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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow vs Castro

So I tune in to the local news this morning and got the usual barrage of school delays and reporters outside telling me how icy it is. After a half hour of this I go online to check the news and find out Fidel Castro is giving up some of his control over Cuba. Now this should be a big news story...just not in Columbus when its inch. The downside to the Castro thing is Bush decided to comment on how he hopes to have free elections and democracy in Cuba....Bush figures its better that they have free elections there than here.

As regular readers know, I have little use for reality television. Mrs. Furniss however enjoys Big Brother thus, I'm kinda forced to watch. The cast of this season's edition may be the most unlikeable group of people assemembled since the Third Reich. The men are all stupid and seem to be language impaired. The women look like rejects from Rock of Love. YouTube is currently running video captured from the web cams of a one contestant receiving a hummer from another. The giver is also rumored to be....wait for it....a transexual. Nice. One of the other contestants has a history in gay porn. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I think I'm gonna pass on this freak show. I feel like I could acquire an STD just by watching.

One last bit of reality news....I used to like Adam Carrolla and Penn Jillette....but now that they've agreed to appear on the latest edition of Dancing with the Stars they are dead to me. They'll be joined by such "stars" as Steve Guttenberg, NFL player Jason Taylor and the former mother in law of Michael Jackson, Priscilla Presley.

To those of you who bought HD DVD players, I'm sure you know by now, Toshiba has surrendered and announced that they are no longer making any more players. This means Blu Ray has won the battle to be the next generation technology. I really thought after the adult film industry came out and endorsed HD DVD that it would emerge the winner. After all, the adult film industry decided the winner of the VHS vs Beta war of the early 80s. If you can't trust the adult film industry to know whats best for us, who can you trust?

Lindsay Lohan has paid tribute to Marilyn Monroe by posing nude for a photo shoot like one of Marilyn's. For her next homage she plans to die under less than mysterious circumstances.

One of my fave websites is dedicated to the history of Black Sabbath. Go to and read all about the band's incredibly Spinal Tapish history. I'm shocked everytime I visit just how many lineups there have been in the bands history. Next week in anticipation of March being the S'March of Metal, I'll have a lot more Sabbath stuff to gear us up for S'March Metal Madness.

Proof that smart people can be stupid...the head of Mensa has released a list of the 10 smartest tv shows of all time....on the Mad About You? That's what passes for a smart guys idea of a joke right?

Wendy Wilson, daughter of Beach Boy Brian, the girl in Wilson Phillips who was neither blonde or fat, is rescued by Super Nanny this week. Guess it beats having your gastric bypass surgery shown online like her sister did.

Happy Birthday to friend of the Furniss TFO....I think I'm a few days late in extending the wishes but I hope ya had a nice one. Little known fact about TFO..he has an actual size tattoo of Ronnie James Dio on his genitals.

Its National Condom Week.....wrap that rascal kids.


TFO said...

Thanks for the B-Day wish... gettin' older really stinks.
Ronnie James' afro is startin' to turn gray!

E. S. Furniss said...

ZING! Ah, you're a young man yet. Dio is 66 and you don't hear him complaining..the real Dio..not the one in your trousers.

My problem is I feel older than I look. Someone recently asked me my secret to staying youthful...I told them smoke crystal meth each morning and beat a hobo with a hammer each evening.