classmates but lets face it, life is a series of ass kickings. In today's age where every kid is special, every kid deserves a ribbon and a cell phone...this incident should be looked at as a life lesson for the parties involved. If it leads to one kid being less of a narcissist, I'm all for it.

Having said that..if it were MY kid getting their butt kicked, I'm sure I'd feel differently.....Perhaps the best thing to come out of this videotaped teenage catfight is that its got Dr. Phil in hot water again. TMZ reported that one of Dr. Phil's production staff posted $33,000 bail to get one of the girls outta jail. Bail was paid on one condition....the girl's story now becomes a Dr. Phil exclusive. Here's my solution to this whole issue..invite all 8 girls on to Dr. Phil's show...broadcast it live in primetime and let the girls beat Dr. Phil to death live on national tv. The girls in turn receive a full pardon.

A few quick hits for Monday:

Health care provider Aetna has selected Magic Johnson as its new corporate spokesperson....think about that...a health care company has asked a fat guy with HIV to be its spokesperson. Doesn't that choice sum up the health care industry perfectly?

Bret Michaels picked Ambre to be his Rock of Love. Bret seemed pretty torn up in choosing between Ambre and Daisy. I wonder if his wig had a say in the decision?

Barrack Obama is in trouble for saying that rural Pennsylvanians prefer guns and religion to dealing with the "real" issues they are facing...hmmm...I don't know about you but I don't see what the big deal is...these are people who are more likely to be watching Hee Haw (is that even on?) then Meet the Press.

Watched There Will Be Blood over the weekend. Fantastic flick. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story was pretty bad as was We Own the Night.

Made the mistake of watching Saturday Night Live...someone please explain the appeal of Ashton Kutcher?

Why does the media make a big fuss over 400 kids getting molested by a whacky Mormon offshoot group, yet celebrates the visit of the Pope? I mean thousand of Catholic kids have been molested by clergy and you don't hear anyone talking about that.

I'm off to beat me some kids.....have a good Monday.

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