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Monday, August 6, 2007

Denis Leary - A**hole

Considering my mood, considering how hot it is, and just considering the world in general, this is the perfect video clip for today. Stand proud, play it loud and tell your friends, family and loved ones with a clear voice...."I'm an a**hole!"


TFO said...

Hey ES, what do you think of the accusations that Leary stole from Hicks? many similarities between the material of each comic. I think those similarites and the timeline would support the theft claim. Hicks' material is about 4 years older than Leary's.

E. S. Furniss said...

I think Leary stole some of Hicks schtick for sure...they both had that whole angry comic thing going. I know Hicks felt Leary stole from him, in particular around the time No Cure for Cancer came out. Of course, that was right around the time Hicks died too so who knows if he was in his right frame of mind. I got the sense Hicks was bitter that he didn't reach the level of fame he thought he deserved (and he didn't...brilliant comic)so maybe he resented Leary for that reason. Are you aware of any specific jokes or punch lines that Leary stole? I don't believe it was anything as obvious as Carlos Mencia stealing Joe Rogan's actual jokes.

TFO said...

The vid clip of "A**hole" that you posted shows other clips that you can watch after the "A**hole" vid is done playing. One of those clips actually compares material from Hick's "Dangerous" which I think was recorded in 1990, to Leary's "No Cure for Cancer" which came out in '94 - I know Hicks was bitter at the end because of the way Letterman's shows censored his last performance - which was to be his breakout performance. The documentary I have tells that story and also tells of an interview that Hicks gave in a collection of interviews by a guy named John Lahr - but I can't find that book. I think its called "Light Fantastic".