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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kill Me...Like Tom Cruise Has Killed His Career

Another sleepless night due to this stupid cold. Up all night hacking. Finally gave up and again turned on the TV but found something to watch this time. HBO has a new documentary on the OSU/Michigan rivalry. Good stuff.

Is there anything more American than rooting for someone successful to fail? I relish watching the fall of Tom Cruise. I used to like the guy. Thought Rain Man was a great flick. Thought he was brilliant in Born on the Fourth of July and Magnolia. I think Losin' It is the most underrated teen sex comedy of all time. I don't know if I've ever watched someone fall further faster than Tiny Tom. I think the public backlash against him can be pinpointed on three events: The Trapped in the Closet episode of South Park, the rumored pissing contest he got into with Paramount over another episode of South Park that skewered Scientology and then the epic, "you're glib Matt" battle with Matt Lauer on the Today show. While Tommy Boy's latest flick is about to move into 2nd run theaters after only being out 3 weeks, it looks like his next flick also appears to be a stinker:

I realized Africa had a lot of troubles...famine, AIDS, lousy tv we find out its the year 1620 there as people are being cast out as witches:

Why is it crap like Perfect Strangers can come out on DVD but a quality show like Ed can't see the light of day?

Speaking of baffling decisions, here is a list of the 25 most baffling toys:

Here's one of the top ten reasons Dave Letterman is a good dude...he's paying his employees during the writers strike:

This new Terminator TV series could be really cool...provided they are able to produce it with the writers strike and all:,,20160052,00.html

I loved Get Smart as a kid...I love Steve Carrell now...if this movie takes off maybe he can take on another Don Adams role for the Tennessee Tuxedo movie:

Blender has a list of the 100 best Indie Rock records of all time:

The Beatles finally appear ready to enter the 21st century:

The LA Clippers dance team has got some serious game:

Does anyone still give a damn about the OSU/Michigan game? The loss to Illinois has kept people pretty quiet about "the game" this week:

The Dead Schembechlers are looking to play a gig in Ann Arbor:

You know what lifts my spirits? Watching Mark Messier cry:

BrokePack mountain? Who knew Packers fans were 100 percent gay?:

I'm off to go hunt and kill whoever created Perfect Strangers. Enjoy your Thursday.

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