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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Late Night Tellyvision

So I'm still battling this damn cold. I took the O.M.O.M.'s advice and tried garlique...I still have my cold but I've gone 24 hours without being attacked by vampires so it did have some benefit.

I woke up 3 times last night. Each time felt like an eternity. Do you realize just how little quality programming is on late night television? Of course, all the late night talk shows are in reruns due to the writers strike. You get past 1230 AM tho you're completely screwed if you're looking for something to watch. Tv is jammed up with informercials and Girls Gone Wild commercials. There is one infomercial that is quite entertaining. This cute Amerasian girl and a skanky white chick discuss and sell sex toys. Last night I ended up watching the last half of Deep Space Nine on Spike (shame that show only airs at 2AM..tho I do have all 7 seasons on DVD so why am I complaining?) then turned it over for TNT's NYPD Blue marathon. TNT also runs marathons of the X Files and Law & Order over nights. Nick at Nite used to be a good place for insomniacs to turn but I refuse to watch any channel that shows Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron is a bitch.

When I saw there was a scandal involving Oral Roberts, I figured it was another Republican gay sex scandal:

Say it isn't so...Fox News pressuring someone to lie to protect a Republican?:

In an era in which wars are waged over falsified intelligence, is it really shock that presidential candidates would answer staged questions?:

This handy dandy chart lets you know how many episodes of your favorite tv shows are left:

Toss in an appearance by mini-Kiss and this is a flawless concert lineup:

If you're still watching Heroes, here's a chance to create your own Hero:

If these upcoming reality shows aren't proof we need tv writers, I don't know what it is:,0,3555552.story?coll=zap-news-headlines

Family Guy is going ahead with production without Seth MacFarlane...but I'm not sure exactly what that means...:

Nappy headed ho lover Don Imus has found a new tv home...on the RFD Network...What the F? I thought he'd end up on BET:

Have you music lovers tried out Songza yet?:

For all of you who wanted a Blind Faith reunion, here ya go:

Jimmy Page hints at a full scale Led Zep tour:

It takes one to know one...Gene Simmons is writing a book on the history of whores:

The Colts radio broadcasters were in denial the other night when their team lost:

Professional athletes should never appear on the Bubba the Love Sponge show. Just ask Aubrey Huff:

Congrats to Indians pitcher C.C. Sabathia, the fattest man to ever win the Cy Young Award. Red Sox fans are whining like the pissy little chowder eating beyotches they are:

Here's your chance to participate in Playboy's Sexiest Sports Announcer in America contest..and yes this is safe for work:

Thank Jebus Brent Musburger isn't on the list...I'm off to go coat my body in Vick's Vap-o-Rub

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