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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Pardon My Dust

Pardon my dust as we remodel but the blog is still open during the redesign. As you may have noticed I've changed the layout (again). I'm kinda digging this look. I think its a little easier to read.

No one would be surprised if I died and no one discovered my body for days but I'm shocked, SHOCKED, that Kevin DuBrow was dead for six days before anyone noticed. Las Vegas TV ran a story yesterday with DuBrow's fiancee who says she has last talked to the Quiet Riot front man last Monday. His body was found on Sunday after Glenn Hughes became concerned and started calling around from Los Angeles. Hughes became concerned when DuBrow was a no show for a party at Hughes house in LA. After DuBrow didn't return phone calls, Hughes called someone to bust into DuBrow's house. My question is this....You don't hear from your fiancee for 6 days....including over Thanksgiving....and you never once think something is out of the ordinary? What kind of kooky woman was Kevin DuBrow engaged to? You can go here to get a look at her and see the TV story:
Or you can go here and see her MySpace page:

I hate Jay Leno. He's about as unfunny as being dead for six days and nobody noticing. However, NBC has done something cool. With the writers strike NBC has dug up old Tonight Shows with Leno from as far back as 1992. If you missed 'em you can watch them online here:

Who else is interested when I say the words "group sex" and Eliza Dushku?:,0,7048371.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Rolling Stone ranks the top 25 live rock records of all time...Kiss Alive better be on there...and Kiss Alive II.....but not Kiss Alive 3...that one kinda sucks:

Who would have thought Morrissey and Lou Dobbs would have so much in common?

For my money, the most underrated songwriter of the sixties was John Fogerty. The war in Iraq seems to have lit a creative fire under the CCR frontman's ass:

You know who else was underrated? The Band. Levon Helm is back:;_ylt=Albi9vi3QTmBPC1CvNm46cmVEhkF

If you needed another reason to hate Lynyrd Skynyrd, you can use the fact that the band's drummer is a sexual offender who doesn't like to register with the law:;_ylt=Ahy3KS2frUfbTyc86R5_z6mVEhkF

More trouble for internet radio:

Ron Shelton, who brought us Bull Durham, now brings us a movie on America's favorite cheater Barry Bonds:

Here's a good look at the Cleveland Indians new uniforms. I'm underwhelmed:

Who would you rather be shot in the face by? Dick Cheney or Bob Knight?:

Am I the only person who doesn't gamble on sporting events online? $7 million waged on a tennis match? If you wanna throw money away people just hand it over to me:

Did you ever notice how this time of year the news media recycles the same tired holiday stories? Now you can make a game of it!:

I'm off to go watch that Canadian PSA again.

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