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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Twisted Sister - Oh Come All Ye Faithful

I never thought I'd live long enough to see Dee Snider join the likes of Andy Williams and Johnny Mathis.


O.M.O.M. said...

I cannot stress enough how horrified I am that the final Twisted Sister release is a Xmas cd. I'm almost as depressed as when I found out that Peter North used to do gay porn.

E. S. Furniss said...

Is the Xmas cd worse than re-recording Stay Hungry? Whats amazing is that the Xmas record has actually sold pretty well. Then again, I know people who buy new Xmas cds each year. One guy I used to work with at the old Discount Records used to listen to Xmas tunes year round. If it was related to Xmas, he bought it.

Not only did Peter North do gay porn, he was a catcher in gay porn. Then again, considering what North is best known for, its not really that much of a shock is it?