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Friday, February 15, 2008

Hey Hey Its the Geekend

Never seemed like Friday would ever get here....Get your geek on with the latest news

I'm serously bummed by the news yesterday that the new Star Trek movie has had its release date moved from Xmas 2008 to May 2009. Now I'll have to be content to look forward to Iron Man, Wolverine and Indy 4 at the movies this year.

How about the end of last night's episode of Lost? Naveen Andrews performance as Sayid never fails to impress me. That is one bad dude. Speaking of Lost, the LA Times has an interview with the lovely Juliet:,1,7444927.story?ctrack=6&cset=true

If you missed last night's Lost, here's a recap:

Some time, before I die...I'm going to Comic Con and Toy Fair :

You know what I could never get into? Dr. Who. :

Another movie to get geeked up about is the Watchmen....also coming in 2009:

AICN has an interview with the creator of V and Alien Nation:

Here's a sneak peek at that Wolverine flick: is now running a feature called "Way Back Wednesday" where they show old eps of such classics like Buck Rogers and the original Battlestar Galactica. Speaking of Buck Rogers, Gil Gerard will be in Columbus in May at a sci fi convention.

Knight Rider is back this Sunday....I think the new version will suck as bad as the original:

An Aerosmith version of Guitar Hero will be out in stores this summer.

There's your weekend bit of geek news. If you're going to see Jumper this weekend I have just one thing to ask...Why?


O.M.O.M. said...

Every time I see a commercial for Jumper, I want to kick something. Man, that movie looks annoying as hell.

fizzlemyzizzle said...

Totall off subject.. few weeks ago you mentioned that the blog was closed due to the death of Eric Foos. What happened?

E. S. Furniss said...

Jumper made $40 million this weekend...shows what I know.

fizzle, I'd rather not get into the details...the only thing that really matters is that he's gone.

fizzlemyzizzle said...

I respect that, he was a good guy...Georgie will miss out on alot.

E. S. Furniss said...

Hey Fizzle....Eric's sister has set up a

perhaps the info you're looking for is on her blog. you can also contact her directly thru her blog.

fizzlemyzizzle said...

Wow..thanks for the info. How incredibly sad for his family and friends. Spent some time with him lifetime ago in the mid 90's when life wasn't so complicated. I'll remember him fondly.