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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bored to Tears

Don't know if its just this time of the year, but I'm bored as all get out. Too much time at home. Nothing to watch on tv when I'm cooped up at home. Too cold to go outside. Nowhere good to go and eat. Maybe I'm not bored...maybe I'm depressed!

Nah..I'm gonna stick with boredom. Here are some things that bore me...please, feel free to share yours.

1) Jay Leno....made the mistake of falling asleep with the tv on. Woke up and a rerun of his was on like at 2am. Back to sleep in under 5 minutes. Leno isn't just unfunny, he's dull. He's predictable. I don't find Andy Dick funny but he's not boring. Leno is the worst host of the Tonight Show ever. Thank God, another year and he's gone.

2) Motley Crue....good luck avoiding them. They seem to wind up all over the place. Can't understand why. They haven't had a hit record since Dr. Feelgood in what, 1989 or 1990? Band has worked too hard marketing themselves as bad boys when they are really just a musical cure for insomnia.

3) The Super Friends....ya know, I loved this show when I was 4 but I caught it recently and the animation is just flat out awful. Batman strolls around in daylight and smiles way too much. The narrator sounds like John Facenda from NFL Films. I'm convinced Wendy and Marvin had something going on but I can't maintain an interest long enough to find out just what it was. Was there ever a less interesting character than Aquaman?

4) Nick at Nite...once upon a time, Nick at Nite was a prime landing spot when there was nothing else to watch on tv. Now it just flat out blows. Lousy programs like the Fresh Prince of Bel Air need to be buried and never seen again...or at least shown on ION.

5) McDonalds...when was the last time you actually WANTED to go there? Tired menu, tired gimics.....

6) Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Access Hollywood....Once upon a time, ET served a purpose. I remember seeing them interview Krokus way back in the day. But does anyone actually enjoy these shows? Does anyone stay awake thru them? Plus, Billy Bush may be the least interesting human being ever. He is really the Aquaman of tv.

7) Cellphones.....sure its more advanced than anything Captain Kirk had on the original Star Trek but the barrage of ads leads you to believe the a new cellphone can cure cancer, acne, and work better than Viagra. Its a phone. Who cares?

8) Morning news shows....especially the local variety. How are we expected to stay awake and start our day when we're subjected to the same boring weather and traffic reports every ten minutes. Thats all the local news shows are....a fat weather fat his butt blocks the western U.S. on the map, followed by a hot traffic girl. Just when she starts to get your blood pumping, here comes the talking head anchors to lull you back to sleep.

9) Tattoos.....yes you're a real've gone and coated yourself in ink...woohoo...I'm really are living on the fringe of if ya wanna really rebel how bout wearing a navy blazer and a striped tie? Whether you're inked up or wearing the uniform of the Young Republcians, you're just a consumer of Madison're buying into an image. At least the Young GOP'sters realize it.

10) This Blog....have I had an interesting thought in a few weeks? Nope. Its cuz I'm bored.


TFO said...

My job bores me. Bores me so much that I keep hoping for a fire drill or something. All I have to keep me entertained is this blog (is that a good thing?)

Blue Jackets hockey bores me. I couldn't even stay awake past 9:30pm last night to see them lose in their usual fashon. Carry the Flag! ho hum.

SPIKE network is starting to bore me. I like CSI but Spike keeps showing the same 10 episodes over and over again. Hasn't that show been on TV since 2000. They gotta have more episodes than that.

BTW, I'm not really bored by the blog. It really does keep me entertained.

kellie said...

Its winter in Ohio and it snows. Why does Tino Ramos always have to run outside during this weather phenom and kick around like an idiot to PROVE its coming down and covering roads? This morning I saw him actually use a telephone pole as evidence of snow.

I am bored by the cookie cutter news. I swear they watch each other and try to come up with some inane "catchy" headline. Then its repeated , beat to death, dug up and splatted on the screen again.

E. S. Furniss said...

The new CBJ slogan should be "Carry the Surrender Flag." They need to raise the white flag, admit defeat, raise ticket prices again, and prepare to continue to suck.

If it werent' for Star Trek Voyager, I'd never watch Spike.

Kellie, Tino Ramos is like Stone Phillips without the charm.

I'm so bored, I've decided to grow a beard. Its coming in quite nicely. Its done nothing to quell my boredom but I feel much more masuline and primal. Now I know how it feels to be Ted Nugent.