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Monday, November 19, 2007

This Blog Sucks

Some changes are coming to the blog to make it suck less....cuz lets face it, it would be hard for it to suck more.

I usually avoid these types of stories. However after reading it I've decided to share. Makes me think Myspace ought to be taken down for good. I hope that the people responsible for what happened to this girl choke on their Thanksgiving turkey:

Here's another reason why you don't want to visit New Jersey...if you witness a crime, the police can't keep ya safe:

I respect John McCain for his service in Vietnam and losing all those years as a POW must be an awful cross to bear. Despite that, I think John McCain just might be the most dangerous man running for President. He's f'ing crazy:

If McCain gets the nomination, he should consider Crispin Glover for his running mate:

Lying can make you a lot of money. Ask Faux News anchor Shephard Smith:

Bob Dylan is recruiting artists to finish Hank Williams final songs:

I'm a little tired of the celeb cameo on the Simpsons. Jack Black was fine last night but his story just stopped. Now comes word that Britney Spears might be getting the Simpsons treatment:

This might be your only chance to get tix to see Led Zep's reunion next month:

The American Music Awards summary goes like this...Made for TV stars win made for tv awards:

And they said it wouldn't last...Van Halen's pseudo-Reunion tour will continue in to 2008 as new tour dates have been added:

Meet the latest talented member of the Finn family, Neil Finn's son Liam has a new record out:

The Blue Jackets never run out of ways to lose to the Red Wings:

If you didn't see the kick that sent the Browns game into overtime, please click here:

I haven't paid much attention to the NBA..but I have to say with the Hollywood writers on strike, fans of Desperate Housewives would enjoy the scandal ridden New York Knicks. Looks like its the end for Isiah Thomas:

Thats all I've got. I'll try not to phone it in tomorrow.


TFO said...

I saw the field goal that sent the Browns to OT. That win put me a little closer to the top in the office pool. The Browns fared better than the CBJ in OT. Other than the game being yet another CBJ loss, it was still a good game. If they can hang with the Wings, they could have a shot this year. (maybe)

I agree with your take on myspace - nothing like anonymous cyber-hazing to destroy youthful innocence...

if its any consolation, your blog doesn't suck THAT badly...

E. S. Furniss said...

I think a serious remodel is in store for the blog or I'm gonna shut it down.