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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

E Street Shuffle?

This morning I'm sooooooooooo glad I made it to the Cleveland stop on the first leg of Bruce Springsteen's world tour. The internets have been abuzz with rumors that last night was the last show for E Street Band organist Danny Federici. Looking at this video from the first leg finale in Boston, something is definitely going on:
The tour resumes next Sunday in Madrid so some sort of official announcement should be made by then. I can't imagine the E Street Band without Danny's Jersey Shore soaked organ sound.

As I prepare to indulge in my favorite sin, gluttony, I'm reminded that many are hungry today and every day. Its the issue of poverty that makes me support John Edwards for President. There are lots of folks out there on the front lines doing God's work. If you can, help out the folks at WHY, World Hunger Year:
Or if you'd rather help out closer to home, the Mid Ohio Foodbank needs your help too:

This headline says the Iowa primary is currently a tight race...isn't that sorta like me saying the Super Bowl is currently tied? We're several months away from both...doesn't the media have real news stories to cover?:

Am I so out of touch that I do not grasp the popularity of Kanye West? Every day I see another story about the death of his mother. I didn't realize Kanye had evolved from the "George Bush hates black people" guy to national icon:,0,77097.story?coll=chi_tab01_layout

Have you watched these webisodes of Lost yet? I haven't...but I hear they suck:

The Red Hot Chili Peppers are suing Showtime...I guess Flea doesn't approve of the L Word:

IGN ranks the Top 100 video games of all time:

I like George Takei. But he really needs to shut his pie hole:

According to those who pay attention to such things, this writers strike is just like the last one:

You've been bashed over the head with it since the day you left the womb, tonight you can experience first hand the horror that is sure to be Frank TV:

Why am I not surprised that Bill Nye the Science Guy would get beaten up by a woman?:,,20161577,00.html

Go on..tell the owned some of these shoes didn't you?:

Experience the funniest Pittsburgh Penguins blog on the planet:

I'm exhausted...have a swell Tuesday.

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