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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Is Christmas Over Yet?

Have I mentioned I hate Christmas? I didn't always hate Christmas. Of course I loved it as a kid. But at some point my feelings changed. I didn't like it but I tolerated it. Like the way you tolerate the tv shows your wife watches. You don't like them but you sit there with her watching because she's somehow happy that you've feigned interest to do something with her. I admit I do enjoy getting stuff for kids for Xmas. Especially when they are still of age to believe in Santa Claus. I think I hate Christmas because like nearly every other aspect of life its been ruined by adults and consumerism. Every day I'm subjected to Xmas music coming from the cube of my neighbor at work. The whole day. Does anyone need to listen to that much Xmas music? Other people are bringing in special holiday themed coffee mugs. Why? What was wrong with your other mug? Its good for coffee in August but not in December? Heck its not even December yet and its Xmas 24/7. If life came with a fast forward button, I'd zoom ahead to January. Hell has gotta feel a lot like the holiday season. Only warmer.

The mainstream media is finally covering the death of Quiet Riot singer Kevin DuBrow:,0,3256507.story?coll=la-home-entertainment

Joe Namath is my favorite athlete of all time. I wish I could afford a Namath throwback jersey. I wish Jake Gyllenhaal wasn't playing him in a new film. Let the "Brokeback Quarterback" jokes begin now:

The DVR was poised to make commercials obsolete. Thanks to 30 Rock that dream has died. Curse you Tina Fey!:

Here's 20 songs about killers:

Am I the only person geeked up about the new Indiana Jones movie?:

If Britney Spears dies I'll be as surprised as I was when Redskins safety Sean Taylor got shot...which was not very. You just sort of expect it based on past history. Still, the reports that Britney has a special "fantasy" room in her house are kinda cool:

They said it wouldn't last....Van Halen has announced more 2008 tour dates including two stops in Ohio:

We never had guest speakers like this at my school:

The Black Crowes are coming back and waging war:

Most thankless job in sport? GM of Toronto Maple Leafs:

One of the best names in sports may be at the end of the road...Duvie Westcott's egg is seriously scrambled:

Ichiro almost became a Yankee. Then his wife spoke up:

Man I feel old when I read stuff like this:

I'm off to figure out what the hell figgy pudding is.


O.M.O.M. said...

I can handle xmas music in very small doses (20 mins. tops) and only after Dec. 14.

I have to disagree with you on the Britney Spears situation. I would be totally surprised if she died anytime soon. She's a Louisiana bred hillbilly in the truest sense of the word. I'd put her up against Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx in their prime and still not bet against her. She's a pop culture cockroach, I bet she could do shots of Prestone Antifreeze and not so much as belch.

TFO said...

I just wish Brittney would disappear all together...wether she dies or her career finally tanks(which is long overdue).

I too have been subjected to X-mas music against my will - there's nothing more frustrating than listening to a good song on the car radio only to have the controls commandeered by an overzealous X-mas fan. I think I'll ask Santa for a passenger-side eject button.

Who would have thought that Duvie would end up being the 2nd coming of Eric Lindros. Shame.

E. S. Furniss said...

I swear I'm subjected to 50 different variations of Sleigh Ride a day. Ya know who sings a really lousy Xmas tune? Celine Dion. You'd think she'd be cut out for it but incredibly lame.

Confession...I like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Beach Boys, Phil Spector, and Chris Isaak Xmas records....but only in small doses.

How much of Britney's "bad girl" act is just act? Maybe Duvie Westcott got his concussions from bodychecking Britney? Would give me another reason to hate her. How come no Britney sex tape on the internets yet? Ya know there's gotta be at least one.

TFO said...

Celine Dion - another fevered ego... she and Brittany can drive off a cliff together. I would be interested in a Brittney sex tape if it were, say 5 yrs ago. Now, I don't really don't care - it would be more useless media attention that we don't need.

E. S. Furniss said...

If there is a tape out there I bet her co-star is Fred Durst. That make them the two least interesting people to have relations in the history of mankind.

Most in demand sex tape in the world? Eva Braun and Hitler. What do you think someone would pay for that?

TFO said...

I think a hitler tape would fetch a tidy tape I'd like to see... Kermit and Ms. Piggy - get out the bacon grease!

E. S. Furniss said...

You could do a whole Quantom Leap type show where Pam Anderson jumps thru time filming sex tapes with historical figures. Ya know what else would bring in a lot of money? a JFK & Marilyn Monroe tape..would be like the Zapruder film, back and to the left...back and to the left.

TFO said...

There's a good idea for when the writer's strike is over, What would you call that show? "Quantum Hump?" or "Quantum Lay?"

E. S. Furniss said...

Good show sir. Quantum Hump has a nice ring to it.