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Thursday, April 17, 2008


With all the issues we face in this country, what does ABC News decide to ask Obama and Clinton in their debate last night? Questions on the Weather Underground. If you are unfamiliar with the Weather Underground don't feel bad. The only thing this group of 60's radicals ever managed to do was blow themselves up. But yet these were the questions thrown at the two candidates last night.

President Bush gives an interview where he admits if there is another terrorist attack in the United States it is likely to again originate in Afghanistan. You remember that country don't ya? The one that actually housed the guys that attacked the U.S.A. on September 11th 2001? The one we bombed and went to war with....only to quit before it was over to wage this meaningless war against Iraq?

A new poll by the History News Network shows that 61 percent of historians rank the Bush presidency as the worst in history. 98 percent of those say the Bush presidency has been a failure. Who are the 2 percent who think it was a success? Are these the same dentists who refuse to suggest sugarless gum to their patients? I'm guessing these would be historians who also believe man never went to the moon and the Holocaust never happened.

Bush would have earned this distinction of worst president without the war in Iraq...just take a look at today's economic news...jobless claims rose higher than expected, oil has set yet another record price and oh...your dollar is worth even less today than yesterday.

I swear to Jebus the next person who happens to ask me "Did you watch American Idol last night?" is getting kicked in the balls or ovaries.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall looks like it'll be a lot of fun. Most Judd Apatow movies are.

I can appreciate all forms of music...I don't dislike reggae but it all sounds the same to me.

Who cares about Motley Crue these days? Based on the attention their summer tour announcement is getting from music websites you'd think the Stones were going on the road and playing for free to boot. I don't care if they are touring with Buckcherry or Buck Owens corpse...Motley Crue will be lucky to play to half filled sheds this summer.

Here's another tour no one will care about..Cinderella with Warrant and Lynch Mob. YAWN. Poison's summer bill featuring Dokken and Sebastian Bach is also gonna have a hard time drawing crowds as Poison, despite years of deep discounting tix, has jacked up the price big time this summer.

Bruce Springsteen has endorsed Barrack surprise there...the Boss stumped for Kerry back in 2004....we see how that worked out.

Our friends in American Dog unleash hell on France today...knock 'em dead boys.

Now that Barry Bonds has been excommunicated from MLB, I think Sean Avery of the NHL's NY Rangers has become the player I hate the most. Because of his actions of face guarding Marty Brodeur of the NJ Devils the other day, the NHL was forced to rewrite its rule book to prohibit actions like Avery's. Avery is pro sports version of the kid in grade school who went out of his way to taunt other kids "I'm not touching you...look I'm not touching" Where the hell is Bob Probert to kick this guys ass when you need him?

C.C. Sabathia is fat and lost. Last year's AL Cy Young winner looks like he's pitching BP out there. Get it together ya fat bastard.

That's all I've got today...hey, it beats yesterday's post...there wasn't one!


TFO said...

Avery is a turd. Childish, playground-type antics are enough to change things up in the NHL, yet sagging attendence, rising ticket prices, and a lousy tv deal continue to plague the sport. We need Bob Probert to kick Gary Bettman's ass.

One of my useless, cackling co-workers is all excited about the Poison tour. Then again, she still acts like she's in junior high school - so it should be no surprise that she would be tickled to spend that kind of money on a concert full of decades-past-their-prime acts. She needs bitch-slapped.

I don't like reggae - then again, I don't spend sun-up to sun-down stoned out of my head. That's probably why it all sounds the same.

I did not watch American Idiot last night. Though, I did overhear some co-workers discussing the results. If my envelope opener wasn't as dull as a butter knife, I would have slashed my wrists. get a life people. Thank you, I needed to rant.

E. S. Furniss said...

Despite Avery being an oxygen thief I must hand the man this...he nailed Elisha Cuthbert. You're exactly right about the NHL on VS. They do a nice job covering it, the problem is only 3 people in the USA get it. They oughta work out a deal with Spike for a weekly broadcast.

Columbus will host Poison in the Schott..where it will draw less fans then OSU's women's hockey team.

I think smoking dope is the only thing that makes reggae worthwhile. Sadly, I don't smoke it.

American Idol would only interesting if the outgoing contestants were executed instead of sent home.