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Monday, February 18, 2008

Random Thought Monday

Am I the only person who finds it peculiar that the United States Senate is more interested in whether or not the New England Patriots were spying on their opponents than they are that the government has?

Of course, Congress is known for wasting its time and money on senseless things. Like those absurd hearings last week with Roger Clemens. I don't care if he juiced or not. Ya wanna grill someone for baseball being juiced? Get Bud Selig and Don Fehr up there. Selig knew players were juicing and didn't care as long as it created interest in the game and sold tickets. Fehr knew inflated numbers would lead to inflated contracts. Clemens is a pinhead and a cheater but it appears everyone associated with MLB is.

If you've not yet seen the CMT Crossroads ep with Robert Plant and Allison Krauss, they are running it Tuesday at 1pm and Saturday at 10am. I watched it online last night. Their renditon of the When the Levee Breaks was amazing. Such great chemistry between the two. Plant really seems to be enjoying himself.

The NBA had an All Star game last night. Did anyone care? If an All Star game is played on TNT is it even really an All Star game?

How can the Jackets beat Detroit on the road one night and then lose badly to an awful St Louis team two nights later? Answer....because the Columbus Blue Jackets suck.

Shame that the producers of the Grammy Awards couldn't have inserted a mention of Kevin Dubrow of Quiet Riot during their annual "In Memoriam" segment. Wife beater Ike Turner got in. Sure hard rock is looked down upon by the establishment but Quiet Riot did have the first hard rock/metal album to go to number one. Snobs.

I heard the new Def Leppard with Tim McGraw single over the weekend. Yep. It sucks.

Here's the beauty of YouTube...I wasted about an hour last night watching videos of Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. The Dio and Joe Lynn Turner stuff still holds up, the Doogie White and Graham Bonnett stuff, not at all. Why did anyone ever give Bonnett work? The guy sang badly and looked awful and out of place in every band he ever fronted.

Jumper was number one at the box office over the weekend. The American public must have been really, really bored to go see that flick.

Anyone watching the new season of Big Brother? This may be the skankiest cast ever. I can't really say I'm enjoying yet. Gonna give it another week or two tho. I think I'd be more interested in a live execution than live eviction. This years cast seems to lack any sort of redeeming qualities.

Do you think the person who came up with the idea for Chuck E. Cheese had a serious drug problem? No sober person would have thought up that idea.

I had count 'em 25 Toys R Us ads in my paper yesterday. I suddenly have an urge to stock up on Pokemon and Playstation 3's. Now THAT is an aggressive ad campaign.

Have you noticed John McCain looks more like the undead every passing day? I think he's giving all his speeches to seniors in hopes he'll appear to look younger.

Remember the S'March of Metal begins in two weeks....

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